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Foxy Outfit
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Mature  |  Published: September 23, 2017
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Picture is shared with permission from the owner:
This pic inspired this story.

“Ugh.” Jordan groans as she squelches the screams of her alarm clock. The soft light of the early morning sun casting long shadows across the room illuminates her soft features. Even her disheveled early morning look can’t squelch her radiant beauty. She looks to the empty side of the bed, always amazed how her boyfriend manages to get up so early and sneak out without waking her. Grabbing a hoodie from the bedside she pulls it over her head and works her long brown hair out of the neck opening. As she stands the long length of the gray cotton shirt drops to cover her shapely bottom. Forcing motivation she makes her way to the kitchen, or more targeted the coffee maker. Hitting the button it whirs to life and makes it’s obnoxious sounds as it starts to brew her early morning motivation. She wonders how the world survived before cartridge coffee makers but is still annoyed with the solid minute she must wait. Impatiently killing time she leans against the counter and glances around the kitchen. Finally noticing a clothing box laying on the table with a note attached. Suddenly her attention is no longer on the coffee. She quickly grabs the piece of paper and opens the fold. “We’re going out tonight and I want you to look foxy.” She grins with anticipation as she opens the clothing box. Pulling the tissue paper aside it reveals a very shapely and sensual animal print dress. She replaces the box cover and turns back to her coffee. Her face beams with anticipation for what the evening is going to bring. But unfortunately for now, it was time to get on with the day and head to work. Suddenly the day feels like it’s going to go very slow waiting for the evening to come.

The setting sun fills the apartment with a warm orange glow as Jordan walks in from the end of her day. She’s eager to get into her new dress so she can greet her boyfriend when he gets home. She knows she only has about a half hour before he’ll walk through the door so she drops her bag and hurriedly starts to undress as she’s still making her way across the living room. By the time she makes it to the bathroom she’s already in just her silk panties and bra which are quickly removed as well. She splashes warm water on her face, washing away the day. Wasting no time she opens up the clothing box and pulls out her new prize. Holding it up she takes in how well crafted it is and the incredible detail in the pattern. Dropping it to the floor she steps into the top and slides it up her body. The high end material feels wonderful as it slides along her smooth legs. She reaches behind herself and starts to do the zipper dance. Typically an annoying and frustrating process, but this time the dress caresses her as it closes up giving her a warm tingle. As she pulls the zipper to its end the high collar of the dress wraps snugly around her neck. It feels as though nothing has ever fit her body so perfectly as this. Completing the look she slips into her favorite black stiletto pumps and she feels complete. She turns and starts to ogle herself in the full length mirror. Sliding her hands up and down her feminine curves, appreciating how incredibly the dress accentuates her natural beauty. But then as she glides her hand along her lower back she notices something. Her heart suddenly sinks as she realizes there’s a fairly sizable hole just below the bottom of the zipper, right at the top of her butt crack. Her mind races, maybe she can sew it up quickly. But just as the thought flashes through her head she hears keys in the front door, he’s home.

She stares at herself in the mirror, a look of sadness and disappointment. She doesn’t want to tell her lover the gift he so thoughtfully got her was defective and how would that change what he may have planned for them this evening. She found herself trying to wish the hole away… or even a way to fill it. With that fleeting and random thought she felt the already perfectly fitting dress suddenly pull closer to her body. It was like it suddenly dropped a dress size, but the fit now was even better on her and even felt better. She quickly admired the sudden change in the mirror, but just as quickly she reached back and thought about the…. bump? She turns her hips to get a better look and sure enough there was something emerging from the hole in the dress. She felt a slight tugging on her skin in the surrounding area as the bump continued growing. The sensation wasn't painful, but it was very clear to her that whatever was emerging was part of her. She touches it lightly, her fingers adored the soft white fur that covers the formation and she feels the tingle on her back from the disturbance of her new fur. The shape continues to push forward, getting thicker as it emerges more and more. As the length continues to increase and soft white fur begins to transition to black but then then very quickly to an orange rust for the remainder of it's growth. Within moments her new appendage has reached its potential. She runs her hand down the length of her new tail, almost petting it. It feels wonderful to touch and just as wonderful to be touched.

Almost lost in the sensation she is suddenly snapped back to reality when she hears her boyfriend putting his jacket away in the other room. Then it strikes her, how could she hear such an incredibly subtle sound. Her focus turning back to the mirror. Her hands reacting to the image she now sees as she reaches up and touches the pointy tips of her ears which have now emerged through her long brown hair. She can now feel, and hear, them growing, slowly moving upward from their human position to a much more prominent location. As they emerge more and more the human flesh starts to become covered with fur to complimenting her new tail. Within moments they stand tall and proud upon her head. Her silky hair wrapping the base of each ear. She witness them moving, almost rotating, as they instinctively hunt for small sounds. They focus in on the door opening where she can hear her boyfriend begin to move across the living room. He was going to see her in mere moments.

One last look in the mirror before being discovered, her mind convinced that maybe this time when she looked the results would be different. And they are, but not in the direction she had hoped. Her face was now taking on the white, black and orange tones as a thin layer of fur begins to develop. Below her cheeks a very light covering of white while the orange split the top of her face, and dark black ringing her eyes. She stares at herself and realizes, it's a subtle change, but she could tell that her mouth and nose had pushed out just slightly. Not the full muzzle of the fox she was becoming, but making it much more distinguishable that she now shared fox DNA. Her small nose now wet and black with a small clef continuing down to her upper lip. She blinks, staring at the glowing eyes that are staring back at her.

She keeps her eyes focused on the mirror but her new ears turn almost completely behind her, attuned to the sound of her boyfriend entering the room. She sees him in the mirror, over her shoulder, and snaps around to greet him face to face. Her exceptional vision can see every wrinkle on his face. She can actually see the muscles starting to contract as a huge grin washes over him. “You look even more beautiful and I thought you would.”

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