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The Basics Of Illustrator

I hope this is helpful. This tutorial is designed for beginners at Illustrator that just need a little push to help explore and develop tecniques to using the program. It covers topics such as:

- Drawing lines & curves with the pen tool
- Editing & coloring shapes
- In-Depth look at the Pathfinder tool & how to use it
- In-Depth look at the Gradient tool & how to use it

Please feel free to send me a note with any questions you may have, I'll do my best to answer them.

part two of this tutorial can be found here: [link]
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I am newbie to illustrator. I am doing picture book, I want to create images spread on double page. How do I arrange artboard for this. Could you please help me ?
bagusnenda's avatar
i m very love it...

awesome.. im a beginner.. :-) thanks
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I may be... a complete idiot. All I see is a JPG and the download is also a JPG.

Where do I find the tutorial?
Tobizord's avatar
Just click the download button on the right under the favourite button.
ArtWithoutPrediction's avatar
Oh, I see now! The preview image is small.

Thank you. I missed that it was a JPG, thought maybe it was supposed to be a ZIP with files.
Tobizord's avatar
You're welcome!
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Thanks for making this, it really helped me! :3
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
Yay- thank you! Super helpful, learning illustrator right now. <3 Adding to resources folder.
D-D-Foxfire's avatar
Thank you for taking the time for this.. I am just restarting using Illustrator after having been in Photoshop for years, so I think I will need to relearn. * was last version.. now have MANY changes.
kentwpotts's avatar
thanks for helping my begins!
pccinu's avatar
Thank you i was looking for something like this to learn how to vector
cesca-specs's avatar
Super useful! Thanks!
Darkadee's avatar
amazing was searching for a tut like this
thanks bro for sharing :D
NoMoShi's avatar
Thank you so much for a useful and handsome tutorial! Love it, fav it.^-^
total-chocoholic009's avatar
thank you so so so so much! i can do so much now! photoshop is my comfort zone, and i was like really scared to get out of it! Illustrator isn't so intimidating now!!! you rock! i loved the vectoring tutorial too!!!
KindLittleMoon's avatar
i love it it helped me so much!!!
ACatCalledMegan's avatar
Using your tutorial i did this lil thing. Still need to work on stuff but im happy with my first try at vectoring, thanks [link]
ACatCalledMegan's avatar
Life saver! Best basic tute ive found.
RainAngel63's avatar
This is a lot of help. Thank you for making this :D
Bnnie's avatar
exactly what i needed.. thanks a lot!
innocent-rebel's avatar
Thank you so much for making this. This is exceedingly helpful!
acquamarine's avatar
thank's! I just didn't know how to approach that program. I used before Corel and that was easy, and when I saw all those palettes of illustrator it made me reluctant to proceed.
KipperMay's avatar
thanks for this tutorial! I'm in a intro to Mac graphics class and this helped me more than my class!
Roclista's avatar
I really like Corel Draw. But then I saw so many cool tools in illustrator that corel doesn't have. So... here I am. hehe
Your tutorial helped me a lot.
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