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Another cool presentation of it!

where i used it!

another font right here
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This is exactly what I needed:love:
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Oh,It's so cool,Thanks

my name is Krisjanis and I have searched through hundreds of fonts, that we could use for our upcoming company. And your font is the best of them all. Truly amazing font! We plan to create wooden clocks and some other wooden accessories.

Could I get your permission to use this rounded font for our company?
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yes, do what you want, if you download the files you can see that there is a text file where allows everyone to use the font for personal and commercial use. ; )
Great, thank you very much. :) Will the font have punctuation marks in the near future as well?
Could I get permission to use the rounded font for our company. We absolutely love it! The company sells natural sea salts. Thanks for your time!
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Awesome Font! thank You! 
Love the font beautiful work. You should email the site… since their started your font is free for both for personal and commercial use...
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you are welcome! 

Oh I very love this font,but I can't download :(
Help me plz
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look on the right of the page... there is the "Download File" button..
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Great work! :) LOVE it
Hi, Love the font. What is the acceptable use of this font? Thanks.
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Only personal use.
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