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mochibirb has started a donation pool!
852 / 1,200
:> all donations are appreciated! Aiming to get core :3

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randomedit: does any1 game here bc I do play FoodFantasy and CrashFever q often

I......have revived......from the dead......(notrlly but almost)

LIFE UPDATE: I've got huge nat. exams over the next 3 weeks but I'm lurking arnd DA for awhile bc I'm excited!! To return!! :>

ahah I wonder how many of my watchers r still active..? :0 
I know many artists out there use Instagram/Twitter but hmmm I rlly wonder whether it's a good idea...Q a lot of my friends quit DA/drawing altogether but... welp guess I'm staying here till I get PayPal?

Are there other art-based platforms like DA but w more active ppl? (where did everyone gooooo)

anyways I think I'm gonna make a few changes arnd here like starting now: ALL commision payment is to be made AFTER I complete it. I realise I have muchhh to improve on: speed, skills, self-ads(lol) and ofc SELF-DISCIPLINE bc I feel like I take too longg for each artwork and expect too much improvement when 1)lots of time has passed 2) 3)

Don't worry I won't be forcing myself too much,, just hoping that I'll PUSH myself forward a lil more and avoid letting my commissioners wait for too long;; gotta be more responsible .w.

Look forward to more updates!!! I definitely still need to squeeze in time for early studies (starting next yr I'll be in!! junior college yay!!!) but yknoww,, I want more life-study-art balance, instead of only being able to work on art during nov-dec hols. I'll space stuff out hopefully
TO COMMISSIONERS: Payment is now to be made AFTER I've finished!! (I trust yall more than myself lol) 
((((@ commissioners w VV LONG OVERDUE artwork bc me!!
u don't need to pay!! I've decided to make ur commish completely free so don't worry, I'll complete them soon enough))))

TO WATCHERS IN GENERAL: //wow yall r still here?? yAY// uHH look forward to more stuff!! I'll be back soon :>
little pastel house emoji:hellothere: Wiggly text - Welcome :hellothere:little pastel house emoji
Undertale SOUL - Pink (Fanmade) (Not mine)light pink heart Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!~~~ light pink heartUndertale SOUL - Pink (Fanmade) (Not mine) 

Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  Icon Yurika Todo - Aikatsu  [ #28 ] FANGIRLING *SQUEEE* 

Cherry-Blossom--s   light cherry blossoms c green light cherry blossoms c green light cherry blossoms c green light cherry blossoms c green light cherry blossoms c green light cherry blossoms c greenlight cherry blossoms c green Cherry-Blossom--s 

Pink points Pot !!! I CAN ONLY ACCEPT POINTS !!! Pink points Pot

:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom:  



light cherry blossom  Status Pink Open tick by DiegoVainilla Coloured Headshot: min. 50Blush Points 

[OC] Imi (messy doodle - headshot) by mochibirb [G] Rune - Messy Headshot Doodle by mochibirb
light cherry blossom  Status Pink Open tick by DiegoVainilla Coloured Bustshot: min. 70Blush Points 

a random miku by mochibirb Marry Kozakura (Kagepro) by mochibirb Kagerou Project - Ene by mochibirb

light cherry blossom  Status Pink Open tick by DiegoVainilla Coloured Smol Chibi: min. 150
Blush Points

{no sample yet sry}
New light cherry blossom  Status Pink Open tick by DiegoVainilla Coloured Halfbody: min. 100Hot Pink points  

x Status Pink Closed Fullbody: min. 200Hot Pink points

Ribbon [2] Exclamation!! Pls pay AFTER I've COMPLETED the Comm using donation widget !!Exclamation Ribbon [2] 

light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green light cherry blossoms d green  
[The prices up there ^ are the min. prices you NEED to pay at the very leaaaast. O3o]
!!! But you CAN pay more if you want (and I'll prob put in more effort/make it less messy etcetc. hoho)

light cherry blossoms a F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon Lily Thank you F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon  light cherry blossoms b  
:cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom: :cherryblossom:  :cherryblossom: 
Arrow left Pls be reminded that: Arrow rightDotpict Icon
:cherryblossompetals:  My style CHANGES over time.  Wiggly text - Sorry  (I need to prac more qWq pLUS my art can get rlly messy)
pink group Always refer to my gallery for more recent examples! :>
cherry blossom Make sure ur refs/designs are CLEAR and COLOURED.
cherry blossom WiPs/sketches are only provided upon request. (and here's where u can ask me to make changes to the sketch)  LazyIcon - polite confusion
cherry blossom COMMUNICATE when in doubt (be specific)[i]: potted sprout pixel  Shrugs 
cherry blossom 50% refund is given if you CANCEL the comm AFTER I start  (and ofc 100% if I haven't started at all)
cherry blossom NO refunds will be made once I FINISH the Comm if you cancel/want me to make sudden major changes to the artwork (tho small changes may be ok!)
LazyIcon kawaii Angry  

TO SEE MY  to-do list: pink by themaunster...


Click HERE ---> \(oWo)/
Blinky Eyes 

~ Check it for progress updates on ur Comm  ~

(if u don't see ur username added to my to-do list after I've confirmed ur comm, pls send me a note!!)

Again, thank you so much for reading all the way here~  <3

  FAV  Studio Ghibli gif  the tale of princess kaguya  School Rumble - Tenma Happy Spin by TaiyoEmotes FAV
Question Mark by Drawn-Mario If you have any queries, feel free to just ask me! (*>ω・)ノ  Question Mark by Drawn-Mario
(a quick shoutout for my friends who have been supporting & encouraging as we all struggle on the path towards improvement >~< Thank y'all so muchh, let's all work hard tgt n succeed hehe)

(also she recently did a shoutout for me too haha)
she's rlly humble, kind to everyone and also #watercolourgoalz tbh 
she has motivated me alot to work harder, faster and have a lil more pride in my work >w< 
+ she inspired me to try out trad art~
(at the end of the year I'll be trying out watercolour painting for the first time ever so look forward to that!)
<da:thumb id="684224350"/><da:thumb id="696912802"/>
^^^her comms and adopts are super cheeep and aes too, so do check her and her art too!^^^

she's pretty new here but wow she's getting the hang of stuff rlly fast??
I'm amazed xDD her comms and adopts are open so do support her and her work~
commissions bell 
Commissions will probably always be open, but if you see theres a lot of people on the to do list do expect to wait quite a while before your commission gets done (^◇^; )
x No NSFW/mecha
tick Slight gore is ok i guess?
tick Greatly prefers to draw anime-style characters
tick Pay once I've agreed to do the commission!
x Please do not ask "can I commission you?", I do not know if I will decline your commission if I don't even know what character you want me to draw!
Thank you!! by origamiis Adopt #1 - Set price by origamiis
I rlly luv her pastel art~~ and her adopt designs are amazing!

she's so sweet and caring and she's also one of my first frens on the internet??
her old (now side!) acc is SehiaSwirl 
Stress Reliever by Pigono<da:thumb id="687072400"/>
ahhh it's so fun w fangirling or just randomly chatting w her from time to time even tho we r from diff timezones xDDD

As a lost, confused, passion-driven self-taught art hobbyist, they've given me confidence and motivation to practice lots, learn more in-depth and deepen my love for art-ing :> I'm truly grateful for these peeps for helping sustain my love for art, their works are definitely worth checking out <33 Thank youu!!!! :>


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