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*Free Icon/Emote* Fancy Pusheen

By mochatchi
You can put it on your profile/journal for decoration by just copying and pasting the thumb code, which is : thumb515187234 : (no spaces)


You can use it as an emoticon (Click "Add Media" and type in "Pusheen" or "Mochatchi")


You can use it for your avatar. :) (Smile)

If you want to use it for your avatar, please credit me somewhere on your profile/signature ^^
    Ex: "Icon by : devmochatchi :" (no spaces) 
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Do you like pixeling? Join my contest!


There will be two sections for this contest, so there will be prizes for both
Your task is to make either a pixel icon or a pixel pagedoll of any of my OCs
All of my OCs are found here You can draw any of them, but the ones in folders on the left side are my main ones ^^
Deadline for both contests: 6/29/15
Make a pixel icon (resolution of 50x50 and size below 15 kb) of any of my OCs.
1st place:
-1 month premie (or 396 :points:)
-An icon (simple animation) from me (Choose below)
  Style 4
  Style 2
  Style 1
  New S

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© 2015 - 2021 mochatchi
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ZcooFang's avatar
May I use this as my discord avatar?
mochatchi's avatar
If you do, please give credit! (For example, link back to this page or put my username somewhere)
ZcooFang's avatar
Alright! Thank you very much!
dippndotts's avatar
these r so cute ♡
SodaCreamPuff's avatar
Dude fck yeah pusheen cat
PixelMelli's avatar
Thanks, I am using it and will credit you!~
DantaSparda's avatar
TheBlueHowlers's avatar
using as my profile picture :D
Moonspirit13's avatar
Ermahgerd so kawaii <3
Frarwen's avatar
This is so cute! ** I'm using it! :D
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