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Last updated: 12 June 2021

💡 I currently don't offer alt-edits.💡

  • Full Body - Line 30$ / Flat Col 35$ / Shaded Col 40$
  • Half Body - Line 25$ / Flat Col 28$ / Shaded Col 30$

  • The prices are per figure!

  • Paypal and Points accepted

I will draw:

  • SFW + NSFW
  • Female + Feminine characters
  • Expansion / Inflation
  • Muscles
  • Bellies
  • Vore (Bellies)
  • Pregnancy

🤔 Maybe:

  • more than 1 figure
    • If I accept more than 1 figure, the waiting time will be +1 week per extra figure. (so for example, an image with 2 figures will be at least 3 weeks of waiting time)
  • Male + masculine characters
  • Anthros
  • Time intensive or complicated character designs, poses or angles.
    • I'll be picky about these things as I prefer to work on simple and quick designs.
  • Sequences
  • Act of voring
  • Lactation and other fluids
  • Objects/Items (such as cars, weapons, furniture, etc. - The more complex it is, the less likely I am to accept, or there will be extra costs.)
  • Extreme Hyper
  • Giantesses
  • Macro and Micro size difference
  • Spherical Inflation

😕 Hard Maybe:

  • Ripped Clothes
  • Characters physically interacting with each other (holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc. My answer will highly depend on the requested pose and proportions.)
  • Background art (very hard maybe + will cost extra + don't expect anything fancy (I'm not a background artist and am not very good at creating them))
  • Muscular backs


  • Underage clients
  • Underage characters
    • All characters that you want me to draw need to be 18+ and be drawn like adults
    • I'm okay with aging up characters, as long as they are drawn as adults with adult proportions.
    • Characters whose canon age is below 18 can't be uploaded to Deviantart due to site rules.
  • Real persons
  • Real animals
  • Snuff, Gore, Violence
  • Scat or farting
  • Diapers
  • Art styles that differ from mine
  • Things that exceed my skill level
  • Hateful content
  • Political or religious propaganda

How to commission me:

  1. Send me a note with the relevant details and if possible visual reference.

    Info should include:

    1. If it's a Public, Anonymous, or Private commission
    2. If it's Full Body or Half Body commission
    3. If it's a Line, flat color, or shaded color commission
    4. Your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice
    5. Character
    6. Proportions
    7. Pose + Expression
    8. What clothes they shall wear (or nude)

  2. If I accept I'll send you a sketch.
  3. If you're satisfied with the sketch, we can proceed with the payment.
  4. Work will be done in around 14 days after the payment has been received, but delays may occur.

Terms, Rules and Extra Info: (please read to reduce misunderstandings)

  • Clients must be 18+
  • All prices are in US Dollars
  • Paypal payments are done via invoice only
  • If you want to use someone's OC, ask for their permission first.
  • Commissions are not guaranteed to be uploaded to my gallery, nor is it part of the price.
    • Commissions that are against DeviantArt site rules won't be uploaded
      • If you want your commission uploaded, make sure the character is 18+ in the canon
  • Public: Commission will be uploaded with your username attached
  • Anonymous: Commission will be uploaded without you being mentioned
  • Private: I'll only share the commission with you. 
  • I sometimes have trouble visualizing stuff based on descriptions alone, so please provide visual references if you can. They don't need to be accurate, as long as they get the idea across.
  • I'm not a background artist, in case I agree to create one, keep in mind that it won't be anything fancy looking.
  • The sketch of canceled commissions might be used by me for Personal Projects or YCHs. I'll only re-use pose and proportions, but not any character designs. (In other words I'll not steal your OC)

© 2016 - 2021 ModeZombie
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T-Danger's avatar

Is there an additional charge for more than one character?

ModeZombie's avatar

sorry for the late reply.

The price is per figure, so 2x Full Body Shaded for example would cost 70$ in total.

But otherwise, there are no extra charges.

123alfonzo123's avatar
are you open at the moment?
ModeZombie's avatar
Not at the moment, sorry. I might open new slots sometime around next week. 
AsylusGoji91's avatar
How about the sketch? With low price than lineart as 1,000 points/10$
ModeZombie's avatar
Yeah, I think that would be okay. Send me a note. 
AsylusGoji91's avatar
OK, and I asked you in note about my second commisison.
slayerofmetal66's avatar
Do you still have these open? ^^
ModeZombie's avatar
Ah, sorry. At this moment no. 
slayerofmetal66's avatar
Nah, it's all good! Thanks for telling me.
RdyPlyr1's avatar
Those prices are extremely reasonable!
DoctorKrozenx's avatar
Can i do Commission
ModeZombie's avatar
Sure, yes ofcourse. Write me a note so we can discuss the details. 
bob-dude's avatar
You still open for commissions at the moment?
ModeZombie's avatar
bob-dude's avatar
Cool, I'll send you a note with what I have in mind. Do I pay you the needed points before or after the picture?
ModeZombie's avatar
Before the picture, however I'll first provide a free sketch. If you think that the sketch is good, payment can be made. 
bob-dude's avatar
Good to know. I'll send you a note when I've got some good references ready for you.
CAHunk100's avatar
How many for points for a  transformation sequence ?:D (Big Grin) 
ModeZombie's avatar
Depends on how many steps you want.
All prices are per figure. 
CAHunk100's avatar
How many points for something like this 

Mature Content

Commission: Weight gain Emerald Herald by ModeZombie
ModeZombie's avatar
6x Shaded Colors would be 14400 points or 144 $ (USD)
AsylusGoji91's avatar
And WHAT about 6x sketches?
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