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MSpaint Pixel Tutorial

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I was reeeeally bored, so I figured I would make a short tutorial about how I do my pixel art, since I have been asked so many times.

I use MSpaint for all of my pixel pieces. The only thing I use photoshop for is to make the backgrounds transparent.

Happy pixelling!

My Website: [link]
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inside-our-mindHobbyist Digital Artist
That pixel trick is really amazing! That explains why I see it all the time on pokemon sprites xD
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you know that you dont have to use photoshop to transparent your pixles,theres a website where you can do that for free and it is safe
and here is the tutorial in how to do it in there…
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hey-its-parappaHobbyist General Artist
just use
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actually that page isnt good enough. the quality is low 
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AzakiShimoHobbyist Artist
I love cheesecake
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This is really helpful ^^ Thanks for posting it! Though I do have to say, the paitence this takes amazes me XD; I've been sitting at my computer working on the same picture for over a few hours, and I'm not even done with the hair and ears yet (I haven't started the rest OTL). ouo I haven't seen much of your art yet, but I do want to look into it ^^ It seems really good so far! *clap clap*
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Mela-LeighHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconsweatdropplz: I'm too lazy to do pixel by pixel... ughhh curse me and my laziness!
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That helped alot.
Pixel art is pretty fun. :)
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xXNamasteHobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, thank you for this tutorial ^^ I have some transparency questions as well, when you create the pixel in MS paint, then transfer it over to photoshop for making the background transparent, I've tried using the wand tool to select and cut the background out, but then when I re size it and save it it always comes out looking blurry and gross. I've been saving them as PNGs. Is there a better way to do this? Thank you!
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Yeah, you have "anti-aliasing" turned on. Turn it off, and you won't have any blurring problems--save as a .gif and enjoy :D
xXNamaste's avatar
xXNamasteHobbyist Digital Artist
oh, awesome! Thank you! I never would have guessed xD
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SweetDarkneszHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your tutorial! It really helped me! This is my first pixel art piece [link] :D
Sorceress-Of-Doom777's avatar
Thank you SO MUCH! I honestly wasn't sur if you could use MS Paint for pixeling (lol I'm such a n00b xD ) Now I wanna do some pixel stuff too :D
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This is going to really helpful to my future pixelling! Thank you so much!
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ZitenshiHobbyist General Artist
Nice tutorial! I should try it someday!! xD lol
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shiine-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome. I always wanted to try making some pixel art. I just never knew how to. :D
Is it easy to use MS Paint in doing this? I'm kind of scared about not being able to work with Layers. ^^;
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It's pretty easy; it just happens to be tedious. You can always use layers in photoshop with this tutorial though.
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shiine-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, thanks! :D I tried this tut and it's really fun to do.
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Glad you liked it!
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Great tutorial!
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thanks so very much i will try that im still very bad i just need practice! ^^
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Poison-StripesHobbyist General Artist
This is very useful! I personally prefer dithering, but seeing it in a new way certainly helps!
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This is very useful, thanks! And a trasparency question if you don't mind me asking. I notticed Photoshop has a checkered background when it is transparent, if you made a checkered background on paint would that do the same thing?
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I've only ever used PS to make things transparent, as there is a lot more in terms of options with compressing and such.
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