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Boy, do I post here so rarely. I'm not gone nor do I plan on leaving. I am steadily working on big crafty projects, but slacking a bit on the art front. I should probably upload the entries I've been doing for MAX September Sign-ups will be soon!

I've been a bit more active on my YouTube channel.…
The big costume project that I'm working on will be detailed over there. :) So excited. 

I've been slacking on… a bit due to the new YouTube production stuff, but I should be getting back on track with it thanks to the long weekend. I've been feeling too depressed to write lately. Work's been a bit tough on my mental health as has the news cycle.  

Also blame the Sims...I've started playing that a bit and have gone off the deep end a bit. :XD: 
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So it has been a rough few weeks for me. Pressure is building at work making it hard for me to work on art. Still trying very hard to find better work.

On the plus side, I've restarted my youtube channel and ill be using it ti host sped up drawings and sewing cosplay related things. Check it out (and please subscribe)…
I'll be showing my game production art here too.

Lastly, ugh need to redesign my "branding". Advice on that would be much appreciated.

August MAX - is underway!
Trouble Brewing VN  - sadly haven't been making much progress. Although I did buy yet another VN making software...VN Maker. ...I like it so far. I'll probably do a video comparing the VN makers I've used. But I plan on making more progress with writing. 
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o this art exchange that I've been a part of for oh...13 years or so is up on a new platform. :D Huzzah and hooray! 

The Mult-Artist Exchange (MAX) June round is closed. I'll give a heads up for the July Round.

You'll have to register an account at Comicadia to set up a MAX profile where you host your character information. See how to sign up and add characters here:…

Voltron Cosplay: The under armor is in a nearly finished state. I want to add stirrups to the pant legs and I need to hem the shirt edge but that's about it. I'll probably sew in the shoulder pads once I get the appropriate thickness right. I am still working out the best plan for the knee and elbow pads which will also be sewn on. Debating between going "soft" and using stretch vinyl or spandex over foam or "hard" and using the black worbla I have had sitting forever. Or possibly even my Foss Shape. Although I think I was saving that for a bodice. :/ I don't remember now. 

Trouble Brewing VN: I've made progress and almost finished chapter 2 for Jiro. Got some cool Art exchange art of Goro and a finished Commission of Jiro. Waiting on a commission of Katsuro. Yuuto remains the only one undrawn by others. Emotes coming soon... I shall see that fixed I hope. ;) 

Other VN: I was inspired to revisit an outline I had for a futuristic dating sim I sort of spun up and the old mermaid game. ._. I may need to revisit my numbers on that one because you end up dead pretty easily. Adventure Funtime Freddy Helpy Freakin Dies (Icon) That only needs art done. LOL. REKT Me and digital art have had fights lately. Still can't get quite the right angle and location for my tablet to be ideal and not back breaking. Come Back 

Princess Dress: It mocks me. Romano Mocks [V2] Simon - Icon I've also got to get my serger to work to make things real nice. When the Meme is Just Right Just need to get a tiny allen wrench to put the needles in then earn a Ph.D. to learn how to thread it. Danisnotonfire 19 :dunce: 
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Easter is a season. In it to win it! 

Making some progress on the vn. Writing Kichiro and Jiro routes at the moment. Having fun yet uncomfortable time writing them. Jiro is kind of a weird one to write. :/ He's a grump and the early parts are well a challenge. Not an appealing guy. Hopefully we can wear down that hard exterior to his gooey center. 

Dammnit now I want candy. 

VN Project Wiki:…

Also an exciting development, the Multi-Artist eXchange (MAX) will be moving off DeviantArt to its own space on Comicadia. More on that here:  MAX Liiiiives!Hey y'all, hpkomic dropped by and said he and Hawk, along with a few other old members and new converts, are working hard to get a proper home for MAX again! Below is his message:
Well, we are looking at launching it next month as development is moving rapidly. We've already been testing functionality including matching, the blacklist, and reference image uploading.
I have a general post about it on Comicadia, which is hosting the new MAX (per Hawk's blessing and input):
One way to open up some communication channels is to encourage the community here to post directly there.
The other thing is we have a dedicated MAX room in the Comicadia Discord, if we can move people there I can quickly tag them as MAX folks and then you can communicate with the development team right there. Discord is a free chat program that can be done in browser or downloaded, so anyone from the old days should be able to use it with no problem. Just visit t
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Project Updates

Wed Jan 24, 2018, 1:34 PM
My life has been a new game. This always happens. I think there's something wrong with Link. 
Finally started Breath of the Wild...I even broke down and bought Amiibos because I AM A SUCKER and TERRIBLE WITH MONEY! 

But got a good chunk of writing done for the Visual Novel. I've been re-reading and editing and proofing every now and again. I prepped a google doc to start writing another route since Yuuto's route is nearly finished. the twelve kingdoms gif Youko Nakajima and Keiki I say nearly finished I have 3 more chapters to write but BEST START THE NEXT ONE. Which will be Kichiro's routejudy hopps.
(More info on the project here:… )

Other projects include a new stuffed animal for a new nephew! And improving my finances and adult life stuff. UGH. I've been doing some self-improvement lately and my depression is improving a bit. I just need a few life improvements to get me into the safe zone financially so I can take some next steps. Pay off the car and find a nicer place to live. Or maybe start up cosplaying again because my mom got me a used serger and I haven't used it yet!!

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New Year

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 24, 2017, 11:41 PM
Wagh...back to work again. I forgot how to do my job! LOL...j/k. As you may notice I got a lot done on ONE bit of artwork. This is so much harder than I thought. I'm still not happy with all the redesigned costumes for Goro. (Yeah...more fiddling will be done). But I'm moving forward with the next son. Currently reworking Yuuto's sprite. 
However, whenever I get back to work, art starts to slow down. :( 

VN Wiki:…

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Birthday Season!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 6, 2017, 10:44 AM
Hi guys!

This weekend, I'm turning 33! Crazy right!? Kagami (Eating) Totally.

First, apologies for not uploading as regularly here. I keep saying life is coming at me fast, and it is. I want time to do art again. Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 
Someday soon I hope it will. I'm looking for ways to improve my financial situation (as some may know, that can be SUPER distracting from ALL creative endeavors.) 

So, the only project I really work on is my Visual Novel, Trouble Brewing. And I'm lucky if i can write a few sentences a day. Kagami (Trying to study)  

November is my self declared Dragon Age Month, where I play my favorite game series. Fenris [Dragon Age] You didn't excepted that, aren't ya? This year it's Inquisition since I played through the other two in the series (again) earlier this year. Finally going through ALL the DLC. And also finishing a dwarf playthrough. :B She's my cutest buck-tooth little gal. (This is the only race i haven't finished the game with. So I will have "completed" all races with this one.) Super Nerd Nominee 

I also got new BAKING SUPPLIES from my mom for my birthday. I made cookies already. They're awesome. I've got supplies to make myself a birthday cake with 3 different colored frostings. You know...for 33. :bademoticon: >_> I've gained back some of the weight I worked so hard to lose. /sigh/ I will start THAT again after this birthday. Cadence Party Hard Cake Mode  

ALSO, it's the 8 year anniversary of adopting my cat Lucius. Happy Adoption day! --->>> The doofus I named my cat after.--->>>Lux the Flirt by modesty

Anyway, enough about me. Thanks to all my watchers and supporters who for some reason stick around in case I ever upload something. worship emoticon WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!  

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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 25, 2017, 1:35 PM

Hey guys. Long time no post. 

Work-Life balance has been kicking my behind lately. As well as mental health issues. Yeaaaaay. Chanyeol Depressed 

But good news is that I finished my dress for Halloween and have been baking nearly every weekend. Cat Bread Face Bread Intensifies Cookie Emoji SO MUCH BREAAAAAD!  And meringue...learning how to make it. 
I'm going as a broken doll this year. 
dollycostume by modesty

I EVEN broke out of my funk long enough to sketch the next page of my webcomic 7 Eldest...which has been on hiatus for what...nearly 2 years? I finish what I start...or try to. 

I'm trying to keep "regular" updates for my game making on my wikia:…

But a wrench will soon be in the works because lo! November comes and my birthday draws near. Time to bust out Dragon Age and celebrate. :D 

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So Many Projects

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 24, 2017, 10:47 PM

So...I found all 100 cats in Tales of Xilia 2. *super proud*Jude - 12 
As Halloween draws nearer, costumes start to take priority. I've been sewing a cute little lolita dress for myself. Melanie Martinez - Icon Shouldn't take much longer now. I'm also baking more. Made hawaiian sweet rolls this weekend. Next time I plan on making honey bread or mochi. :mochi: 

I've managed to export all the text in my visual novel to google docs so I can focus more on pure writing. Instead of writing, adjusting sprints, making variables and stuff.

Anywho...still got a lot on the old back-burner.  I've been more social lately so sometimes the creative stuff gets set aside more often than not. :( 

I'm hoping for a break soon so I can get Shit Happens done!  

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Gaming Break

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 20, 2017, 2:07 PM

So creativity ebbs and flows, as does my creative energy. I made great progress on my Trouble Brewing game, but its starting to ebb. I'm currently working on a life project...aka...getting things in my life back in order. And by life I mean my apartment. I'm taking on the huge undertaking of cleaning my apartment and reorganizing so I no longer have the nagging guilt of never cleaning and living in a mess. Going bit-by-bit so it'll take awhile. But once I do have control of my space again, I'll have breathing room for projects. 

So projects currently on hold until I can finish cleaning: 
-Voltron Cosplay
- Life-size plush pony
- Normal size plush pony

But I've been enjoying some vidjo games. I finally finished Tales of Xillia...and loved it. Started playing Tales of Xillia 2...and loving it more. Because of the cats. And there's a character named Mary that f*cks everything up. But not on purpose. :XD: I love it when my name is used in a game. But mostly, I'm on a quest to find 100 cats. I will find them all. 

Also I have to finish another playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition. Okay I don't HAVE to but I WANT to. I want to go through all the DLC. I've been having a good time with that, but whenever I game I feel bad about the projects I'm not working on. But when I work on projects, I feel bad I haven't finished a game I bought ages ago. I'm just never happy. I have to learn how to do that. :P 

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 7:07 PM

So, I've been having a bit of a creative streak lately. I got a new pen tablet monitor. (Kind of an off-brand wacom). It's big...and going to take some getting used to but so far it's amaze-balls. (I can see the colors on it!) 

I'm also digging into my visual novel project, Trouble Brewing (working title). I made a wiki! Trouble Brewing Wiki
I'm going to keep a weekly update schedule for awhile at least. 

It's been something I've been quietly working on for almost a year now. It'll take forever to develop since I'm working on it solo for now. I'll probably look for help as I get further in development. 

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8 Year Anniversary

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 9:25 PM

Happy Fourth of July! Flag of the USA Animation Happy 4th of July 
Got my new Red Toyota Corolla. Calling her Epona Rosa...Rosa or Pona for short. Ugh so stressful...and a bit sad to leave the old girl behind. 

In other news, I've managed to lose 12 lbs and I've noticed the difference in my jeans. They're not so tight. I'm also trying to tone up my arms but that's new. They're still useless noodles. (Can't even do a push up). 

Also July MAX sign-ups are NOW!
  July 2017 Round: BeachHowdy! It's MAX time again.
The optional round for July is the beach! Splishing, splashing, and fun in the sun! Or devastating hurricanes, tidal waves, and other oceanic acts of nature. Whichever way you swing.
Remember, if you're open to receiving art with this theme, mention it in your MAX Account information.
Here are the usual guidelines:
- It must be recognizable as the artist's character.
- Full body or most of the body.  Not just a portrait!
- Color is recommended, unless it's REALLY well-shaded in Black & White.
- Backgrounds are not required, but they sure do make the picture look better.
- Obviously rushed artwork will be rejected.
The round will begin on the 10th. Your submission must be turned in by the end of the month, or you will be on the blacklist until it's completed.
If you would like to request a theme, you may do so here:
Good luck! If you have any questions, just ask!
July Participants

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Glass Case of Emotions

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 13, 2017, 7:05 PM

Couple of things going on. First MAX June round is underway. (I'm taking a break this month to work on the other projects.)  I'll be better and post

next months sign-ups when they come. ^^

Also doing a little promo for an artist with a cause:  Commission me so I can move out!!Hey guys! My commissions are open indefinitely and with unlimited slots! I'm trying to afford at least the deposit to move out to a cheap place where it's just me and my husband, no roommates and certainly no parents xD We don't have much in the way of furniture, but a couple months after moving in, we're going to be taking a week-long trip where we will be spending time with my family (probably for the last time in years) and also renting a U-Haul to bring home all of the stuff I left behind in my parent's garage (including some furniture, clothes, craft stuff, etc.) all the way from Phoenix to Killeen, so we will be out of a week's worth of income and need to prepare for that as well! I will be getting my massage license in a couple weeks (hopefully), which means less hours working on artwork and more on massage, so your piece may take some time to get to you! If you don't mind waiting a bit and also helping me out, please consider commissioning me!
My Prices/Examples: 

She's incredibly talented. I've commissioned her several times. (Very timely too!) I can't right now since I'm saving my pennies to buy a new car. 

I have mixed feelings about trading in the old girl. But she is 18 years old and repair bills are getting much higher...and more frequent. It's time to let the old bird go and buy my first new used car. It's both thrilling and stress inducing. Because I currently OWN my current car. Car payments? That's something I've honestly never had to deal with. I'm a little nervous about how that'll affect my current budget. Okay...VERY NERVOUS. 

I've gotten a lot of sewing done recently. One of my newest projects has been going very well. As well as trying to finish up one of my older projects. 
File 000 by modesty
I Sewed on Willow's head and added the velcro to the wings. Which makes her the first pony body that I've finished. 

And soon the 2nd shall follow: 
File 000 (1) by modesty
I'm making a life size plushie, which honestly is a LOT easier. I have a lot of space to move in. This was the first draft of the head. I had to cut it down because it was too big for the body. Still doesn't look quite right. I have enough minky where I could make another head. Which I'll probably do. :P 

The body turned out GREAT! ...probably because I used a proper pattern. >_> 

I'm also psyching myself up again for cosplay. I want to try and finish a Voltron Costplay but...
Problem is I don't really have an event to wear it at which is usually the motivating factor in cosplay. Granted, I don't mind making a costume for costume sake but it'll end up like my Dalish Inquistor cosplay if I don't  
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May MAX and Old Comics

Journal Entry: Wed May 10, 2017, 11:22 AM

May MAX is under way:  May 2017 Round: HeroHowdy! It's MAX time again.
The optional round for May is "Hero". Draw the character doing something heroic, whether it's an everyday hero of rescuing kitties and escorting grannies, or something bigger like fighting wildfires and invading space aliens.
Remember, if you're open to receiving art with this theme, mention it in your MAX Account information.
Here are the usual guidelines:
- It must be recognizable as the artist's character.
- Full body or most of the body.  Not just a portrait!
- Color is recommended, unless it's REALLY well-shaded in Black & White.
- Backgrounds are not required, but they sure do make the picture look better.
- Obviously rushed artwork will be rejected.
The round will begin on the 15th. Your submission must be turned in by the end of the month, or you will be on the blacklist until it's completed.
Good luck! If you have any questions, just ask!
May Participants
:iconmodesty: draws for :iconpure

Sign-ups for June will come soon!

So for those who know me from Comic Dish. I had a few comics. Well, I've reuploaded them (finally) to theduck (formerly drunk duck). 

7 Eldest can be found here:…

My Dragon Age Fancomic here:…

And my first webcomic, My Shining Knight here:…

I've been half-heartedly working on more Dragon Age Comics because I've been playing Origins. Been making random doodles too which has been funzies. But again, the interest wanes quickly. Or it could be that I'm just making myself really tired by staying up too late. ^^'

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April MAX Round in Progress

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 3, 2017, 11:35 AM
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Multi-Artist eXchange

Mon Feb 6, 2017, 10:08 AM

Ugh...I hate this time of year. So depressing. But as you may have seen I've perked up art-wise. Therapy has been going well and slowly encouraging myself to return to feeling passionate about my favorite things. 

After being part of a community for 15+ years it's strange to have it change. The Multi-Artist eXchange (MAX) has now moved from its own place, to ComicDish to DeviantARt. It's sadly shrunk in size but we're a cool group of kids willing and open to new folks joining up. It's a monthy oc art exchange.  

Check out :iconmultiartist-exchange:

Hope you'll decide to join! 

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam
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Happy New Year!

Tue Nov 29, 2016, 7:34 AM

Back from my break and Christmas is now official over since we had the feast of the epihany. 

So the train was an adventure. It was better than a bus as far as comfort, but like the bus you get oddballs. BUMPER CARZ toot toot  So for future vacations, I'm sticking with the airplane. Taking 2 days to get somewhere is not appealing. I know its supposed to be about the journey but destination is much better. 

That said, I had a pleasant 2 day visit with my parents and little sister. Already we're making plans to meet up for spring so I can see my nephew. ^^

For creative projects, almost done crocheting my mermaid tail blanket. I have 3 outfits I want to sew for myself before winter is over. And then get back to plushie sewing and digital art again.

Nephew's birthday is in April. What to make this time? >_> Maybe I'll buckly down and buy something for him. He is turning 2. UGH. No longer a cute baby. Undyne NOPE icon 

Also Princess Maker 2 Refined came out on STEAM. I've been playing it a bit. Even found a hack that lets you change images. >_> So I have been replacing images with a bit of censoring so it's more like the illegal DOS version. :censored: 
>_> And adding in new faces for townsfolk and such. 

ANYWAY...also finished the new Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game. GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! Gets approval from me! Another game that ALMOST made me cry because you get invested in characters. (Not as invested in King's Quest...dammit Graham! :bademoticon: <_< Get out of here Jollo! :P)


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Birthday month!

Tue Nov 1, 2016, 9:02 AM

Happy All Saints Day! And welcome November! 
This month I'll be 32...only one year away from the perfect age. 

The halloween costume was a success, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get any great photos. Here's ONE: 
14563509 10157717529385512 813952665466645766 N by modesty

I had a lot of fun with the makeup. 

I've also made the mistake of starting a new hobby...I crochet. I'm working on a mermaid tail blanket...for work. :)

Other than that, playing video games, writing video games, lamenting how I can't copy the watercolor-y glory of some VNs. (I will try AND succeed...eventually!) Also...I still suck at anime style and have been spending unhealthy amount of time on Selfy-me sites. (For character design! So many outfits...for inspiration.)

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Mon Oct 17, 2016, 8:58 AM

14656321 10157646186675512 7546741444216761048 N by modesty  14705908 10157646187510512 3825218553458656256 N by modesty  14680701 10157646186005512 3561878358258859870 N by modesty

My kitsune costume is sewn up. I learned a lot about kimono how I completely botched it. :XD: But it's wearable for a one night halloween party. I have ultimately decided to get a wig. I found one I liked on Amazon that I'll see if they have at my local Party City. (White with black streaks seemed appropriate.) 

A few other things I need to complete it are:
a pin for the bow (I used a bobby pin in the photos for a temp hold.) 
to wrap my geta with my black duct tape. (saves me from buying NEW geta.) 
make a glowing lamp. 

BTW, I love the sleeves. They're like pockets which will be GREAT for the party. How many snacks can they hold!? :D 

I'll need to practice my makeup pattern too. Prepare for scary face! 

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Costumes, Depression, Plushies!

Sun Oct 2, 2016, 11:10 PM

For some reason, life decided dump on me a bit. Nothing serious just some messy brain chemistry (I hope) and feeling too many feels at once. 

That aside, I got a lot done on my costume this weekend. 
Kitsune Costume1 by modesty

So above is my concept sketch, I ended up going with the middle color configuration. Unfortunately that may have been poorly planned as I got a lot less white material than red. (I made it work.) 
14492420 10157579343600512 3270064510389423519 N by modesty
This is what it looks like all pinned together sloppily. The obi part will have some interfacing and stuff but man...I feel so sore crouching over my cutting board and pinning things together. Next week, I'll sew the kimono part and the skirt. 
Still need to make the trim and the obi bow. I'm debating whether or not to do a wig. 

I've also finished the yarn fox tail.
14440812 10157573793355512 695350002253131575 N by modesty
I just need to order some tall tabi socks. ^^

I feel bad I've neglected my plushie work...but it's October. Costume take priority. Then baby presents I have to make before January and December. THEN I'll be able to finish those ponies. So many ponies. 

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