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My Bio

Weird fetish artist for hire.

Main focuses are:



Muscles ‣ Commission Info ‣ YCH Info

I don't do requests or art trades

I don't use discord or other types of instant messengers. Notes only.

While I can read and understand English just fine, please keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker, so my grammar won't be always correct and I might phrase things weirdly.

FurAffinity (alternative content)

Twitter (barely use it tho)




Comm Slots:

  1. SilenceLabs


  3. Can-Man705

  4. BBWlover1997

  5. Legendofthewind22

  6. kfjygkih09

  7. J05

  8. dravencleary

  9. Green984

  10. R501

YCH Slots:

  1. Dark-Ops

  2. dayadvance2

  3. Supreme-Kermit

  4. Brappy-Hour

  5. KawaiiJetty

  6. Green984

  7. open

  8. open

  9. open

  10. open

Just to see if the opinion has shifted: Should I make s...

  |  154 votes
  • Yes, different accounts for different fetishes (BBW, Muscle, etc)
  • No, keep it all under one account.
Looks like devart removed the ability to withdraw your points as money (unless you have core) Sadly the current core-upgrade doesn't really offer anything to me that would make it worth a purchase. Which is why, I won't be accepting point commissi

You mainly watch me for

  |  250 votes
  • Expansion and Inflation
  • Fat, BBW, SSBBW
  • Muscles
  • Other (comment)

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Maybe you can fave these too?

Aqua's Inflation Stage 1 - 5
Aqua's Inflation Stage 6

I'll add them to the description of the commission you did back then.

im curious again, but what do you think of this warframe artwork me and another artist worked on?

Warframe FatFrame Big and Full Protea
Do you happen to still do commission at the moment?