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1bitheart drawing challenge- day 1

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yo long time no see

a while back i played 1bitheart by Miwashiba (...all of Miwashiba's games are masterpieces but 1bh is my favorite :+) )

so here's Day 1- favorite character--ofc it is everyone's favorite, our fellow memelord, Nanashi hahahaha

i liked the character designs for both past and future Nanashis so here they are :+) i was debating whether or not to draw Mikado instead of future!Nanashi just to screw with everyone's heads but...i really wanted to draw this version of future Nanashi lmaooo)....and sorry for uploading this twice, the image was broken the first time rip

idk if anyone who sees this wants to do the challenge, but the original tumblr post vanished, so here is a reposted version-…
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