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Ca-mish-ka-bob Pony style **.Open.**

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 5, 2015, 9:12 PM

Commission Open Stamp by AngelLale87 Point Commission Open Stamp by AngelLale87 Ask Me About Art Trades Stamp by AngelLale87
Commissions by modesty
Prices are based on the complexity of the request and are subject to change. All prices are in USD.
The styles Demo is to show what I'm able to do. Lineart is typically colorized except in digital inks only. 

Simple Full Body
(no background)
 Inks - Black ink drawing of Pony. (Having a color other that black may be requested.)  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3300  or $3
 Flats - No shading, basics colors  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3500 400 (Point sale!) or $5
 Simple Shade - Basic solid shadows Green Points by Pixelpiggie3700 550(Point Sale!) or $7
 Complex Shade - Combination of soft and hard shadows and glowy bits Green Points by Pixelpiggie31000 600 (point sale or $10
 Crystalized - I love doing this to ponies. Green Points by Pixelpiggie3800 600 (point sale!) or $8

Additional Characters Add  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3200 or $2
Costume Design Add  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3800 or $8
  Acid Splash Reference Sheet by modesty Twinkle Wish the Star Walker Pony by modesty Ghost Machine 2000 by modesty Willow Wisp by modesty Pony band by modesty

Head Shots
Inks  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3100 or $1 
Flats  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3300 or $3
Simple Shade  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3500 or $5
Complex Shade  Green Points by Pixelpiggie3600 or $6
Commission: Snowy Griffon by modesty

How to Request Commission
Send me a Note or Reply to this Journal or fill out the form with the following information
  • Your name
  • Payment Method (Paypal or Points)
  • Style and Type of request
  • Subject Matter: OC References (visual preferred but not required), Suggested poses/interactions/details etc.
I will reply to confirm the request and put you on THE LIST.
Art is started after payment is received.

Please note I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
Typical Turn Around Time is 2-7 days (currently. This could change). 

Want something other than a pony? I can do that too! 
Check out my rates for that here:…
I look forward to your request!

Payment Methods
For now I will accept Green Points by Pixelpiggie3 Point Commissions but  Paypal is preferred. 

Copyright notice by AngelLale87


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September 5, 2015
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