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By modblackmoon
27 decorative seamless patterns. 700x700 for Photoshop CS2 and newer.

You may use it in your final artwork only. You may not modify or redistribute this resources package or its parts as your product.
Free for personal and commercial use. Credits are not required.
Year: March 2011.

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Magnificent terrific georges thanks very much

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Hello, used your stock here, thank you very much!…
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:iconwardenawesomeplz: :iconawesomeawesomeplz:You rock. :icondanbothankuplz: Thanks for not being lame like everyone else. Also...thanks for making such EPIC textures/patterns. These are so much higher quality than so many others I see here. Thanks a bunch! I will be sure to share links to your stuff on my free resources Tumblr. I only share good stuff that is free for any use and doesn't have silly restrictions and rules and required credits, because I personally am tired of wading through tons of stuff I can't use and thought it might help others in the same boat. (it's not that I don't want to credit people, it's that I spend time going around downloading all the resources and then playing with them later and it's usually impossible for me to track down where something came from, as I load it all at once into PS.)
So thank you much for allowing me to use your resources, and I will continue to share them with others!
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aha, those restrictions made me feel sick from the first day when i've started making commercial jobs. so i've experienced that problem myself. that's why my freebies are credits-free. i can't see any sence of making some cool thing, which nobody will be able to use in the end:))
sometimes we can credit stock creators, but sometimes we cannot. for example if u've made CD cover art - u just cannot credit all 130 stock sources which u've been using.
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I know exactly what you mean. A lot of the time though...personally, I just don't feel like people deserve or NEED credit for something so small or simple, like a paper texture... or crappy stock images. Or it seems just silly to credit someone for using one brush, once in a piece of work full of tons of other stuff. It's such a bummer though because so much of my damn time gets wasted and I get SO irritated at all the stuck up, full of themselves, stock-providers here on DA who have 100 rules and want this and that from you. I'd honestly rather pay someone to stfu most of the time. lol

I don't even think I'll use most of the stuff, and even if I do, I don't know if I'll use it commercially or not... and I have about 50 gigs of resources...a lot which I now have to wade through due to me being unaware of all these ridiculous rules and restrictions when I first started downloading them, and me having enough respect not to use things like that if I'm not going to follow them.

I've still seen that the best resources I've ever found, all turned out to be completely free, no rules or restrictions and no credit needed. I find that somewhat over 90% of the paid, or shit with tons of rules and demands, is pretty mediocre and often just crap. Funny how that works.
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aha, i've had about 30gb of stuff some time ago, but then i've noticed that i actually can't use it. so i've removed everything and started from scratch.
I don't mind to credit people for making good stock, but not when they have 100 rules as u just said. there's a huge difference between artists who make their stock for another artists and those who make their stock just to show off.
in my opinion if i spent tonns of time to make some usefull stuff for the others - it's a shame if people won't be able to use it:)). and if i wanna sell something - i say that it's just for sale.
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Yeah I am close to doing that....believe's just that I spend so long getting it all, and I have this thing about wasted time that just kills me. I probably will in the end. It would just have been nice to dig through and find out where some of the best stuff came from, if I'm able.
I feel the same way though, and it's not even that I don't want to credit most of the time...just that it's usually not possible for me to do so. You're very right too, what's the point if others can't use it? I guess there are just enough people out there who don't have a problem with it, and just get stuff when they need it, so it doesn't matter to most of them that a lot of people don't get to enjoy their awesome stock because of it. Good thing that most of that stuff with 100 rules is crap anyways, lol.

If you ever need any type of something you don't have, let me's possible I could have it on my computer, lol, and I have all the newest stuff in separate folders to indicate that they don't need credit or anything. Also, I just bought this awesome giga-pack from there's so much shit in this package that I'm not going to use. In fact...I'm going to PM you about it real quick if you don't mind.
Wonderful work hats off and salutes for ur wonderful work
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just fabulous.
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Me too i thought they were books :D thanks tho for sharing it :)
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wow that looks so beautiful! first i thought these are books xD
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