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Feature Corner

  • Has opened commissions!

  • Opened lineart commissions - visit her page for more information!

:bulletorange: Applying to be featured
Simply send us a note with the title "feature corner" or something along the lines and let us know what kind of feature you'd like.
Please read BEFORE joining or submitting to this group.
Update for the group rules and guidelines.

The main goal of this group is to collect art of anthropomorphic animal characters with a more human-like features of the face or at least with a very short snout.
And so, every member and visitor should remember: it is not usual anthro group. It is also group about stylization we wrote just above.

'Types' of characters we accept
Our Definition of "Anthro." "Modern Anthro" is not an official definition, but rather one we created ourselves for a more specific and diluted Anthro style. Modern anthro is a style of anthro where the characters' face appears human in structure. If you simply dislike the idea, please refrain from arguing with us, and instead just walk away.
Here are some examples of what we accept:
She Rides by JayAxer Comm: Pareesa by Teumes [GIFT] Lisette Sketch by danielleclaire What's up here in 2016 ? by Shalinka Waltz by AlessaSuicidedreamer

And here're less suitable drawings but also can be accept due to the shortness of faces:
Holiday Belle by B-Man100 Quiet Evening (Comm) by Kate-Venom Commission by Sarka-Rozka Josa just :D... by PustyXoX

Chart made for the rules:
Anthro Differences by KrisiChiki

The another good way to understand what we re after is to take a look at out Feature gallery. It’s full of great examples.

With drawings with more than one character, as long as one character is acceptable and is a main focus, it'll be fine.

Quality of work
We want to try and keep high standards so please make sure that if you're submitting work to this group that it is clear enough and at least of good quality (basic grasps of anatomy, use of colours, shading and light, neat and consistent lines etc). If your work was declined – it means nothing personal, it simply means that you need to take more practice and train your skills. It’s the way all artist go through.

Submission to the right folder
Be sure to submit to the right folder! Here’re the short guidelines for the folders we have:
Female Anthros (one anthro per drawing)
Male Anthros (one anthro per drawing)
Multiple Characters (for two and more anthros)
Anthro Comics
Mature Anthro Art (works are marked as mature should go here. Do not submit too explicit stuff. Keep it beautiful!)
Mature Sketches Linearts (linearts/sketches are marked as mature should go here)
Misc. Gender Anthros ( for anthros which can’t be identify as male or female)
Group Related (only for admins)


From now on we ACCEPT YCH with mark 'Finished'

We DON'T accept
- Feral Characters
- Anthro Characters with long snouts
- Auctions/Adobtables/YCH and similar content
- Kemonomimi
- Work done in common 'Sonic' style
- Works done in common ‘My Little Pony’ style;
- Too simplistic, non-detailed,  non-confident works

If you have any questions about acceptance/ rejection of the works please contact us via group notes, comment section or through submission process page. Be sure to include links to the works you asked about – or your message can be ignored.
Don't hesitate to ask any questions but please, don't be rude about it. These are our rules after all.
More Journal Entries

Welcome! Make sure to check these out before submitting.

Anthro Differences by KrisiChiki

:note: About our group.
To inspire and be inspired! To share your art!
When this group was made, there weren't many anthro groups and the few that existed focused too much on the Classic Anthro art. The original founders of this group wanted to create a place where Anthro art can shine without it being overshadowed by Classic Anthro and without it being associated with negative things.

:emailsend: Joining.
Just click the "Join Group" button on the top of the page. It is not necessary for you to submit artworks regularly. You can simply join to enjoy the art.
All join requests are automatically approved.

:deviation: Submitting Artworks.
All artworks should be 'Modern' Anthro art. If you don't know what that is please visit the links on the top. All artworks should be finished pieces. For a more detailed information about submissions please read the rules & guidelines.
Submission limit is currently 2 per week for every member.
Please DO NOT submit work to the featured folder.

:star: Suggesting to Favourites.
Any member and non-member may suggest favourites so feel free to add artworks to our favourites!

:groups: Affiliates.
We are accepting affiliates of all kinds as long as the group is a serious one. Groups made just for the fun of it will not be accepted.

:bulletorange: Staff positions are currently closed.




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