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Voldie needs Back Up
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Published: October 23, 2006
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Why Yes, Lord Voldemort can call his followers through a knarly tattoo, speak to snakes, and split his soul a kuhbajillion times, but can he dodge a well-aimed malotov cocktail?
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Just realized. Shouldn't Ron be holding a PIAT Launcher? You know, the British variant?
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Honestly, I think guns would work better against wizards than magic would. With how tactically brilliant and powerful militaries worldwide are - including that of England - a unit of death eaters attacking, say, London Castle (or whatever it’s called) would probably be signing a death warrant. Besides, given Wizardkinds lack of extensive knowledge of Muggle life - especially military equipment and tactics - they would probably not consider the British Royal Army a legitimate threat until the bodies start piling up. Proof: an untrained man with a magic wand versus a heavily trained, experienced soldier with an SA80, likely with a grenade launcher. Take your pick. And god forbid the Americans or Russians get involved. 😱
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Marasmus! I am going to pull a rabbit out of your ass! -Soldier, TF2
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New profile, and I still stand by my Guns vs. Wizard argument.
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
As powerful as wizards and witches can be, they aren't as powerful as a bullet.
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This is just stupid.

Harry should be holding a Thompson with both hands; much better accuracy that way. :D

Seriously: funny and clever (one doesn't usually put Hermione and Molotov cocktails together). Great job.
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When in doubt sick to the bazooka.
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Really? I would stick to an SMG, much more accurate at that range.
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CartoonicusProfessional Filmographer
To quote Doctor Facilier: "You and I both know the real power in this world isn't magic - it's money!,"
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theartestfromhellHobbyist Traditional Artist
ok ready? Shoot him! #potterpuppetpals
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The beauty of muggle war fair 
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Eeemia12Student Artist
LOL this is awesome. love the idea of modern weapons. very nice
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This is how it should've ended-the muggles remind Voldemort why what he'd doing is stupid
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Danny-phantom-fan-1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This would have made things so much easier xD
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BloodLily16Hobbyist General Artist
Gee Voldy, do you think they have any more 'bright ideas'?
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Anita-GarboHobbyist Writer
Harry: Say hello to my little friends! xP xP XP
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mitdemadlerimherzenHobbyist Photographer
D: Nice art!
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BlakeDaDog7Hobbyist Artist
If only in the movies XD
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I love the expression on Hermione's face.

Also, were the Tommy guns supposed to be a visual pun?  Because that was another nice touch.
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gothhentai Writer
I kind of wish it had ended like this.
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Hahahaha. yep. if there is one thing us muggles are good at making, it's weapons of mass destruction.
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*You were saying Baldy* Harry grins
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