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Are you alive? :iconlazywaveplz:
My submission request expired. :iconlazypoolplz:
I have a question. Is there any particular reason why you continue to shoot down my numerous request to join this group? It would be nice to get some sort of response or an explanation as to why you will not accept my work. Currently, this is just about the only model train group that I am not already a member. I have decades of experience in small scale modeling and all I want to do is share my work and help others that enjoy this wonderful hobby. I am not quite sure why I am even writing yet another note. Somehow, I am quite sure that there will not be a response again.
They shoot down almost every membership request, no matter what you do or of what quality your modelling is. Seems to be kind of a closed club where new members are not welcome. I suggest to join the Model-Railroading group instead. There, you find nice folks to discuss your work.
It's the same person by the way, he has no friends and carries on conversations with himself. Probably, already a member of every train club on DA but pretty much just cutomise Hotwheels these days. Thanks for your concern. :)
BTW, are there any other groups worth to join for model railroaders? Beside the Model-Railroading group, I'm only a member of Model-Pit and World-of-Dioramas.
Just noticed that his account as the founder of this group is deactivated. He probably does no longer care about it at all.
I tried to join your group but it did not work. I have a very large HO gauge train set and would love to contribute to your gallery. Thanks