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Hello everybody! It’s been a long time coming but we’re proud to announce that the World of Eyre website is now officially launched!!! \o/ There’s a lot to go over so hang tight!

Important Note for Yahoo and AOL Email Users

Unfortunately, we are having issues with users who are trying to register for the site with a yahoo or aol email address. We are still working on connecting with Yahoo and AOL support but our experience so far is that users who try to register with these emails never receive the registration verification email, which means they cannot log in. We highly recommend if you have an alternative email to use that rather than your yahoo or aol email for now.

Some registration emails have been slow to be received. If you don’t get yours right away, wait a few days, and try again.

If your email is still not getting through let us know if you would like us to change the email address you are using by noting the Berry-Bazaar group.

Activities and Group Features now on World of Eyre

The majority of group activities and features will now be happening on World of Eyre rather than DeviantArt. We are centralizing community participation to World of Eyre as much as we can, so if you want to participate in the following activities you will need to sign up at because they will no longer be available on DeviantArt.

  • Prompts and Quests

  • Edits, Growths, and Rank Ups

  • UPDATE: We are now accepting Trinket Crown submissions!

  • Ownership Transfer

  • If you are not currently an owner and get your first Elnin this means you will need to sign up for a World of Eyre account in order to have the Elnin transferred to you. It also means if you are a current owner and want to gift/trade/resell an Elnin to someone they will need to sign up for an account in order to receive it.

  • For legacy owners who do not wish to sign up for the site we will be supporting an ownership transfer thread here. However, if you obtain an Elnin you did not previously own or if you sign up for the site you will be agreeing to the new Adoptables Terms of Service and will have to use to do your ownership transfers.

  • Ownership Transfers now have a 2 week cooldown on site and on our current masterlist moving forward!

  • Art Updates and the Masterlist Merchant

  • Future Shops and Activities!

Edits, Growths, and Rank Ups are now Open!

First off, thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as we’ve struggled to reopen these features. We know that it was a big inconvenience and we’re so glad to have them reopened!

Please keep in mind that since the shoppes were closed for so long there is a big backlog of design updates to work through. That means that it still may take a while for us to get to your update but we’re going to power through them to the best of our ability.

In an effort to be fair to everyone we will be prioritizing submissions based on several factors. The short version is that we will be prioritizing everyone’s 1st submission so please submit the design update you care about most / want to get approved first! For more details on the priority system read the “Prioritized Submissions” and “Deprioritized Submissions” of this news post.

Updates to Guides and Resources

We have improved many of our guides and resources when we transferred them to World of Eyre. Many have been updated to improve clarity, add more information, or simply to include new workflows for the World of Eyre changeover.

Please check out the World of Eyre Directory of Resources for a full overview!

Also please keep in mind that we will no longer be updating the DeviantArt guides and resources, so please do not rely on them as they may be out of date. We will be going through and adding links to the top of every guide/resource to their equivalent on World of Eyre.

What to do if you have World of Eyre Bug Reports or Feedback

If you find any issues on the site and would like to report it to us please read this first to see how/where to send your information!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We really hope you guys enjoy playing around on World of Eyre as much as we have! It has really gone a long way in organizing and streamlining a lot of processes and allowing us to make better resources that are more enjoyable for you guys. Things might be a bit rocky while everyone adjusts to using World of Eyre but in the long run we believe things will go more smoothly and sustainably with World of Eyre to anchor the group activities together.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of this by commenting on this journal! - Mowen

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Hi! Is there still an issue with aol emails?