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"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."
~Martin Luther King Jr.

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Hmm, I would say yes and no. Surrendering your own personal want for the benefit of the masses is all good, but ultimately, the individual concerns and values of the masses matter.
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So, in other words, strip themselves of their individuality and simply submit to the collectivist machine? Simply accept their fates as mere cogs in the machines, then?

The saddest and most ironic thing is that the very social programs MLK pushed for in the name of “social justice” has done more to keep African-Americans in poverty than they have done to lift them out of poverty. The War on Poverty has been just as successful as the War on Terror or War on Drugs, which is to say not successful at all.
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So so true :) beautiful job!
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Thank You very much!!

Happy Belated MLK-Day! :XD:
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I am consistently amazed by the way MLK has been corporatized by the mainstream media as a warm and fuzzy figure of hope to be made palatable to white Americka... he was a revolutionary fighting for social justice for ALL the underclass... and that is why they had him killed.
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Sad commentary on "our" world. I think the last 30 years or so has been the De-visionist era, trying to undue the reforms in politics, human rights, music, art, literature,etc, that were the paradigm shift of the 60s. A true regressive counter-reformation run by Amerikan imperialistic/corporate interests. Now we see the results of the collapse of the house of cards. 3rd World USA.
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Not only are they being undone, but being transformed as well...

(And I can't wait :XD: )
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I get criticized for being too "doom and gloom", ignorance is bliss! (Not) It'll be one hell of a toboggan ride; our choices: Right-wing religious fascists, ecological collapse, revolution, or we run out of oil and that'll really screw the capitalist bastards up! :D
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I like to say "I'm not negative, I'm realistic. Reality is negative" ;P
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