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Last updated: 19 April 2021

What are YCHs?:

A YCH is a pre-drawn figure that you can apply the character-design of your choice onto. They are cheaper than my regular commissions, but the pose and body are already fixed.
You can usually change some aspects of the body, but please be aware that there are size limits. These limits can vary from case to case.

Where are the YCHs?:

Click this link to see all the available YCHs that are currently for sale.…


Full Body - Line 25$ / Flat Col 28$ / Shaded Col 30$
Half Body - Line 20$ / Flat Col 22$ / Shaded Col 25$

Prices are in USD
Payment is done via Paypal-Invoice

How to request a YCH:
  1. Ask me for the YCH of your choice and let me know if you want it to be public, anonymous or private, as well as the color type (Line, Flat Col or Shaded)

    • Public: I will upload it and will name you as the commissioner
    • Anonymous: I will upload it and will not call you by name, but as anonymous instead.
    • Private: I will not upload it and will only share it with you.

  2. Provide me with the info and if possible with visual references.
  3. If I accept, I'll provide a rough sketch.
  4. Once you are happy with the sketch, I'll accept the payment.
  5. Once the payment has been received, work will be finished within 14 days. (delays are possible depending on workload and other factors)

Terms and Stuff:
  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • All prices are in US Dollars
  • Payments are done via Paypal-invoice only

  • If you want certain things to look a specific way please provide visual references or be as descriptive as possible
  • Be aware that it can take a while till I get your sketch ready.
  • There will be only so many times I'll rework/edit a sketch before having to cancel the commission.
  • I cannot stress this enough! Please make sure that you are really satisfied with the sketch and that everything you wanted is included and correct. Once the sketch is approved and paid for, I might decline or charge extra for post-corrections. It is easier to change a sketch than it is to change a finished drawing.

  • Once paid, the work is usually done within 14 days but can take longer depending on how big the commission and workload is, as well as real-life factors.
  • You can do whatever you want with your commission and don't need to ask for my permission to upload it.
  • If you want the commission to be private or anonymous, please say so every time. Otherwise, they will be treated as public.
  • Your public/anonymous commission being published by me isn't guaranteed nor is it part of the pricing.
    • If your commission being published by me is important to you, please ask first.
  • If you want to commission another person's OC, make sure to get their permission first.

  • I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to cancel your commission request at any time for any reason.
    • you'll get a full refund in case you already paid.
  • This should go without saying, but please be reasonable in your expectations when it comes to the quality of my work.
© 2017 - 2021 ModeZombie
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HarryBoyXD99's avatar

are you still doing the blueberry ych

ModeZombie's avatar

I'm currently not doing ychs, sorry.

HarryBoyXD99's avatar

Ok but would you let me know when you are doing them

ModeZombie's avatar

I'll try to keep it in mind and inform you once I offer them again.

Dravencleary's avatar

are you still doing these Ych's right now?

ModeZombie's avatar

sure am! Send me a note with the details if you're interested. Cheers!

LoraCraft2000's avatar
Do you accept payment by points ?
ModeZombie's avatar

Yes I do, 1$ = 100 points

LoraCraft2000's avatar

Oh... Well, it'll be pretty expensive for me, since I got like... 4, 19 bucks.

ModeZombie's avatar

well the cheapest YCH-Comm I currently can offer at this moment is 1600 points.

johnhoward777's avatar
Oh this looks great, I’m going to ask for one sometime.
ModeZombie's avatar
Thanks! Glad you think so. Look forward to working together with you in case you decide to purchase one. 
Seelkadoomthefox's avatar
Do I need to send a picture or give a description of the character choice for the YCH? 
ModeZombie's avatar
pictures would be very great, as they provide a lot of visual references. But if none are available, then a description should be sufficient as well.
Mashter-Potato's avatar
Hey there, if I may ask, is YCH #4 still open?
ModeZombie's avatar
Yep. However, commissions and YCHs are currently on hold till around Oct 28th. 
I'll reserve you a spot if you want. 
Mashter-Potato's avatar
Yes please ^^
Thank you for letting me know though!
BlimpMermaid91's avatar
Shall I ask my character?
ModeZombie's avatar
You can later, once I've uploaded the new YCHs
pumpkinlord07's avatar
31and32  pls and thanks hehehe
ModeZombie's avatar
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