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Silver Head Mountain-
Silver Head Mountain Range is a large, ice-capped mountain range, with deathly cold winds, one of the harshest areas on Mobotopia. Not much is known about what is on the mountain ranges as not many people dare venture up into the blizzards and verticle inclines make it impossible to venture far anyway. Many people have gone missing up at Silver Head Mountain.

Temple of Devotion-
A Temple not far from Sakura City. The city folk still to this day hold their diety in high regard, and once a week will send food offerings and the town mayor often comes to the Temple to talk to the deity, always asking for advice to keep the city peaceful, making sure the deity knows of their devotion. It is feared that the deity is not very remorseful, so any signs of not being devoted to the deity will be punished... so say the towns folk. Will that ever happpen?

Sakura City (City) -
The Northen most city on the island of Mobotopia.
Sakura is nested snuggly amongst the Silver Head Mountain range. It is a small city, inspired by rural japan, china and other factors in the far east. The whole of Sakura city is constantly left with a slight blanket of cherry blossoms thanks to the many Cherry trees planted.
The citizens of Sakura city tend to be reserved folk, who do not much care for fighting or bloodshed. The city is light, but cold due to being up in the mountains.

Serene Springs -
Serene Springs is a hot spring resort not far from Sakura City. It is home to a large hotel, revolving around the hot springs, thanks to the volcanic activity of Mt Silver Head. It is a popular resort for couples, or weary adventurers. There is also an old resturant at Serene Springs.

Ruins of Anguish -
The Ruins of Anguish are ruins of an old castle run by the ruler of the north of Mobotopia in the days of old. The ruins are now left a death trap of obstacles, hide-outs, lost treasures and a series of tunnels running underneith the ruins up to Sakura City, and perhaps even many more. There could be plenty of treasures hidden away in the ruins for any brave adventurers to find! It is said that the ruins are also haunted by the soldiers who lost their lives battling to keep the castle from being taken from rivals in the south.

Misery (Town)-
Misery is a miserable town. The folk in Misery really do keep to their location. Nothing can seem to cheer up the folk in misery. I dark cloud constandly looms over the town, and it is said that anyone who stays in Misery for over 3 days will become miserable just like the citizens, so adventurers are to keep away!

Verdant Jungle -
Verdant Jungle is a large lucious jungle at the foot of Mt Silver Head, stretching down towards Mobotopia. The Jungle is full of the most beautiful, and most deadly, plantlife that lives on Mobias. Seedrian tribes live in the jungle and have done for thousands of years.
The Jungle is very thick, very dense, so traveling alone is discouraged.

Plain ol' Pastures
Mobotopia (Capital City)
Bristopolis (City)
Straddleborough (Town)

To be conceptualised by RyanTheRainbow
Crystal Coast
Lilac Cliffs
Enigma Mountains (Mountain Range)
Merrily (Town)
Traipseton (Town)
Peculiar Peak (Peak of Enigma Mountains)
Bucksburg (Casino City)
Hustleton (Town)

To be conceptualised by tom-the-cheetah
Islands of Elements (Air Island, Fire Island, Water Island, Eath Island, Spirit Island)

To be conceptualised by S-A-V-A-N-A  
East Dusty Dunes
Temple of Allegiance
Illumination Swamp
Spoopish (Town)
Blue Blush Mountains
Willowsby (City)


Daunting Desert -

The Daunting Desert is what covers the majority of South Mobotopia. "Daunting" isn't just a name to scare off travelers, getting anywhere in this desert is no easy task. Scorching Soft Sands that can burn the flesh off any creature in seconds, yet soft enough for the best of balance to lose their footing. Ice Cold Nights that demand you find warmth at ANY cost or freeze to death by morning. Neck Breaking Canyons that any Rock Climber would pass up without a second thought, but many hidden treasures for those daring and brave enough to adventure into them. Intimidating as it may be, this land holds many diamonds in the rough just waiting to be seen.

Ruins of Dread
Deep in the Canyon walls of the Daunting Desert lie the Ruins of Dread. Piles of skeletons cover the entrances of these ancient halls, of adventurers that could not survive the climb down. The walls look as if they could crumble at any moment, but stand strong after all these THOUSANDS of years. Many varieties of lifeforms roam these catacombs: Lizards, Rats, Giant Spiders, even species undiscovered. As you get deeper into the belly of these ruins, the more challenging and deadly traps begin to appear: Boulders, Spinning Blades, Death Pits, if it can kill you expect it to be hiding for it's chance to kill you. This adventure into these ruins is all for not, for there are tales of a legendary treasure like no other, that has yet to be obtained by anyone. Or at-least, by anyone who has lived long enough to bring it out of the ruins.

Opal Oasis
The Opal Oasis is a land thought to only been seen in your dreams. Giant Crystals and Gems, surrounding a deep, deep spring that is clear as can be. Many believe to have seen the Oasis, but can never find it again and can only be mocked at by being told, "it was only a mirage." If you are lucky enough to find this Oasis, you can walk away with a fortune that would make any king jealous. Stay too long however, and you may just find yourself becoming one with this mirage of dream jewels.

Fallow (Town)
The Town of Fallow is an Old Western Style town that has very advanced Steam Technology that has helped in their Framing and way of life. Fallow is well known for their Potatoes and Carrots during the cold seasons as well as Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes (Yams) during the warm seasons. The Town doesn't get many visitors, so they welcome travelers with the homiest motels and atmospheric bars that serve their iconic Steam Brews that are worth the trip alone. Open armed as they may be, a terrible group know as "Los Perros del Desierto" try to force their influence on the Town of Fallow along with anyone that dare travel the Daunting Desert. When pushed to far, however, the Town has an Outlaw that watches over them. One that is in and out of a problem before you can even feel the warm air from his presence. "El Fantasma de Vapor..."

South Dusty Dunes
The South Dusty Dunes is the safest place in the Daunting Desert. If you here anyone planing a trip to the desert, they most likely mean here. Once a land almost taken over by one of Eggman's higher-ups as a base of operation, Mobotopians have come in and taken years to change it into an attraction paradise! Anything from Safaris, Sand Boarding, or Night Theme Parks can be found in the Dusty Dunes. Many exports from Fallow come here to help feed the ever growing tourism of the Dunes. It's easy to say, Mobotopians have made the South Dusty Dunes one of the "Hottest" spots in Mobotopia.

Rage Isle

Mt Fury

To be conceptualised by StarMedals
Unity Island
Unity Island Theme Park/Resort
Westdown Ar Y Môr (Town)
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Mobotopia is a small continent on the planet Mobias.
It is a relatively large , surrounded by mountains, well hidden from most of Mobias's mishaps!
The island folk like to keep to themselves and to their cities, venturing out only when adventure could lead them.
Such a peaceful island. What can go wrong?



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:bulletblue: Fan-characters Only
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