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[Guest Flaffle] Feat: Forged-Artifacts [Closed!]

Hi everyone! A few chilly elnin have shown up in Stryhalde looking for a warm place to call home! Perhaps they'll find one with you? Please enjoy this Flatsale Raffle! ^^ These elnin were drawn by Forged-Artifacts

Check out upcoming events and artists here! :
Winter Wonders Event Schedule

Please go by what's listed in the stats, versus what's in the art (for hair/ear fluff/tail length etc.)! Unless otherwise stated in the "Notables" section, all elnin body types/ear sizes are considered standard. I'm making this disclaimer because there are bound to be some discrepancies between guest art and actual stats due to stylistic preferences. For example, there are a lot of elnins that look like they have the short ear trait, but do not actually have this trait. Be sure to check the traits list to confirm!

  • Pricing:
    • $450 each [Just the elnin design]
    • $500 each [includes elnin design + horn glamour and outfit version]
  • Payment plans must be discussed with Forged-Artifacts BEFORE entering.
    • 100$ non-refundable down payment
    • The remainder must be paid off within 2 months of the sale date.
  • Guest Artist Contact Details:
    • This artist is comfortable being contacted in advance about payment plans and any questions specific to this sale.
    • (This artist is in the GMT timezone, so responses may vary depending on timezone differences.)
    • Can be contacted via discord (preferred, Becci-Boo#9428) or dA notes
    • If you win a flatsale raffle you may reach out to the artist sooner using the artist contact details above. Just keep in mind if an artist does not hear from a flatsale raffle winner before they follow up, the artist will reach out via dA note.
  • As a part of the most recent version of the group's Adoptables Terms of Service (TOS) you will need an account on to purchase a design if you win a flatsale raffle. You do not need an account to enter a flatsale raffle.
  • Designs will not be sold to new or inactive accounts. (Accounts under 5 months of age or accounts with no recent activity. See the Group TOS here for additional details.)
  • No co-ownership
  • There is a limit of one elnin per person per flatsale raffle. You may enter for multiple elnin in this flaffle but only win one! If you win one elnin you will not be eligible for any elnin entered for thereafter for this specific flaffle.
  • Flaffles can be entered even if you have won an elnin design from previous flaffle by a different artist.
  • All elnin in this sale will have a trade/resale cooldown of 1 month.
  • Cooldowns start when the design is completely paid off. That means if you pay a payment plan off later on the cooldown would start from when that last payment is received until a month later.
  • Proxies are not allowed for flatsale raffles. Please only enter if you intend to purchase the design for yourself.
  • Paypal Only~ Payment due in full within 24hrs of the artist contacting you upon winning the flatsale raffle.

Please use the form linked below to enter for the design you would like to purchase:
(Entries for this Flatsale raffle will be closed 24 hours after this deviation is posted.
Winners will be drawn shortly after.)

[ Flatsale Raffle Entry Form ]

[ 📜 Traits & Attributes 📜 ]

[ Snowdrop ]
Hair: [✦✦✦✧]
Ear Fluff: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Size: [✦✦✦✧]
Tail Style: [✦✦✦✧] - Glade
Crown: [✧✧✧✧] - n/a

Total MP: [09]
Rank: Adventurer

[Hereditary Traits]
· [Mutation] Dual-toned Anima


[ Frozen Waters ]
Hair: [✦✦✦✦]
Ear Fluff: [✦✦✦✦]
Tail Size: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Style: [✧✧✧✧] - n/a
Crown: [✧✧✧✧] - n/a

Total MP: [08]
Rank: Adventurer

[Hereditary Traits]
· [Mutation] Starlit Anima


[ Boreal Cottontail ]
Hair: [✦✧✧✧]
Ear Fluff: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Size: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Style: [✦✧✧✧] - Meadow
Crown: [✦✦✦✧] - Trinket

Total MP: [05]
Rank: Adventurer

[Hereditary Traits]
· [Mutation] Leggy Fluff
· [Mutation] Lop Ears
· [Mutation] Maned


[ Frosted Woodlands ]
Hair: [✦✦✦✦]
Ear Fluff: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Size: [✦✦✦✦] 
Tail Style: [✦✧✧✧] - Meadow
Crown: [✧✧✧✧] - n/a

Total MP: [09]
Rank: Adventurer

[Hereditary Traits]
· [Mutation] Maned


✦ Elnins are a closed species by manaberry <3 Please do not make your own without permission! ✦
Berry-Bazaar Group Rules and ToS can be found: [here]
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Frozen Waters - @LunarMinka

Snowdrop - @VesselofEve

Boreal Cottontail - @Afrielzi

Frosted Woodlands - @LizzyJun

@Forged-Artifacts Would prefer for you to contact her via discord to arrange payment (Becci-Boo#9428). However, if you'd rather be contacted via dA feel free to go ahead and send her a note! Thank you and congratulations on your new elnin! ^^

@VesselofEve I wasn't able to find accounts for you on! Please be sure to go there and make accounts prior to paying if you don't have accounts already! ^^ You can confirm your account exists on site either by responding to this comment with a link to your World of Eyre profile or sharing that profile name/link with the guest artist when they reach out to receive payment! Making an account will have to be done within 24 hours of the artist contacting you.

Gmail seems to be the best email provider for getting your account verification email on site. If you're having trouble verifying your account via email don't worry, just link your account name here. It's just essential on our end to confirm TOS agreements and to be able to associate elnin with your account on our end! We can help with troubleshooting if verification emails don't come through! Just note the group on dA here. ovob

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Frosted Woodlands....

Major want but sadly out of my price range....

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Wow these all turned out so beautiful!! Definitely my favorite batch so far of the advent! The boreals clothes are so pretty!!