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The Barn - by ModMan

The sun beat gently down on us as we walked the narrow path cut into the tall grass of the abandoned field.  It was a quintessential perfect day which demanded that we be out in the fresh air, so we went for a walk in one of our favorite spots, not too far from our house.  While strolling along, something new caught Kelly’s eye today.  Strange it had never been noticed before, being on the path that we knew so well.  But a small break in the trees that encompassed the far side of the field stood out today.  It seemed like as good a time as any to investigate.  We never had really been that far off the deer path that we typically followed.  Interestingly, in the couple years that we had taken strolls in the quiet meadow we had never actually seen another person.  We had either found a hidden gem or trespassed on a regular basis, so why not investigate everything there was, we thought.

Pushing our way through the branches and overgrowth we emerged on the other side of the tree line.  Exiting the brush we were presented with another empty field, tall green grass swayed slightly as the soft breeze cooled us from the spring sun.  On the far side of the field stood a very majestic old barn.  Definitely nothing out of the ordinary for the old New England town of which we resided.  We continued our walk closer to get a better look at this impressive part of American architecture which had withstood the test of time.  A few missing pieces of siding, a tree or two growing out of the foundation, but in very good condition for what must have been at least a hundred year old structure.

I grab the large cast iron handle and pull the heavy door open.  It creaked and groaned in rejection from being awoken from its long slumber.  Kelly wastes no time stepping inside to investigate and I quickly follow.  We immediately look up, impressed by the size of the wooden beams which have provided the barn such endurance over the New England weather for so many years.  A hole in the roof allows the midday sun to illuminate our curiosity.  It is mostly empty, a few old hand tools scattered about, remnants of hay piles, and several half walls that formed holding pens.  The dirt floor and shade from the summer sun proves to be a refreshing escape.

I stopped for a minute and adjust my pants.  My best pair of jeans feeling uncomfortable suddenly.  Simultaneously Kelly announces to the empty barn that it’s time to get back on a workout program.  I just chuckle to myself because I love the way she looks and I write it off as a usual woman not being pleased with her body.  But then I noticed that my pants have become exceptionally uncomfortable, almost painfully so.  I quickly unzip my jeans to release the odd constrictive pressure around my hips.  Kelly turns to see what I’m muttering about just as I notice an incredible bulge in my underwear.  She stands witness as the bulge continues to rapidly increase in size and within a matter of moments tears through my cotton underwear.  My cock is huge and half flaccid.  I suddenly hang down, literally to my knees, with a member that is now as thick as my forearm.  I looked up at Kelly only to see her staring at my incredible growth.  It hanging out of my half removed pants and torn underwear, she stares at me with a lustful look on her face.  Without any fear or concern, she simply unzips her pants as well.  She seems to have to work hard to push them down, her hips slightly enlarged causing the jeans to hold tight to her skin.  She drops them to her knees and turns to present herself to me.  She arches over, grabbing onto one of the short stall walls for support.  I look down at myself and realize that I am already fully erect and the size of my manhood in this state is daunting.  But the strangeness part of all of this is that I’m completely engulfed by my sudden desire to enter my girlfriend.

I made my way over to her and quickly found her womanhood, it already dripping with anticipation.  With my incredible size I enter very slowly, I can feel her muscles having to relax, slowly giving way to my girth.  I wrap my hands around her waist, finding them firmer than normal, but just as good to help me pull myself into her.  I slowly drew myself in, letting her body adjust to my unnatural length.  I felt her body adjusting as I pulled myself further in.  I felt the muscles in my legs starting to stiffen.  They felt as though I was already approaching climax.  Unwilling to lose control already, I paused with my cock place well deep inside my lover.  The sensation continued and I realize that I am not anywhere yet near release, my transformation is just that pleasurable.  My legs began to bulge with new found muscular definition.  My hips and rear following suit.  My pants still half on start to suffer and strain from the expansion happening within them.  The tough material resists as my ever thickening legs start to weaken the seams.  I kept my hands firmly wrapped around Kelly's hips, I could feel the muscles forming in her as well, her hips widening, pushing my hands further apart.  I noticed my perspective on the room changing slightly as my legs started to increase in length and I gained several inches in height, Kelly’s legs following suit, keeping us perfectly aligned with each other as we grew.

My feet now suffering the same fate as my pants had.  They ached from a new untold pressure.  However I refused to exit the warmth of my girlfriend, simply to remove my shoes.  The pressure continued to increase until the leather of my boots gave way.  The seams shredding apart as my feet thickened and grew in length.  I stumbled to kick off the shredded remains.  I could hear more ripping leather, telling me that Kelly’s transformation was keeping on par with my own.  I found myself shifting to get a better footing as I was now being forced to stand on my toes, or what was once my toes.  I looked down to witness both Kelly and my individual toes melding together.  Our feet continued to grow and stretch as our joints moved and shifted to become more and more vertical.  After several inches of growth our ankles had now grown to become much more part of the leg than the foot.  Our toenails continuing to change, now much darker in color.  I watch as they also grew and thickened, melding with each other as our toes had previously.  They quickly wrapped around the front of our feet.  I could no longer feel the cool dirt floor of the barn under my exposed feet.  I once again shifted my weight around as I firmly plant my new hooves into the ground.

Our legs and hips now disproportionate to the rest of our bodies.  Thick with muscle and impressive length, our new horse like appendages maded me feel incredibly powerful.  I dug my new hooves into the well packed dirt floor and utilized my new found strength to push hard into Kelly.  I started to thrust into her, riding her like the animals that we’re becoming.  I clench my hands firmly into her thick wide hips.  I could feel her incredibly powerful muscles tense with every pump that I made.

As I thrust into her I suddenly felt something firm poking me in my abdomen.  I paused my intrusion into her to investigate and saw her tailbone elongating, the tip starting to form light auburn hairs that matched her own.  I assisted it to the side, allowing it to grow uninterrupted as I returned to my task at hand.  I could now feel the light brushing of hair on the back of my thickened thighs.  I’m able to easily guess what it is and with a little concentration I feel myself able to flick my new tail from side to side.  Kelly apparently doing the same as the now long auburn hair whips in front of me.

Kind of enamored by the change, I start to ride her a bit more slowly.  I want to enjoy the change as it is happening, and I am not soon disappointed.  I looked down to see the wrinkles in Kelly’s light white shirt slowly fade as her shoulders and chest are the next to increase in size.  I could hear buttons failing one by one as her girth quickly exceeds the shirts capacity.  Her shoulders and arms now showing the same incredible muscular definition as our legs, once again causing the seams of her shirt to fail.  I’m surprised as I realize that my transformation is not following suit anymore.  My still very human arms struggle to balance against the power of my equine legs.  However, even with her transformation continuing, Kelly’s hands kept their human form, allowing her the desperately needed grip to support herself against the stall wall.

Regardless of form I continue to pleasure us both.  It seemed as though every pump encouraged more of a change to my once petite girlfriend.  Her neck now lengthening a couple inches and thickening slightly to help balance with the new proportions of her body.  I can hear heavy breathing.  As she turns her head slightly to the side I understand why.  Her face had slightly elongated with a muzzle like quality, her nose encompassed in the change producing large flaring nostrils.  She opened her eyes slightly to expose to me that her once deep blue eyes had been engulfed by a dark brown that encompass her entire eye.  The directionless stare made my cock throb even more.

I positioned myself once again and dug my hooves firmly into the ground beneath me.  The new form in front of me drives me wild and I can no longer control the animal like instincts that seem to have formed within me.  The wall creaked as Kelly held it firmly and my exceptionally powerful legs tested both the strength of Kelly and the wall.  I could see the thick heavy muscles in her neck tightening as I bring us both closer to orgasm.  I thrust hard and fast until Kelly lets out a raw animalistic whinny which I take as my key to explode into her.  I can feel copious amounts of seamen flowing out of me.  My new size producing an equal amount of fluid to fit my form.  I could feel her shaking from exhaustion under me and I realized that she could no longer support herself, much less me.  I gently drew myself out of her, causing us both a mixture of pain and pleasure.  Her tail twitched as I made my exit.  For the first time I had to stand unsupported on my two new legs, just to stumble and fall to the cool ground.  Kelly didn’t even try and simply collapsed where she stood.

I opened my eyes, suddenly startled as my mind processed where I was.  My body cool from the dirt floor that I had been sleeping on, my tattered clothing doing little for warmth.  I looked over to Kelly in the now much dimmer daylight and gazed upon her beautiful human form.  I knew it wasn’t a dream, my shredded clothing was proof enough for that.  I made my way over to her and bring her to consciousness as well.  Gathering our tattered clothing we covered ourselves the best that we could and slinked our way back home in the twilight, doing our best to ensure we are not seen.

The barn looks quite different now, about three years after that day.  No more holes in the roof, the door opens easily now and no more trees growing out of the foundation.  None of our friends really understand why we bought such a place and don’t even keep any animals in it.  Although, it is pretty well stocked for any horse.  Lots of fresh hay, some leather harnesses and bits.  It’s where we spend most of our free time.  Spend a little while working on improving the old place and then a little time having some fun.  We’ve both gotten very good a controlling how much or how little we change now.  It’s fun to walk in and transform.  Sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot.  Neither of us have been able to completely transform yet, maybe someday.  But after a change we can go run in the adjoining field or just curl up in a pile of hay together.  Kelly likes to take me down to all fours, saddle me up and take me for a ride around the field.  This odd combination of horse and human.  But no matter what we do, how long we play or what level transformation, there’s only one way to return back to human and that’s always the most fun.
cavallo400 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Wow, very very nice stories. Actually that's what I dream of too.. great setting and well told ! Thank you !
JoeyLiverwurst Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I remember you talking about your writing four or five years ago.  It's a tad pornographic for my taste, but I'm grateful finally to get to see it!
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