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I am quite possessed by this story of mine...

(updated April 19, 2018)

What would you ask Chenelle about herself, or about pixies at large?

Chenelle in color 20169702 by model88

Ecstatic pixie by model88
Ecstatic pixie!!!

Happy “Welcoming Day” Chenelle! I have known you two years now!!!

Once Upon a Time... by model88
It all started once upon a time while looking at the stars...

Over the past 18 months, one of the most common questions I get when asking others “What would you ask a pixie about herself or pixies at large...” is ‘what is a pixie?’ (Or, “you mean like faeries?”). Followed by, “you mean like Tinkerbell?” In reality, most people don’t think about pixies. So if you do, you are almost as rare as the fae...

The other common question(s) deal with pixie dust. I even had one person ask me what it tasted like! (It is a tiny bit fizzy/snappy on the tongue like very tiny soda bubbles. And it tastes like very fine crystalline sand/dust... icky crunchy and not at all delicious... Thank you Chenelle for the amount of effort put into that experiment!!!)

Can pixies have different color hair (specifically ‘un-natural’ colors)?

Pixies are very like us so their hair colors tend to be the same as ours. Rarely a pixie may have blue, green, platinum white, or ‘un-natural’ colored hair but it really isn’t perceived as ‘un-natural’ to a pixie or ‘rare’ to them.

I tell Chenelle I find it curious that a plainly very rare trait is not perceived as rare to them. She explains, “Hair color is just a part of who they are.”

Where does she sleep?

Pixies don’t sleep. They don’t need sleep like we do. :)

They do appreciate resting and/or relaxing though. Especially after an arduous task or stressful happening. They don’t require much time to be refreshed so anywhere they would feel comfortable (and safe) is their restful place for the time they need.

Chenelle has had some experiences that have had her closer to ‘sleep’ than most pixies though... 

Are they afraid of wind?

Not generally. They wind just ‘is’ and pixies are accustomed to its nature. They may have some concerns about the dangers that wind can cause but not necessarily fear. 

Chenelle loves the wind. Its sounds, its equally powerful and soft nature, the smell of wind (she really does have a sensitive and discerning sense of smell...). She loves the feeling of the wind rushing over and around her too.

The following question is from The Draven Letters. Recently many have asked about pets (though Ms. Draven was the first!). One querent even said they could totally see Lily keeping a dragonfly on a leash... (Lily says "No.")

Do pixies communicate with animals in a way we humans can not, also, do pixies have pets they care for?

Pixies can understand/be understood by all creatures (in their native tongue), it is one of the magical properties of pixies. This is not so for written language but pixies are quick learners, have fantastic memories, and have the cumulative knowledge of time and experience. I notice that pixies are also extremely tuned in to the 'non-verbal' language of creatures.

Chenelle tells me that a lot of creatures really do not have much to say in the way of thoughts. (She uses a gruff voice and mimics: "Food. Cold. Rest. Danger. Meh.") Geez it is so funny to see her do that!

As for pets, they don't have or keep pets. There are sometimes creatures more familiar to them they might call friends but would never call or keep them as a pet. 

Out of Comfort Zone - Reference Page 2 by HeyHoneyBun   Out of Comfort Zone - Reference Page by HeyHoneyBun
Thank you :iconheyhoneybun:!!! I LOVE this, especially the expression... She does that a LOT! I am wordless for the awesomeness of this...
There are so many things that you saw and portrayed so well. Thank you for being such a kindred...

Commission: Model88: Chenelle by xCHERRYBOMBZx
Thank you :iconxcherrybombzx:!!! I am still head over heels for this!!! <3

:iconxcherrybombz:, thank you so very much for this. Everyone, Ms. xCHERRYBOMBZx was one of the first people I met here on DA. I have through these pages seen her laugh and cry and be everywhere in between. I have never IRL met her or heard her pixie laughter. But even still, I feel I know her well and appreciate her genuine and warm friendship. Thank you!!!

For Model88 by SassyGhost
:iconsassyghost: you totally got their personalities down for sure!!! And sweaters!!! YES!!! Thank you so much!!!

Oh look, two pieces in two days??? Blasphemy!!! by EchoedElegy
:iconechoedelegy:, that is so beautiful! So totally got her look... I love the style and background too!!!
* * * * * * *

Thank you :iconskullytherabbit00:! Amazing style!!!

* * * * * * *

Slutty is a superpower?!

Chenelle: pixie post-it by model88

Chenelle asked recently, “Is fame is a superpower?” as she notices the hold and influence famous people have over others and the crowds they have following them. She is amazed that their words and lives can make entire populations [she doesn’t use that term] do their bidding whether on purpose or without thought (inspired fads). Well, I guess “fame” is a superpower of sorts. I suppose it is especially so if the one who has fame understands its power.

“So, slutty is a superpower!”, she shouts oh so happily as one who just figured out The Universe.

!!! PAUSE !!!

(uncomfortably shocking awkward silence)

Um, yes, I guess slutty can be construed as a superpower...

(Trying to think quickly to get out of this mess. I am quietly cursing my co-workers again for inspiring this ongoing disaster)

Well, Chenelle, if you want to chase that rabbit then consider beauty/or that which is beautiful (like music!) is a super power, alluring is a super power, the macabre is a super power, and I could go on... I also suppose self awareness/knowledge of what one says or does that holds sway over others is a superpower. So few people understand or appreciate the power of what they (can) do to influence others, whether for good or evil.

Chenelle... friendship is a superpower. You being 100% you, being genuine, is super. And powerful.

She smiles so large and beautiful and it looks almost like she wants to cry a little happiness. Then just as suddenly she laughs and tells me of all of the things she would do with levitation superpowers if she had them. I find she thinks of this often and it is great fun for her to wonder about.

* * * * * * *

2017 ended and I wish to thank you ALL for sharing my lunacy in years passed...

Take a moment to look at ALL of the pictures of Chenelle. Even though they are all so different they are ALL Chenelle. Yes, some show with arms and some not, some with different hair, some highlight a certain feature or another. But they are all her. You all show (and appreciate) who she IS not just ‘how she looks’.
  They all show the beauty you see in her. That is amazing and magical beyond words... Thank you!

Can the sound of pixies singing drive mortals mad/insane?

If Chenelle is singing, then maybe...??? Pixies in general, I’m not sure. Their ‘singing’ is ‘different’ and is difficult to describe. I’ll add it to The List. ;)

I love the “Phoebe and her Unicorn” books by Dana Simpson. Very often pixies are lampooned for their singing which, according to Marigold, can drive people to insanity. Pixies get spoofed in other ways too in these tales. S’ok. I know that no Unicorn wants to feel threatened by the beauty of any pixie(s)! Lol... Dana Simpson, if you happen to stumble upon this journal: I love your art and ALL of your stories (she also does “Millie and Ozy” for those unfamiliar). Don’t change a thing about who you are!!! (And Chenelle is fascinated by the thought of “Magic Hair”...)

Chenelle, you are so beautiful and cute when you sing. You are so genuine and sing with all you are. It also sounds equally, um, terrible. But I would never stop you (and nothing could or should if you felt like singing.) So let’s turn up the volume and BOTH sing horribly!

Can you make someone tell the truth by making them eat an apple kissed by a pixie?

No. But pixie kisses are special in other ways...

This question came of a happening IRL where I gave an apple to a friend who after eating it shared some very deep and in confidence things. After that she asked jokingly, “Did you give me a magic apple which caused me to tell you the truth about my life?” I told her a pixie kissed it.
A few days later I brought her some apple butter telling her that all those pixies heard she was having a rough time so they got a couple of apples and stomped them into apple butter [like pressing/stomping grapes for wine] which was great fun to watch as they stomped and laughed and were splattered (and splattering each other!) with apple mush and making such a happy mess everywhere. It totally made her day to have that scene in her mind as well as enjoying the apple butter (though she is now wary of accepting anything without checking to see if it was kissed by pixies first...)

Do pixies cry?

Yes. They do.

I have seen both Chenelle and Lily cry...

I was asked this by someone who said that the pixies I draw always look happy/contented/etc. so she wondered if they ever cried (or were sad, etc).

Pixies have feelings just as we all do. They feel, they hurt, they love, they touch, etc. etc. And just as each of us may express our ‘inner thoughts’ differently pixies are no exception. 

Thought full... by model88
pixies do cry...

Are pixies confused by spilling a box of pins?

This was not actually a question asked but I read in a book that fairies are confused by spilling a box of pins (yes, I know pixies aren’t fairies…). Interestingly I remember seeing a clip of a movie a long time ago where they tried to ‘confuse’ a vampire in a similar manner (by spilling grains of rice).

I was pretty sure what the answer/outcome would be but still I decided it would be more fun to spill a box of pins in front of her than to ask her.

[I quickly dump an enormous box of pins on the table in front of her]

“So, are you confused?!” I ask way too excitedly.

She turns and looks at me quite straightly. “Yes…”

She pauses and studies me quite carefully as if I am having some type of breakdown or fit. “I am confused by why you dumped a box of pins on the table...” She seemed to be more at ease when I explained everything but she checked on me often for some time after that. 

Is “FernGully” real?


Though I already knew this to be true because I know Chenelle and have learned some about pixies and their ways. But I did ask her. I had to explain FernGully to Chenelle (and to be honest, I have only seen snippets of the movie that shows it so well) but as she began to have all of the pieces she laughed and confirmed it was true. “Though we do not call it FernGully...”, she says with a smile. 

So of course I ask (pounce?), “What do you call it, or such places?” “We don’t have a name for them.”, she replies.

“Are you serious?! So if you wanted to tell your friends to meet at ‘that place’ you would just say ‘meet you there’?”, I ask.  “Yes.”

So that piece of information was a bit of a shocker to me (just when you think you know your friend well...). I learn the reason they don’t have a specific name for these types of places is because these types of places are wherever they gather. They are chosen as much by whim as by chance. Thus it is described by wherever it is (however pixies give directions) or you follow along to such places. Chenelle laughingly explains: “FernGully is everywhere!”

Twirl-A-Whirl by Aspiring-Awesomeness 
Thank you :iconaspiring-awesomeness:!!!

 Chenelle Fanart!!!(Model88) by aleenaC
Thank you :iconaleenac:!!!

Kayla meeting Chenelle for the first time  by CreacentQuartz  To model88 and Chenelle by CreacentQuartz 

Thank you :iconcreacentquartz:!!!

 C  Model88 By Endiria-dbtwgod by model88  

Thank you :iconendiria:!!

* * * * * * *

How do YOU say 'pixie'?!

Please help add to the list!!!

Sketchy Pixie by model88

Russian: фея : feya
Polish: wróżka : vrooshka (I love saying that!!!)

Spanish: duendecito : dooendehseeto

German: fee: fvee

Japanese: ピクシー : pikushī (which is 'queen'+'crimson/orange'+'poem'. How true!!!)

How do YOU say it???

* * * * * * *

This journal is now one year old as of July 15, 2017.
I originally started it just for my own fun and curiosity since I became acquainted with pixies but wondered what others thought of pixies and if it was similar to what I learned. I thought this journal would come and go, being replaced by another journal in short time. But what happened has truly been amazing to me. This story (stories?) became real to others (as they are to me). Just the other day someone sent me a note saying they never before thought of faeries and pixies but now they wonder all the time (I won't call you out since I don't know if you are shy or extroverted, but you know who you are!) It was quite the same for me. Though I always liked Tinkerbell as portrayed in Disney's original 'Peter Pan' and the 'Blue Fairy' of 'Pinocchio' I never gave fairy folk much thought. But now I am possessed... I never thought my life would come to this. But I am glad it did! This is truly a happiness for me. 

This is the story. Just as much as the stories these pixies and people share with me. I will get all these stories out before I die. I can't NOT do it...

I also appreciate more than I can say all of the wonderful comments, questions, encouragement, and very especially, all the different interpretations of Chenelle shared with me. Every one of them has shown some facet of her persona in ways I cannot but you all have understood and portrayed. I look at them all A LOT. They all show the care and interest of people who really did take the time to know Chenelle as opposed to just copying a picture or visual idea. Thank you everyone.

I will likely try to reformat this journal somehow next update. It has become quite a compendium! I don't intend to remove anything. I will try to keep topics and headings intact. I would like to improve the 'flow'. Funny enough I am a bit hemmed in, because to do a new journal entry essentially breaks the link to this one. And, no lie, I would miss seeing this on my page...

* * * * * * *

For those new to this journal!!!


This is an interactive book of sorts. While you can read this and enjoy I encourage you to click on pictures and links in the journal. More detailed info about an entry is generally found at the picture's/link's site than is on the journal.

I also encourage you to go through all I have posted of her in the gallery folder: Stitches and Chenelle to hopefully get a feel for her persona, etc. (and those of other characters in this menagerie. Yes, you can ask about them too!).

Please also read all the comments below. There are a lot of questions and answers there that I do not always post to the main journal. Besides, maybe you will have a question, comment, etc. to put with something someone else asked.

* * * * * * *

And now for the latest! There are other updates sprinkled throughout too...

Chenelle for Model88 by Mayokas  Snowlight by HiImCatasaurus  Contest Winner 3rd place by HeyHoneyBun

Thank you :iconmayokas:, :iconhiimcatasaurus: (again!!!), and :iconyui-kita:!!!

* * * * * * *


Lily by model88

Lily is 'The Crazy Pixie' in my mind. But I assure you she is not 'crazy' the way we think of it. You would just have to know her... Surely you have seen her in a few other adventures here:

Chenelle and the Biting Pear of Salamanca by model88  He needs my help... by model88
Lily margin doodle by model88  Wait a minute by model88  Lily's-Gift by model88

Lily and the Dullahan by model88  Lily and the Mermaids by model88

Lily as a furry!
lily as a furry [ArtTrade] by BigWolfyHeart
Thank you :iconbigwolfyheart:!
As of this writing I still owe my half of an art trade :/
I haven't forgotten!

Trivia item: I have playlists (soundtracks) for all these crazy stories and OCs. Lily is definitely represented by "Haro No Umi (Ocean in Springtime)" as played by Yolonda Kondonassis. If you listen to that song I hope you hear and understand Lily's focus, strength, and love of water among other facets of her persona. There are other songs too but this one really represents her well as does the instrument itself.

Lily is (not) a gangster…

While jogging (flying for Chenelle, lol), “small bill$” by Regina Spektor was playing on the phone I strap onto my shoulder for the tunes. Chenelle told me that song was very like Lily. “Really?! Lily is a gangster?!!” She gives me that ‘What are you talking about?’ look and as she sees me suck in a deep breath to explain it to her she interrupts, “The tone of it feels very like her. That she would be equally happily singing ‘La La laaa la laa la laa laa la’ whether she was chasing down what was right or just of happiness.” I think to myself that I agree pixies have a special way of making life so unfunny and turning sunny weather real crummy if they were crossed. And that happy singing too. I try not to cross any of them…

* * * * * * *

Chenelle, I know you already have a lot of abilities, but if you could have any superpower what would it be?

Like many questions, this was hard for her to answer but a great conversation. Much like asking her about magic or magical things, what we find extraordinary about them (pixies/fairy folk) collectively or individually is really quite normal to them. Though they do appreciate and admire the superlative talents they see in others.

I tried to give her the 'human' perspective on 'superpowers' highlighting popular heroes (and a few villains) and their superpowers and why to us they would be so cool to possess. In fairness, I also outlined the potentially painful burden and cost of possessing super powers... Funny enough, for all the 'powers' I talked about I reminded her that 'magic' is a superpower too (to us).

"Super strength!" She jubilantly shouts. "Though I have never needed strength like that before. So perhaps not, but it might be fun for a time."
She thinks a bit more and then tells me, "If I could levitate things then I could have Stitches fly along with me! And I could juggle things..." She gives a cute laugh at the thought of juggling and levitating Stitches. Stitches does not look keen on that. "I'd be afraid you would get focused on your flying and drop me." Chenelle is thinking of all the things she could do with levitation skills...

Does the hum of Chenelle's wings change with her mood? Is there a way for magical creatures to talk to each other over long distances?

The sound of Chenelle's wings are dependent on flight. But Chenelle has learned how to use her wings in a musical way. This is mood dependent by its very nature. It is also generally deliberate as it takes a little effort for her to use her wings in this manner. But the sound (music) of her wings occasionally will reflect her mood. 

I don't know if/which magical creatures might be able to communicate over vast distances as I really only study pixies/fairies/sprites and mermaids (and I am always on the lookout for unicorns. And lately Amaris Letos...). Most of that knowledge comes via study of many books, etc. and a singular live reference (Chenelle). Mermaids can communicate over longer distances (in air) due to the strength of their 'voices' [and very likely some enhancement due to 'magical properties(?)' of mermaids] and also in/under water by virtue of the properties of water (being denser than air it carries sound much further). I can tell you pixies (and sprites) do have non-verbal ways of communicating but explaining that would be lengthier than would be good here. But you may have seen snippets of it in her stories and I'm sure you will see it (and/or) a fuller explanation in the future.

This next question I got asked IRL several times in about 18 hours some time ago. Makes me wonder if there was a TV or movie thing that posed this question somewhere/somehow. I was also a bit tired and crabby at the time I asked it...

What is the best thing about being a pixie?

“I have never been anything but a pixie.”

Chenelle, I know you have always been a pixie. Try to imagine if you were NOT a pixie but rather a person (human) or your favorite (or least favorite?) creature. What would you really miss about being a pixie?

She looks a little sad as she says softly but very seriously, “I would miss being a pixie…”
I slowly close my eyes in frustration and let out a sigh…

Then she goes on, still quite seriously and thoughtfully. “I really like to fly. Being able to fly again after The Terror is always a welcome and happy time. But some other creatures can fly. I enjoy the company of other pixies and our games and dances and social times. But some creatures share these times with us.” She pauses to think some more.

“I think the best thing about being a pixie is being a pixie!” I shake my head a little and roll my eyes. But I think I understand what she means. For her the best thing is she is always free to be herself. She loves who she is and wouldn’t change a thing. She just happens to be a pixie…

* * * * * * *

Mother's Day

Pixies do not reproduce so they neither have Moms or become Mothers. But Stitches DOES have a Mom of course. They have all shared the good, bad, and ugly. Mothers have the toughest jobs of all. None of us asked to be born, but when we are so too a mother is born. They grow just as their children do. Thank you Moms!!! Read more about this down in the comments in what I call "The Draven Letters" which is a collection of queries from Ms. Draven who has quite an interest in Faerie folk (or Fae).

Chenelle for Model88 by AprilDraven
Thank you :iconaprildraven:!

If a human wanted to have a pixie as a friend what could they do to increase the chances? Are their certain qualities a pixie would look for in a human? 

Much like in surfing, you don't have the wave, it has you. I'm not sure there is anything a person could do to increase the chances that a pixie would find or befriend them. Pixies avoid people. Their world is quite separate from ours. Chenelle is an extreme rarity. And Chenelle tells me that it would be a very personal decision for any pixie. It took a while for Chenelle to even approach 'Stitches'. But for all that, if you don't search for pixies, you will not ever have a chance of finding them.

Ms. Draven has been diligent in her quest and one of the Fae was waiting for her...

* * * * * * 

Chenelle-gift by model88  Free Falling by Aspiring-Awesomeness  Chenelle (Commission) by Yellyy
Thank you so much to :iconlilaacsky:, :iconaspiring-awesomeness:, and :iconyellyy:
I really love these!!!

* * * * * * *

Happy Birthday Chenelle!!!

It was a year ago that Chenelle first showed me her face...

PonyTail Noir by model88

Now she had been around for some time before that but I wasn't looking for pixies or anything like that so it took some time for me to realize what was going on. But now I DO know, and how!

Funny enough, pixies don't have birthdays. They are not born nor reproduce so... no birthday. But Chenelle has been around people enough to know and appreciate that it is something to be celebrated. And she is willing to go along with our traditions about it. She also now knows that April 19th will always be her special day!

And though she needs nothing, and because I am so cheeky, I thought of some gifts for her! Being that Easter just passed, and because when we last spoke of 'birthdays' she looked so cute pondering what it would be like if pixies were hatched, I got her an Easter egg with a tiny pixie figurine in it. She did think that was funny and cute. I also got her one of those Easter eggs with the beautiful scenes in them (a pretty big one). She thought that was awesome!

She is also thankful for the gift pictures of everyone's interpretations of Chenelle that have been received since that last update. Thank you all!!!

Chenelle Reference Sheet by xMayu-Chi (Gift) Amaris Leto Version of Chenelle by ematati97008 
chenelle {not my oc} by death-the-kide Chenelle as Monster Kid by Speed-up-my-life


And I did think of a question for her (which is actually a modification of a snarky question someone asked IRL) but it is her day and I will wait for the next time to ask it. ;)

* * * * * * *

You can read questions already asked a little further down, don't forget to read the comments too!

I LOVE other people's interpretations of Chenelle. Even if it were a stick figure!

So for Valentine's Day (2017) I wanted to share what others have shared with me.

I won't repost in this spot the "Just a Drop..." below (done by HiImCatasaurus). But I still LOVE it!!!

Outfit Commission: Winter Fashion for a Pixie by thelettergii  C: Fairy Dust by Moeba-pop  C:Flap flap by Moeba-pop
I love each of these so much! They all capture Chenelle's essence in some way. Thank you!!! :iconthelettergii: :iconmoeba-pop:

* * * * * * *

A little bit about 'Stitches'. Whose real name is Kendra...

Kiss Noir (or 'IDK...') by model88
Thank you again :iconrachdh: and :iconsakurasenpai1234:!

Not Stitches? by model88  20170505-Stitches by model88

  • She is twelve-ish years old. Though she is young she is very mature for her age.
  • Has only ever had one eye. Sometimes wears glasses for the irony of it.
  • Very good at math. Likes science stuff/how things work/how things are. Particularly astronomy, chemistry, and physics. She definitely likes 'living things', making and watching stuff grow and develop, etc. but not in a sciences sort of way. Though she does appreciate biology (especially molecular biology) she is not into biological sciences per se.
  • Likes the science of music (theory). And likes music in general. Does not play instruments but likes to play with instruments.
  • Likes drawing/visual stuff. Definitely a visual person
  • Very crafty, resourceful, good with things. An experimenter.

* * * * * * *

This is a picture of Joi, who is :iconyui-kita:'s OC.
I post this because of a short story involving Joi, Stitches ,and Chenelle. Click to read!

Melancholy Joi by model88

* * * * * * *

And, here are questions already asked:

How do you eat (since you have no arms)?

'Pixies do not need to eat as we are not made the same as you. But we may occasionally eat to be polite or social. If we do, we would have a few dew drops or perhaps a tiny piece of a flower petal.'

How do you get dressed (since you have no arms)?

'Our garb is a part of the magical properties of pixies. We always seem to be dressed according to our whim and situation...'

I don't see wings. Do you just levitate or something?

'Our wings are practically invisible. They are there, to be sure, but are very very difficult to see for any but fairy-folk or creatures that see more than you are able to see. You can feel them though.' 

If you pour a few drops of paint on your wings, will we be able to see them?

Answer in comments below and also (click) here:
Just a Drop by HiImCatasaurus
Thank you!!!

In many ways, the Heart of a pixie is their wings...

 WIP-Chenelle wings in profile by model88

Pixie wings are a magical property of pixies and they appear to be 'floating' just a bit away from where you think they would be physically attached to the body. That said, they are in fact 'physically' and solidly attached in a magical way. You could pick them up by their wings (though that would be beyond rude or worse if done without permission).

They are very thin but quite strong. Touching them they feel like fine paper or cellophane but very soft. Almost like a faintly velvet paper. More like a 'solid' paper, not like tissue paper... Their wings are so very thin that it is almost difficult to say you feel them at all.

Because of their magical properties and their gossamer nature the wings are very, very difficult to see except for fairy folk or creatures that can see more than people are able to. If you dripped paint or something on them you could discern the shape of the wings due to the paint sticking to them. But if their wings become weighted down with water, paint, etc, it makes it very hard for them to fly. Pixies can get wet and fly in rainy weather and such, but they are very wary about water, driving hard rain, 'splatter' and similar things getting on their wings. Most things can be shaken off easily but still they are wary...

Wing shape is quite variable amongst pixies. As is single pair or double pair of wings. Chenelle says she never met or heard of a pixie with more than a double set. Pixie wings are translucent to transparent and display many variations of texturing, coloring, prismatic effect (or lack thereof), banding/patterns, etc. 

Also due to the magical properties of their wings their flight characteristics and speed is somewhat more than could be expected of just the wing configuration alone. It also enables them to carry for short distances (with moderate effort) objects about as heavy as a large banana or apple. Heavier objects exponentially increase the effort required and the distance able to be carried (in one trip) decreases quickly. Once you add an extra banana it becomes quite a struggle. At three bananas it really is more like dragging a sledge...

:iconmoonlight-pendent13: has an excellent depiction of a pixie carrying stuff here: moonlight-pendent13.deviantart…

Pixies begin their existence wingless and each new Demise causes them to be wingless for a time. In conversing with Chenelle about wings she adds a pixie's wings may change each time they grow in again (though some pixies wings remain remarkably unchanged over time). Their wings are personal and unique to each pixie like their garb, but not according to their whims and thoughts like their garb. They have no control over how their wings will appear. However they grow in is how they will stay until they meet their Demise. I encourage you to click on "The Terror" down below to learn more details of all these things...

So I would ask what her most defining quality is.

Answer (click) here:
Sherry asks Chenelle a question by model88

Why are you armless?!

'I don't know... I have always been without arms.'

Do pixies get along with each other? Are there only girl pixies? Seems like too many girls for them to all get along lol 

Pixies all get along. Their culture/society is not like ours. There is no hierarchy or Grand Ruler.They all have their own personalities for sure and there is the potential to clash but they all share the same larger goals so it doesn't really happen. Chenelle states, "No pixie has ever seen or heard of a boy pixie..."

Do you have traditional coitus or is it more of a cloacal kiss? birth or egg laying?

(Kudos to you good Sir for word choice and trying to keep it 'clinical'....)

"We are not born or reproduce. We just are..." She gives a very cute smile as she says this. And it looks to me as if she is thinking to herself how funny it would be if pixies were hatched...

So... do they have belly buttons?


Since they are not born nor reproduce they do not have those 'accoutrements'. They are all beautiful creatures though so yes, they have some accoutrements. There are distinct clefts, depressions, etc. where those varied accoutrements would be on a human, enough so that you could see plainly that it would be there, but isn't.  They are not made the same as us but they are similar. (This was explained to me by Chenelle. I did not directly observe any of the above.)

I'm interested in pixie dust. Also, are pixie outfits kind of like chameleon colors?

Pixies are always dressed according to their whim and situation, it is part of the magical properties of pixies. When I asked Chenelle about "does your clothing change to help you hide" she answered, "No." but looked very curious about the question. Apparently the concept of changing appearance in that way strikes them as not being genuine or truthful. It is their nature to 'hide honestly'/not 'disguise who they are' if that makes sense. She did think it was an interesting concept though as they cannot become invisible but they are very adept at hiding. Now you and I may see 'need to hide' as a "situation" but they see some situations differently than we would.

As for the pixie dust, the "moisture" of fairy folk is pixie dust. Stay with me for a minute, remember they are not made the same as us...

So, pixie dust is one of the magical properties of fairy folk. It is (like) a fluid or vapor(?) that becomes crystalline very quickly upon contact with the air.  Pixie dust is not pruinosity, skin flake or dandruff, or perspiration.

It does have a tiny bit of luminescence of its own but it becomes brighter when disturbed or agitated. That is why the more fairy folk exert themselves, the more visible it is. If you could imagine a soda bottle filled with pixie dust in a not too brightly lit room you would see it glow very faintly. And if you began to really shake the bottle it would become quite bright. You could probably pour it into a large bowl and stir it around and make some very interesting swirls of different light intensities and colors... Pixie dust breaks down pretty quickly though, turning in to very fine powdery crystalline, very ordinary dust.
It is much more visible in the trails of pixies because of their diminutive size in comparison to the trailing dust (much like a comet or a vapor trail). On fairies, their size makes pixie dust hardly noticeable except during great movement or exertion.

Their tears are made of the same substance, though it is much more fluid crystalline as is comes from their tear ducts and streams down. But it still turns quickly to the crystalline fairy dust you would expect. And then of course, ordinary dust...

Sometimes upon a pixie meeting their Demise, some "larger" pieces of pixie dust will remain for a few moments like embers where they once were. If other pixies happen upon this they will pause there while the embers burn out with a bit of sadness knowing that pixie will have to suffer The Terror again in some other place, in some other time, and separated from what they knew now. Again, they accept things as they are but all of them have suffered The Terror so it is a strong common bond.

Do pixies have to go to school (to learn pixie stuff)?

No. Pixies have a sense about things. But they definitely learn a lot by experience...

Are pixies "assigned" a place and/or task(s)?

No. They never know where they will be/end up. And they do what comes naturally to them.

Well, what if they don't like where they are/what they are doing? What happens if they leave/don't do what they are supposed to?

Pixies are a "bloom where they are planted" sort of creature. And they have free will. So that isn't really an issue.

Why doesn't Chenelle answer more of these questions?

She has a large part in answering all of these questions. But a lot of the answers take some conversation for me to understand/her to explain. Some things I can only discern through observing or inferring. Many questions don't have short answers...

What if a pixie causes the Demise of another pixie (or pixies)?

I admit I am somewhat chilled by this question... Um, Chenelle...?

"They will remember it always." She answers quite plainly but also looks puzzled by the question. "Why would you think any of us might cause the Demise of another?" She looks to me almost hurt by the thought of it and the question itself. I explain that the querent may either be wondering if there is anything so awful in pixie culture that it requires some punishment or maybe they meant if it happens by accident but I didn't really know what exactly they were thinking because I only have the question... And I feel extra horrible now having asked her this question.

But Chenelle is a tough pixie and a pretty deep conversation follows. She reminds me that their culture is not based on hierarchies and punishments. And pixies do not wish for the Demise of any let alone being the cause of it. It is not in their nature and from this conversation I can tell you it goes very much against it. Another piece is that  pixies have an amazing memory. They not only can remember vividly everything they have ever experienced, they remember it experientially. Meaning they remember things exactly and fully as if reliving it again. Imagine if you felt your hand being burned every time you remembered or retold the story about the time you burned your hand. Or reliving all the pain, anguish, joy, etc. of child birth every time you remembered that. They equally remember happy and beautiful things this way too but she was trying to illustrate to me that if any did such a thing they would have the fullness of that event always in their remembrance. She also explains that they remember each and every moment of each and every Demise they have met. Which is one reason they try very hard to avoid meeting their Demise. And also why they do not much speak of it...

At the end of this conversation I am in awe at the amount of concentration and mental capacity they must possess to have such enormous memories. I appreciate that they are made this way and it works in a way far beyond ours in a way which is quite normal for them. And I don't even know what to say about the suffering of each Demise... And I really hope she doesn't think less of people/humans. But she did seem to really want to answer this question too. I believe she understands that people are as curious as pixies sometimes.

The Terror

(click the picture to read about The Terror and when pixies meet their Demise and about their wings)
The Terror by model88

Do pixies have any obligations? What do they do in their free time?

I think that Chenelle's #1 expression has to be raised eyebrow, scrunchy face, slight tilt of the head 'I'm not sure what you are asking...' Their world is so very different than ours!

I had to explain "obligation" to her. Apparently they do not do anything reluctantly or under compulsion. They do things because it is their desire to do so. But Chenelle did say, "We would always do what we could to prevent another's Demise..."  I am more and more appreciating how terrible and horrifying experiencing their Demise and the Terror that follows is for them.
As for free time I want to be cheeky and say all their time appears to be free time to me! But what I think was actually being asked was 'what do they do when they are not working/to unwind?'

What they do over the course of their time is not "work" to them the way it would be for us. Certainly they have a sense of doing what must be done and they enjoy being productive. But they do like to have fun! Also what we might think of as their work time really is very fluid with their 'not work' time. Things they do for fun actually are a lot of things you would suspect. They like to dance and play hide and seek and tag. Races, sometimes with obstacle courses. They have their own version of 'Simon Says' also sometimes with an obstacle course. They really think it's a lot of fun to do their 'Simon Says' games with the hummingbirds (who can match their aerial antics). They enjoy the camaraderie of competition but they are not competitive in the way people can often be. They really do it just for fun.

Free Falling by Aspiring-Awesomeness
(Yes I did put that picture in twice!)
Chenelle loves freefalling and lately, ribbon dancing...

How do pixies meet? 

"Most often we meet by happening upon one another or by helping others avoid their Demise." I also learned that they may be "lone pixies" for very long periods of time. But pixies never feel lonely or alone, even during those times. 

What is it like to fly?

"The first time I left the ground, I was not even sure what was happening. A serpent was staring at me in a way that made me sure I was to meet my Demise. I felt heavy and rooted to the spot where I stood. Suddenly it was as if I jumped back and was pulled back. I felt the snout of the serpent bump my feet. But I was not knocked down. It was then I realized I was in the air. I saw the snake still looking at me, I was the sole focus of its eyes. I looked up wanting to get as far away from that serpent as I could. When I looked back, it was gone. And everything was far away. And everything looked very different because I had never before that time looked down to see the tops of everything or so much of a place all at once. It was far higher than than looking up into the tallest trees."

"I looked around to take it all in. It did not seem to be any effort to be there in the air but it was quite an odd feeling to no longer be touching the earth. Then I wanted to go to the tops of those trees. As I looked to the tree tops I drifted down and alighted there. I stayed for some time since I was not certain if I would be able to be fly again. Eventually I stepped off. I fell for a while (which was terrifying and fun) but when I thought I would meet the earth my wings began their work and I landed on the ground. And fell down. Flying took getting used to... Much of it happens without any thought. But as you learn how to fly it becomes even more of a joy."

As Chenelle told this story she started with her feet standing solidly on the ground (which I never see her do) and I see her staring into the eyes of that serpent like a mouse about ready to be swallowed whole. And then she snaps/jumps/flies backwards and zooms in a spiral around me from my toes to my head so tight and fast I thought she was going to hit me or tie me up with pixie dust somehow. She is a very good flier though, what a show!

But Chenelle, how does it feel?

"It feels fun! I love the way the wind rushes over and around me when I fly quickly. If I come quickly to the ground I can feel the air push beneath my wings so I bounce and skip like a rock on the air. It is as much fun for me as it must be for fishes jumping in and out of the water. 

The air up high is sometimes very cool and heavy and refreshing, but does not weigh down my wings like water (but it is that refreshing!). Sometimes you can be pushed up on warm geysers of air. They are comfortable and fun to ride up and down like you do the slides of a play ground. They are so warm! The clouds are like a bright fog you cannot see in so I don't fly in those (anymore). But clouds are very pretty to fly between. It is also fun to climb towards the stars and the Moon in the night time. The air is clearer up there and all is so much brighter."

Do pixies ever get scared of heights?

Pixies are individuals just as we are so, maybe? They are made with wings so I suspect if any are it is a rarity. I also opine that during the time of their Terror some may be more wary of falling (from heights) as a matter of not wishing to meet their Demise that way. But not necessarily afraid of heights.

"He gave me wings so I could fly..."

He gave me wings so i could fly WIP by GalacticGizmo

artwork by Space-dork

What are the natural enemies of pixies?


I learn pixies avoid and are mistrustful of dragonflies because of their voracious and unyielding appetite. They are equally fascinated by dragonflies though. Upon further questioning, Chenelle admits that to her knowledge no pixie has ever met its Demise due to a dragonfly. 

"Many of us have met our Demise because of fish. And serpents..." I also learn that the world is a dangerous place for pixies. Just like it can be for us...

I ask her about dogs, cats, children, cars, freezing rain, perps and pervs, imps, gnomes, gremlins, and pranksters.

"Any creature can be a danger for some reason."  She explains that cats, dogs, birds, etc. will occasionally chase down pixies because of what they think they see or their chasing instinct. "They are just being who they are."

Pixies really do not interact with the realm of people. Chenelle is an extreme rarity. And she hasn't yet had experiences with children so she didn't have anything to say about children.

Chenelle concedes cars could be a danger...

She did not look real keen on freezing rain... At. All.

I had to explain perps and pervs to her...

Chenelle says with a bit of a laugh, "Imps, gnomes, gremlins, and pranksters are troublesome!" 

Art owed to SleepyDuckling by model88

And, for those that have been following, (back in Oct. 2016) I asked Chenelle a question:

So, what would you ask a person about themselves or about people at large? (you should see the expression on her face...)

"I never thought about it. We all accept things and creatures as they are..." (But I will tell you by the expression on her face that she is deep in thought and wondering what she would specifically ask. I think her mind just went 'sploosh'!....)

Since I was updating this, I asked Chenelle if she thought of any questions yet (yes I was being a tiny bit cheeky). She said, "No." but she did give me a cute sly smile to let me know that she has not forgotten and she is still pondering...

And then she asked me, "If YOU were a pixie, what would YOU ask people about themselves or people at large?" (what cute laughter she has right now. Even though she just totally beat me at my own game. But now we are playfully bantering Round Two...)

(Feb. 14, 2017 update) So I am still pondering questions to pose to Chenelle. It is hard to think as large and as simply as a pixie. That did not come out well in words... I mean they are accepting and straightforward, not 'simple'... I have some ideas, but not formed well enough to ask (yet). She meanwhile every so often gives me "The Eye" which says she is studying me to see what she would ask about people. Curious as she is it really is so much her (their) nature to be accepting that I can tell it is very hard for her to think of something to ask. But I know she will come up with a question eventually. But, by the way she does "that look" every so often, I am beginning to be a bit afraid of what that question will be when it comes...

(May 12, 2017 update) I have my question, but I am awaiting Chenelle's question so we can trade and post them both at the same time. :)

(July 15, 2017 update) The Duel of Questions...

So, Chenelle, my question is not actually the questions(s) I was planning but a modification of a question someone asked me IRL. Which when you hear it will surprise both of us that you never asked it (given your experiences). If I were a pixie asking a question about someone (human) or people at large, it would be: "Why do people always want the "powers" they think I have?" [the actual question asked me was "How can I get her powers?" which was asked in such a way that made me believe she would sacrifice a pixie to get their powers...] "I have no special powers." she says quietly. We have quite a somber discussion about it. But it is true. Pixies do not have 'special powers'. They have magical properties but do not 'do' magic or have any skill/powers/etc that could be conveyed to us. But equally much of what they do does look like 'powers' and is special to us. And many people want that. And they would snuff a pixie thinking they could take it from them for their own...

Chenelle, I know you have a question... She asks directly and seriously but without any judgement, "Why are people slutty?!" [Thank you co-workers for inspiring this mess...] I see Chenelle is still miffed by this yet equally wants to understand why people are this way. So, as the terrific irony of your well played turn, I suppose I also have to give an answer for "The People at Large"? She is wearing the biggest victory smile telling me without words an emphatic "Yes." She so genuine and cute that I know there is no malice. She also lets me know she is still thinking of other questions...

Well, not everyone is slutty... AAAAANNNNDDD people can be slutty in many ways. The short answer for such a long discussion is that it it helps people fulfill something deeply missing somehow, but not in the best way. But maybe in the best way they know how for the depth of it or ways and means they have ability to accomplish... I remind her that I am not slutty (that I know of) and I ALSO know pixies are not slutty. So it would be a difficult concept to convey as many things about people are hard to explain (and I'll keep trying!). But I think she is beginning to see the other side of it and does appreciate it a little better. And also that neither I nor anyone is portraying her as slutty... Chenelle, we will talk of this more for sure. People are equally curious and wonderful in many ways. :)

This has been viewed a LOT, thank you so very much!
We really do enjoy all the questions asked!!!

Keep the questions coming!

You can also send questions to ;)

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