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Ive been super dormant forever due to school and now a job. I'm a professional now i guesssss. Anyway update. I'm working at a super rad VR company doing the concept art and direction for some really fantastic virtual reality games and experiences.

I should also mention that in the past year and a half I've come out as a transgender woman and have been transitioning and living fem full time since. I change my legal name and gender this weekend and I'm getting surgery in December. I always knew I wanted these things, but I never thought Id ever gain the bravery and confidence to make it happen. One thing thats helped me get this far obviously is having solid skills, I never would have been able to afford all the bs it takes to transition if I didnt have a passion for art and design, and I never would have fostered that passion if it wasnt for this community and all the people who inspired and supported me. I'm super grateful to all of you!

Some musings- Its kind of ironic and strange that someone who is very much a girl used to be so incredibly obsessed with mecha and weaponry. I dont think gender needs to denote ones interests in anyway, I suppose I was very insecure about appearing too feminine, who knows. I think I maybe found some kind of escape from my own identity and physical dysphoria in the genderless power of the mecha i was so infatuated with drawing.

I still love and greatly respect the genre of art that initially inspired me and got me where I am today, but sadly I dont really feel the same way about that I've used to, there's so much more depth to explore and create, so aside from what I do from work, you'll likelly see way fewer military themed things from me! Dont fret though I have some awesome stuff lined up to post once our game is out, stay tuned!!
  • Listening to: Ryo Fukui
  • Reading: Naussica and the Valley of the Wind
  • Watching: Black Mirror
  • Playing: Abzu and Medium
  • Eating: estrogen
  • Drinking: tequila


United States
"If the mind is a computer, then the soul is the software."


Ask me anything

Favourite genre of music: Any song that is good
Favourite style of art: Watercolour
Operating System: Snow Leopard
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Skin of choice: mine preferably
Favourite cartoon character: Haruhara Haruko
Personal Quote: Doing what's right is hard, and speaking the truth is dangerous.



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Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
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Happy Birthday :)
deadpoolthesecond Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Happy Birthday :) 
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Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
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Am I missing something or she quit DeviantArt? The last visit is unkown and the last upload was in the February 2016. That is sad :( I would like to see more from this artist. Amazing artwork.
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le_happy_birthday.wav :D

I wish you a succesful year full of robots :D
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Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
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Happy Birthday to you Taz!!!
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