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By modblackmoon
Seamless Patterns for Photoshop CS2 and newer [~31mb].
24 dirty, noisy, grunge textures. Basically 700x700 px. Created with Photoshop.

You may use it in your final artwork only. You may not modify or redistribute this resources package or its parts as your product.
Free for personal and commercial use. Credits are not required.
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Beautiful thanks

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i LOVE your pattern, Great Job ;)
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Mega sweet ... ty ... !
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Awesome as usual! Thank you muches!:iconheresjohnnyplz:
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like it thank you
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Hello there I just wanted to let you know, that one of the textures from this and one from the 2nd have been used for my newest artwork:


I hope you like it :)


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Disculpen el SPAM, pero es que el foro os va a gustar :D

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Your signature lies. :iconlll-plz:
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Hahaha sorry for that, here let me punish myself :stupidme:
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These look pretty cool.
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