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Our hearts sing less


See the process here: [link] <3

lust [luhst]:
1.intense sexual desire or appetite.
2. a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for): a lust for power.
3. ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish: an enviable lust for life.

I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to show lust by two horses snuggling lovingly, and definitely not by showing them breeding ahaha--so this is what I came up with..a horse wanting nothing in the world but to meet his lover in the sky, willing to try and lust can make us do some crazy things to relieve our desires

I put a lot into this, so enjoy. :heart:

Entry for *peachesrox' Round 2 equine contest.

STOCK (C)...

Horse: [link] ~Deirdre-T | Horse II (pegasus): [link] ~cavallostock | Background: [link] *AlaskaStock | Wings: [link] *solarka-stock | Branches: [link] ~Stock-by-Kai

White feather I (right): [link] ~Arctic-Stock | White feather II (left): [link] ~tash11-stock | White feather III (falling): [link] ~Comacold-stock | Albino peacock feather: [link] ~ED-resources | Black feather (left): [link] ~mmp-stock | Polkadot feathers (right): [link] *Sammykaye1sStamps | Brown striped feather (right): [link] ~AlphaONE666

Water splash brushes: [link] *FrostBo | Bird brushes: [link] ~thiselectricheart

All else painted by ~mockingale
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this is just heartbreaking.
in a good way, of course. c:
such an original concept. :heart:
mockingale's avatar
Thankyou so much! c":
LenoreTenebrae's avatar
This is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite pieces I've seen on DeviantArt!
mockingale's avatar
That means soo much thank you! :heart: :love:
larkflyre's avatar
Such an amazingly powerful and emotional piece :heart:
I love love luuufs luuuuuuuuvveees it so much! Amazing work!
mockingale's avatar
I'm glad the emotion showed :heart:
Thank you! c:
bailuu's avatar
galegalegalegale... OHMYGOSH. this is just.. this.. eh... aah.... gaah... this.. D: IT'SSOAMAZINGLYGORGEOUSANDGODDAMNED.... :faint: The emotion.. and the concept.. and the execution.. and.. the... I'm speechless. i give up O.o
mockingale's avatar
lfasdjklajsk Thankyouuuu! Q U Q :heart: And nooo don't give up ;n; I lovies your art <3
bailuu's avatar
pssh, i meant i give up trying to explain it ;) you're welcome galee<3
mockingale's avatar
amarante-designs's avatar
You're welcome! :D I'm trying out your mane tutorial in a manip that I'm working on right now so hopefully it'll look at least a litte professional lol.
mockingale's avatar
Haha good luck! I'm sure it'll be great! <3 :nod:
amarante-designs's avatar
Thanks! Do you want me to credit your tutorial? :heart:
mockingale's avatar
You don't have to. C: The only things I would want are the links back to see what people do haha :meow:
amarante-designs's avatar
Oh okay. I will post a link later after I upload it. :heart:
HorsemensWhiskey's avatar
Tru;y fantastic!!! *.*
I respect your versitle style and only wish you would see more of it from horse artist then being predictable in a sense.
That and thats why I love the fantasy world a bit more.

I have to say though lust is not an animals nature, thats more towards people for animals may be in heat but their will is that of procreation while we, as humans care not for it,(in the world of lust that is) only to self satisiy our selfish intentions. (weather people to beleive it true or not)

But its many things why I love and apprciate animals vs people..(I am a closet perve but I'm only human of course :D)
But I should say human men should be jealous of the stallion because he can have all the mares he wants but thats horse nature, heheh!
mockingale's avatar
Wow thankyou so much! <3 Yes I prefer the fantasy world as well; while I love the photorealistic style in equine photomanipulation, I also love the unique, impossible concepts in the fantasy style...sometimes it's more fun to do that than trying to replicate a picture, but that's just me! Cx

I completely get where you're coming from! We humans are selfish beings, it's a fact haha!

Thanks for the comment :heart:
Abarrelhorsegirl's avatar
Wow.... This is just... Wow!
mockingale's avatar
WWotS's avatar
Oh my gosh. This is simply an amazing concept. I love how the 'wings' are done. It's just. Wow. So sad. But so wonderful. :heart:
mockingale's avatar
Thankyou very very much! :heart:
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