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FoH Karan application ([Out dated])

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Woo my girl is now proclass



Date of Birth: August 6th

Height: 5'0'' ft 

Weight: 110lbs

Gender: female

Race: Hylian


Race Skills: 
[] Loyalty
[] Dedication  
[] Ball and chain
[] mirror shield
[] Judgement day

Class Skills: 
[x] Herbalogy        
[x] Friends with Benefits
[x] Tough love    
[x] Blessing
[x] Invisible Hand

Proclass skills:
[x] Laced -> Bow   
[x] Bottles
[x] Yang


-Helping people
-animals (Especially keatons, recently)
-solving puzzles
-feeling smart

-failing a healing spell
-being annoyed.

Personality: She is caring when it comes to people. But she is also a bit shy, or at least awkward towards flirts. Of course if she ever understands them. Even though she likes solving puzzles and feeling smart, she is not the brightest person on earth. She is clumsy and tends to fall down trees often. But she doesn't like getting in trouble much. Sadly she can't avoid fate and trouble seems to find her everywhere. And lately she is afraid of undead. After meeting Kravok in person, she dedicated herself to helping resistance to save Hyrule and becoming somewhat ambitious about it and trying to overcome her habit of mocking herself.

Past: Karan's past is nothing to bother about, at least she says so. She lived with her father and two young baby brothers in a small village at eastern parts of Hyrule. She would help him with his potions thus she learned about most of the weeds and to brew them into potions. She slowly discovered her powers while helping people who got sick. Her mother had died while giving birth to her twin brothers, girl herself was both a mother and older sister for the twins. One day they both fell ill and due to false treatment of the girl, the older and stronger twin lost his life when he was only ten years old, this was when she began losing her confidence with time. During that time Ganondorf was ruling Hyrule and hero was still alive as well. Hearin neighbor villages were raided, burnt and even massacred the unesiness inside the girl grew just as her self-consiousness did too.

Fall of Hyrule: In two years she fleed from the very village she spent sixteen years of her life. Girl would pointlessly wander around, just for the sake of remaining alive. She once saw ruins from her village from afar and all she could find was her mother's necklace. After that hylian felt guilty but decided to not repeat the same mistakes. Wandering to the lake Hylia, she met an injured keaton named Jung there and he lended girl his dagger. With time girl met with many people, befriended them 

Most recent: After aiding resistance resistance in various quests, a group formed between Jerial, Karan, Vanda and Jung (forcing Alei as well) to find a cure for the ill gerudo. Later on Somniaya, Ceri and Fiyero joined as well. Now that Jung had gone absent and resistance has to move faster to defeat Kravok the small group moved from EldinsGate to the resistance camp, aiding the resistance as well. There girl practises her archery to be more active during fights.

Other information

  • She does carry poisonous plants and such, beware.
  • Her necklace is what is most precious to her, left from her mother.
  • She secretly is obsessive towards children.
  • She has heterochromia
  • Is narcoleptic

:new: Relationships: (Will be updated later meh)

Ada: She only met her twice so far but already thinks she is a good person. 

Kiara: Both Kiara and Karan met in a town. Kiara played ''spooky'' tricks on her once and scared her every inch but she is a kind girl.

Fang: He is one of her favorite puppies and values him already.

Kida: Being Fang's mama, she values her too and loves to pet her. She certainly didn't know Kida could turn into a human too... 

Marci: At first, she thought Marci was a bit odd. But the more she got to know her, the more she liked her. She thinks Marci is a funny and cheerful person even though she can get angry quick. Nonetheless though, she really loves Marci as a friend and won't let her down :3

Somniaya: Polite and kind twilit priestess. They have met several times and Karan already sees her as a friend. 

Rheyker: The sentinel that seemed like a cold person at first. But for sure, she is fully aware of the fact that he is not that cold as she thought of him to be. There are no cold blood or bad relationship between too. They get along really well, maybe used to since  she is kind of... Well what he told about Jai just broke her. Imagine if she learnt he foxnapped the keaton too omg

Jung: Probably the first person she met in Hyrule. He had lend her his dagger too and sometimes his behaviors scare her but she is kind of used to it now. She can't really understand what is in his mind but she does know that he actually cares about people around him. She would be more than willing to assist him and the rest to find a cure for Vanda's illness.

Jerial: They have a cute friendship. He taught her a few things that might be useful in the future. For an example, she can float above the water's surface even for a while now. Nonetheless, they have a strange friendship and people tend to find it adorable its just in OOC tho, oh well.

Kahili: This rito girl is very dear to Karan, she is very kind and cute. She also tries to be friendly with everyone. Even though it sometimes takes time for Kahili to understand things... She is one of a few she can fully trust to.

Riku: Pink moblin girl that she misunderstood when they first met. But it was quick for both to fix the misunderstanding. She also explained Karan the reason why boys would fight and persuaded her not to separate them while they fight.

Slate: Some nice guy that saved her from drowning. And he seems to be very determined about beating up Phoenix.

Phoenix: Seems like Kahili knows this rito very well. She still feels guilty for her behavior against him.

Ame: That one poe that constantly causes Karan to scream and even caused her to faint once. But she seems like no harm.

Wielda: That bokoblin...Probably only being that Karan wants to kill... Even though their argument was solved, she feels insulted around her and will insult the bokoblin whenever she has the chance.

Daichi: The friendy keaton she met during the resistance feast that ended up as a fiasco. He also warned her about the taste of alcohol.

Ceri: At first she thought she was a small monster and ran away screaming. But turned out to be the sweetest thing she encountered so far. She kind of heard about the picori as a child but never thought she'd meet one. And she has a sweet tiny voice too.

Vanda: Karan is sure -even though she did not see anything clearly - that Vanda caused bees to get furious during the feast. After their meeting in Healers' arms Inn, Karan too wants to help her but she doesn't know how.

Alei: A fellow healer she actually doesn't know much about. But they are important to both Jung and Marci for different reasons.

Fiyero: New goron guy who almost died?

Rp method: Skype is prefered, notes but slow replies, chat only quests.
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This girl and Alfeera need to be frands ASAP
They can cuddle aminals together. <3
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Yaaaaas Deadpool icon 

She would like more friends hehehe And I should make a tracker for her as well
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--pushes Alfeera and Karan together--
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//grabby handssss
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Alfeera: //boob hugs Karan// QuQ
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We should rp sometime! P.S dont worry, I'm slow on replies too! xD
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Anytime! now want a note?
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Must rp--
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congrats on going pro!
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yay thanks~ 
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senin bütün bu karakterler elf mi
bi tanıyamadım senin u oclsrı dfnjn
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Bi de tilki var asd ortaya karışık
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kısa ve öz anlatsana
madem arkadaşız biliyim
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şimdi bu kız elf, hani kalanı resmin altında yazıyo,
Rao tilki/ruh melezi, ikisininde iyi yanlarını almış
Rosebelle şeytan, tam bir formu yok resimdekinde takılıyo
Nariko İnsan ama cadı, küçük bi kız gibi görünüyo (15 işte hasdahs)
Caroline (link yok dhs) yarı ejder/elf ama elf olmaya daha yatkın ama onların büyü yeteneğinden de yoksun ama refleksleri ve duyuları normal elften gelişkin

Birde mangamda var bir sürü zamanla çıkacak olan karakterler. Ondanda bahsedem mi BD

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Sen hepsini anlat da niyeyse benim kafa basmıo
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tamam hangisinden başlayayım
baş karakter?

ama diğerleri spoiler asdjk
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Bilmiom 😂 dmdmdmsmdkeödöd
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bende ahsjdö tamam o zaman kura çekiyim mi?
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selam fıstık bu saatten sonra benimsin
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-tackle snuggles Karan-
Look at this cutieeeee This update is amazing Moonie ;v;
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Karan: ;v;

hhhh tysm Sky x3
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Pfffft, Ceri the "small monster" xD
Lovely update, Moonie!
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Tysm Cookie =3
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