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I wish all in this group and others on DA peace for this time of year and hope that peace will really come to us all.

Thank you all for your work and have a great holiday season :D
I know it is a little early but I wanted to wish the members, contributors and friends, a peaceful and happy holiday season, whatever that means to you.

I am so pleased with the high quality of work that is produced and submitted to this group and other groups with which I am associated.

I am looking forward to displaying, helping and encouraging you all in the new year and beyond.

Take care,

Philip :D
I decided to check the gallery as one does from time to time only to find that one member has been submitting several pictures quite often which is not the idea.

The point of this group is to expose new models as well as existing models and others in the industry. It does not encourage new members to submit their work if they see one member with lots of pics.

I have removed several of those entries and restricted their submission to one per day. If I feel that anyone in the group is abusing their position of trust, I will restrict their membership further or kick them out if need be. I hope it does not come to that.

Please, share the group and do not be greedy :D
So, here it is. a new group. Oh not another group I here you say! Well, I am doing this because there are some very good models out there and this is my way of highlighting their work. This group will be for all the people who are working in the modelling industry and for those who are trying to make it.

I intend to give as much control of the group to models, photographers, make up artists and others so if you would like to join, just say the word :D

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