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[Herald of Renewal Auction]Feat:Manaberri[Closed!]



Hello everyone! Here is our first herald of 2024, which will be a little snowy woodland djinnin to celebrate winter and the year of the wood dragon (a bit early but what can ya do). Lets welcome the Herald of Renewal ^^ This kittom was drawn by the lovely manaberri~!

Please go by what's listed in the masterlist stats, versus what's in the art! Unless otherwise stated in the "Info" section, all kittom body types/ear sizes are considered standard. I'm making this disclaimer because there are bound to be some discrepancies between art and actual stats due to stylistic preferences. For example, there are a lot of kittoms that look like they have the short ear trait, but do not actually have this trait. Be sure to check the traits list to confirm!

  • Pricing:
    • SB: $500
    • AB: None
  • Extras Unlock at:
    • $750 ✦ Standard Adventurer MYO growth slot, up to 9mp. Up to 1 exotic mutation, 1 rare mutation, and 2 uncommon mutation can be added. Slot MP can be put towards use for hair MP length, ear fluff MP length, and tail size MP. Mutations picked must be hereditary with an associated region. Tail style and crown style must stay the same.
    • $1000 ✦ Standard Noble MYO growth slot, up to 13mp. Up to 2 exotic mutations, 2 rare mutations, and 3 uncommon mutations can be added. Mutations picked must be hereditary with an associated region. Slot MP can be put towards use for hair MP length, ear fluff MP length, and tail size MP. Tail style and crown style must stay the same.
  • Start DATE: January 12th, 6:00pm PST (World Clock Reference)
  • END DATE: January 14th, 6:00pm PST
  • Snipe Guard: 1 Hour*
  • Please bid on the comment below for this design!
    • Payment plans are accepted for this auction
    • Payment plans will require a non-refundable down payment of 30% of the total value
    • The remainder must be paid off within the allowed payment plan length
  • Length of payment plans allowed:
    • 1 month plan is available for amounts over $100
    • 2 month plan is available for amounts over $250
    • 3 month plan is available for amounts over $500
    • Payment plans longer than 3 months are not available for this sale.
  • Additional Details: Manaberri did not apply all of the mutations usually available on MYO djinnin to this premade djinnin kittom design, so if the auction winner makes an edit in the future to their premade djinnin kittom and would like to add in some of the traits that Mana chose to skip, they are welcome to. Note that not all skipped mutations may be listed under this elnin's "Notes" tab if a mutation that conflicts is already present. If winners are only adding in traits that were included with the original djinnin MYO slots then edit fees will be waived. This is a one time offer though, so once a winner has made any edit to their kittom we will consider any skipped traits as fully dropped. To find out what traits your premade can add that were initially skipped, check in the "notes" section on their masterlist entry. If any of the listed traits are not added in the next design approval and you wish to add them in the future, they will need to be purchased (if applicable)
  • Contact Details: The auction winner will be contacted via modberry note.
  • As a part of the most recent version of the group's Adoptables Terms of Service (TOS) you will need an account on with a verified deviantart account connected to it to purchase a design if you win an auction. You must have a World of Eyre account to bid on an auction. You must have a deviantart account to verify your account on the world of eyre website.
  • DO NOT edit your comments. Doing so will invalidate a bid.
  • No co-ownership
  • Designs will not be sold to new or inactive accounts. (Accounts under 5 months of age or accounts with no recent activity. See this page on the World of Eyre website for details on how staff verify user activity and See the Group TOS here for additional details.)  
  • The kittom in this sale will have a trade/resale cooldown of 3 months.
  • Cooldowns start once the kittom is paid for.
  • You may proxy bid for someone else however that proxy will count for you as well. This means you can bid on a design for yourself or be a proxy for someone else but you cannot bid on a design for yourself and proxy for someone else. Only one person can proxy for a user as well. If you are proxy bidding for a user you must state whom that user is.
  • Paypal Only~ Full payment or down payment must be made within 24hrs of being contacted upon winning an auction.
  • *The final bid must stand for an hour with no counter bids. If someone replies with a counter bid in the last hour before the auction ends then the end of the auction will get pushed back until the last bid comment is 1 hour old.

[ 📜 Traits & Attributes can be found on the masterlist entries linked for each kittom! 📜 ]


Auction Kittom #1: Herald of Renewal [ELN2991]

  • They have a couple of unusual mutations and traits!
    • Note I'd also like to mention quickly that the wooden anima and the blooming aspect of their enchanted crown are both things that will be appearing again in the future. Just so there aren't any misunderstandings on the exclusivity of the mutations. So while I will not be copying things exactly (the altar of renewal crown will be unique to this elnin), there will be versions of these mutations repeating in the future. That being said, they'll likely remain VERY limited or only available through events run by me.
  • Eldritch crown: Altar of Renewal.
    • The fire burning atop the crown is a conduit of living mana that will cause plants to flourish and flowers to bloom when set aflame. Please note it's not an unlimited ability, the use of it will tax the elnin's energy (so no setting a field of flowers ablaze to cause them to bloom, but you can do a handful at a time before your elnin needs rest).  Because this crown is eldritch, it is considered a zero mana crown and will not affect your mp total.

      Another aspect of this crown is that it causes small green sprouts to appear in the phantom step and on the wooden areas of this elnin (specifically the crown, legs, tail, and horns- not the eyes!). When a plant is 'burnt' in the altar, that plant type will also start to grow in those areas. I've added a bonus example image showing the effect with one of Sunleth's flowers.

      Eventually the effect will fade, but it can last between a few days to a few weeks depending on the hardiness of the original plant and the energy levels of the elnin. Please note that the plants on the elnin are replicas made of mana and cannot be removed! (no harvesting your nin xD)

      You don't need to have the plant remain in the fire for the effect to show up on the body, though it does extend the effect duration. The propagation will happen with any plants that the elnin uses their bloom ability on so it's possible for multiple plant types to show up on the elnin simultaneously.
    • Please when doing masterlist updates for this nin, do not overly crowd the wooden areas with plant life! For the sake of approvals, please stick to the default small green sprouts or apply any extra plant life sparingly as in the example image. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Wooden Anima
    • Aside from the eyes, the anima on this elnin is actual mossy wood. Functionally this is expressed through crystallization on the legs and tail, opaque anima, oddformed gilded anima, and oddformed decora anima.
  • Three horns
    • I've decided that the herald status adds the central horn and the option of having just that horn, or a combination. So, it will now be possible for any heralds to keep their natural horns in addition to the herald's horn if they choose (existing heralds will treat this option as a regular horn edit). This elnin has the herald's horn and djinnin horns.


✦ Elnins are a closed species by manaberri <3 Please do not make your own without permission! ✦
Berry-Bazaar Group Rules and ToS can be found: [here]
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SB: $500


Please bid here for: Herald of Renewal [ELN2991]