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Elder Scrolls - Sea Elves of Aht'Ol

By modji-33
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"Approaching the Maormer capital of Aht'Ol, one sees why it has never been sacked. Sunken, fearfully-carved stones dot only canal into the bay, impossible to navigate unless one has a local guide. Mine barely seemed to look, and we made it through without so much as a scrape, past near-nude fishermen and women, and ranks of worshippers gyrating to a huge idol of a rearing seasnake.
    Then there it was - The Tetramid - rising out of the morning mist and taller than the College of Winterhold, crumbling here and there, yes, yet still noble and seeming full of foreign knowledge.
    Gaping up at it, I overpaid my ferryman and blindly retrived my sodden bags from his skiff, the scowling locals making me very aware of my pink skin, and how seldom 'my type' must be seen in these surrounds."  

From "The Travels of Sayerski," by Coin-master and Magus Aren Sayerski, 2E 124

Pyandonea is the island-continent located far south of the Summerset Isles and is home to the elusive Maormer. The island chain is covered mostly in dense rain forest, and is a playground for the southern water spirits. - Elder Scrolls Wiki

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I would like to learn more about the maormer
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beautiful work
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great work :D so many details !

regards Bernd
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Beautiful :D I love it all 
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I love all the details. :P
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thanks a lot :)
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thank you! - lol - your user pic is hilarious XD
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