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Some useful Model Sheet resources

A 3D Chat for Everyone!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 7, 2013, 2:45 PM
Several individuals and 3D groups here on DeviantArt have tried to launch their own chats, which have met with various degrees of success, staying active for a while then dying.

Currently, there really aren't any active chatroom where you can discuss and get help on 3D work.

That's why The 3D Chat has been created.

This chatroom doesn't advertise any specific groups, and will hopefully become a hub for all 3D artists, and use members from many different groups to administrate and keep it active.

Loaded up the top are various useful articles, tutorials and resources so that you can still get help and inspiration even when there's nobody else there.

We're also looking to add mentors, experienced 3D artists willing to give critique and advice in real time chat!

Cymae's looking for some active people willing to join in the chat and help moderate it.

Come have a look!

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Group Info

This group aims to create a collection of Model Sheets, concept art, blueprints and designs for budding 2D and 3D artists. It allows 2D artists to create models of characters and objects which they would like to see made in 3D, and 3D artists who struggle with character design to practice their techniques on character sheets created by other artists.

The character sheets submitted to this group MUST allow other deviants to work off them. Restrictions and copyright are up to each invidiual model sheet artist, so please put a note about it in your deviation so people know about the restrictions on your work.

I know we all hate rules but to get things kicking, here's a few things you need to know:

1. Anyone can submit to this group, so please don't be shy, if you'd like to submit something, go ahead.

2. All model sheets submitted MUST have some sort of permission given to allow them to be used by others. Please put the conditions of use in the description of your deviation if you would like a model sheet to be submitted to this group. The clearer you make your intentions, the better others will be able to follow your wishes.

3. If you are working off somebody else's model sheet, please make sure you follow the guidelines the model sheet artist has stated. Similarly, if you are a model sheet artist and someone has made a 3D model of your work, please respect the other artist and communicate your wishes and intention to do something with it. As a general rule, it's polite to allow each other use of work with credit if your work is based off someone else's.

4. The galleries are NOT for model sheets only. Though your work is far more likely to be made into 3D if it's a proper model sheet, this is not a requirement. You can submit a piece of art you are particularly fond of that you would like to be recreated in some way in 3D. Note that you will still have to have a permission statement in your deviation.

5. If you need anything, or have a problem with anything on any of the pages here, let me know, it's my first group and I'm sure I got some settings wrong somewhere, but as the founder I may not be able to see it.

6. Enjoy your stay :)
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Hi for everyone !!!
if your need of a comic artist / concept ? 
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Hi guys! I'm happy to be in the group.  I can't wait to contribute something! What do you guys like to model? Stylized, realistic? Humans, robots, animals? Genre? I myself love sci-fi and mutants
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nice Meowsy Facing Right 
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Looking for someone who can make a 3d model of my Fursona for Unity/VR Chat
Must be able to follow model sheets really well/do chibi-esque designs
No set budget
PLEASE note me!
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Thank you so much for accepting me,really a helpful group:D (Big Grin) 
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Someone can do 3D live around Hongkong please add my facebook "" and PM me. My friend looking for business partnership to do 3D modelling.
AR-3 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
This is serious. Thank you.
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Hello all!...glad to be here!...Im a semi-beginniner 3d modeler. Tryin to get into characters, especially fantasy orientated
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