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By modblackmoon
9 PNG Textures 1200x1200 in dark style. Mainly for web-design, so it's not seamless. If u need seamless u have to edit it a little. Just mirror the edges and erase sharp parts, closer to centre.

Created with Photoshop.
Use it as you wish - in your personal and comercial works. Credits are not required. But you may not share this package anywhere else. If you did it from my permission, then keep this Readme with the package.
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There's a really great action that makes anything into a seamless pattern. I do this with a lot of my textures so I can use them easily in PS. I was thinking I could do that with these and send them to you, if you so desire. Let me know what you think :) Thanks for the great textures!
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these are perfect too, you and i should work on a wb together, we are both nuts about gothic..... hehe
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hehe, why not:)
the only one thing that keeps me from making visual styles is eternally unfinished WindowBlinds... that usually got tonns of bugs.
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I would absolutely LOVE a WB theme by you. They are such a pain in the ASS just to even edit, I can imagine how difficult it's been for you. I know it's about 3 years later since you posted this comment, but I'd love to know if you ever finished it! So far there are really only two WB themes I've come across that were at all interesting, and that's the Steampunk one and the Bioshock one, but the Steampunk one seems to be lacking a bit....somehow. I mean it's great, don't get me wrong....but it's missing something. I'd love to see what you came up with, and to be able to skin my computer with it! :)
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sorry its taken me ages to reply.... real life kinda found me.

yeah wb's are hard...=(