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summertime [dte]

the winner is MegEat!! proof:  Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 7.30.53 PM by mochike
congrats <3

hello everyone!! so i made this really simple design last night with the intention of it being a dta, so here it is! i've listed some possible concepts in the ref but you don't have to follow them, ofc c:
she's a bunny, btw, and no tying her ears like that doesn't hurt for her! don't ask me why or how, bc i don't know either lol.
i might doodle her a bit more bc i like her design actually haha

- no nsfw pieces of her, suggestive is fine but no like blatant nudity you know?
- please don't resell this design! you may trade her or gift her, though.
- to the winner: if you keep track of your characters' values, her value must start at 0$, as this is a FREE raffle and the other art from the raffle entries will be considered gift art!
- if you don't feel comfortable with the winner receiving your art for her, please state so when submitting your entry!

what can you change?
- gender: would strongly prefer she stays female for consistency, but if you really want, you can change that!
- clothing: jacket is optional for sure, you can add clothing/accessories. you can also swap out her shorts for something else!
- hairstyle: as long as it remains long and the colours stay the same, do whatever you want with her hair!

how to enter
- draw a piece of her! it has to have reasonable effort put into it, sketches are fine as long as they aren't super super rough and have colour!
- you may draw up to 3 pieces, each will earn you one entry into the raffle!
- advertising this through a poll/journal/status will earn you an extra entry.

ends june 30, good luck everyone! everyone will be assigned (a) ticket number(s), and the winner will be rolled through a random number generator!


like my art? consider donating to me or commissioning me!

ko-fi / commissions

want to see more art from me? check out the rest of my gallery or my tumblr!

gallery / tumblr

all rights reserved

please do not trace, edit, copy, steal, resell, redistribute or otherwise use my artwork unless given explicit permission! commissioners may repost and use their commissions with credit.

thank you!

c) mochike

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Congratulations! I don't want my art to be given to the winner.
MegEat's avatar
sorry i just saw this i will remove ur art from her toyhouse!
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FrappeKitsu's avatar
AHK, WHat a qt!! Entering !! <33 I love your designs <33
mochike's avatar
!! thank you, super flattered to hear that ;0; <333
FrappeKitsu's avatar
it's no problem, mochike!! I love her so much ajuashidh;a
It would be so much fun to draw her!! I will start tomorrow!! <3
she is so cute agygsulagias
neonglitzz's avatar
She’s really adorable! Definitely entering. ^.^
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glad you think so!! <33
dreamingamethyst's avatar
She's so cute!!! I need to enter!
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thank you!! i hope you do :'D
SnowyBlossoms's avatar
she's adorable!! ill def try to enter! <33
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ahh i'm glad you think so! i'm excited to see <3
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omg shes so cute i---
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jflaskj thank you ;;;
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submit your entries here! please edit your comment if adding new entries.
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These were done weeks apart but h 
1) Untitled209 by PartyCascade
2) Untitled254-1 by PartyCascade

Journal: Cute dte!
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oo how cute!!! your numbers are 16, 17, and 18!! thanks for entering and good luck <3
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I had to try, she's stunning!
here's my entry <3
[DTE] Summer bae by PeachyDi
mochike's avatar
your numbers are 14 and 15, i love that piece so much!!! the anatomy is so good ;o;
mochike's avatar
your numbers are 10, 11, 12, and 13!! those are so adorable <3
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