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*Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen

By mochatchi

You can put it on your profile/journal for decoration by just copying and pasting the thumb code, which is : thumb620221598 : (no spaces)


You can use it as an emoticon (Click "Add Media" and type in "Pusheen" or "Mochatchi")


You can use it for your avatar. :) (Smile)

If you want to use it for your avatar, please credit me somewhere on your profile/signature ^^
    Ex: "Icon by : devmochatchi :" (no spaces)

Others from the squad o3o
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© 2016 - 2021 mochatchi
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OMG I love this!!
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did u make applejack
mochatchi's avatar
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ok, just wondering. ^w^
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these are so cute !!!
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Tbh i fuckin hate rainbowdash but where can i find more of these gifs?
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OMG CUTE! Works perfectly for emotes! *Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen 
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Wah, this is sooo cuute! :iconiloveyouplz:
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These icons are so cute! I might end up using them all cx
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Me and my cousins just call this "potato dash."
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Haha! xD I think I would like rainbow potatoes o:
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OMG I love these! *Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen Wiggly text - Hello 
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Perfect :3 a Dashie :3 *Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen 
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