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By MochiFries

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EDIT 7-3-15:  Oh my god, this is literally the worst thing I've written in my entire life. I wrote this when I was 14, and I'm 18 now. Kill me.




EDIT 11-23-12: I HATE THIS. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. It's OLD, It's SUCKY, and I WANT TO KILL IT. But, I won't. Just to remind myself that I can't write Creepypastas for shit.


Asjkl. This is my first Creepypasta.

Sorry that it sucks.

And sorry for not replying to comments...

I didn't really do any spellcheck.

...Maybe I should draw a picture of insane Noodle...
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boringguyseth's avatar
i like this story.
opalcat2004's avatar
I owe so much to this story,,,,I made my DA account to comment on this! Not to mention on my favorite Nintendogs cartridge I have a doggo named Noodle!!
mailie5's avatar
Wow your story was creepy as hell. 10/10
Kittyann325's avatar
Oh gosh. I have the game...haven't played it in a long time either....*gulp*
DaGamingLama's avatar
*stares at the name* yeah no id like to keep one of my child hood memories pure
PonyFNaFKittyPainter's avatar

sugarygalaxy's avatar
Dunno why, but I burst out laughing at the "Oh no. Another dog." part. It sounds so monotonous omg OMG MOAR POEMS! 
KodiaStar's avatar
Call me a baby, but this was scary as FRICK
Never getting that frickin game
Starpelt-chatlands's avatar
Man, this is actually really good!
It creeped me out a bit .3.
OpaIescent's avatar
YOU wrote this?!?!
FreeingMyCreativity's avatar
I've read this before somewhere....
wait- It was a narrated version- damn
TMNTandSakuralover12's avatar

This isn't too bad, considering you wrote it at 14, but it gives me the creeps.
Sweaterkitty-Studios's avatar
 I never knew you wrote this, I really liked this pasta when I was first getting into Creepypasta a few years back!
fnafsfoxythefox's avatar
oh my god… your pasta is a video :D also when i hear Draco I think harry potter
chicafazchickenplz's avatar
This kinda scary
but if it were a true story then..
PonyFNaFKittyPainter's avatar
So, technically Pou with a twist on DSi???

Also I cried at the ''The bones and body parts were parts of Draco and Shelly.''

What made me cry was Draco the German Shepherd. I own a German Shepherd, 11 years old, weak, but very close to me. 

K I'll go get some Nintendogs.
wingblackpaw's avatar
i like it, not as creepy as usual creepypastas but i like it
The-Golden-Suit's avatar
TheRainbowController's avatar
This is actualy good and original so i have no mean comments to leave here xD
OliveWriter's avatar
Are you kidding me this is going to give me nIGHTMARES.
This is the reason I'm afraid of games like this. The dogs look sweet and innocent but give them the chance and tHEY WILL BETRAY YOU.
I actually thought this was a pretty good creepypasta. The door locking didn't make much sense, but the rest genuinely gave me chills. Well done. ^^
dameyyoureastar's avatar
Idk i thought ot was good...
tanklorge's avatar
its seems like that Pikachu doll creepypasta with dogs its ok koili… its a reveiw that says the creepypasta isnt that bad and pretty well written
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