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In my Gallery, you will find a large variety of works that I have dipped my hands into. There are sketches, drawings, pixel dolls, pixel bases, poems, lyrics for un-produced songs, stories, a picture, and doll maker created dolls of various characters.
I have a great affection for the female figure, seeing as how almost all of its curves are soft and boggle the mind into a thick fog. The further back you go in my gallery, the worse the work will be... Over my years of art, not all of it on here, I have developed my skills to where I'm mildly satisfied with them.
I hope you enjoy my work, too.

Thank you if you :+fav:ed anything of mine. I really appreciate it! ^^


Beautiful and remarkably intense without being over-bearing. This is so divine and so wonderful. Though, when closer, it seems a bit mo...

These are my Critiques... As if I should be so critical of other peoples' work... Hahahaha.



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A.M. DeNicolo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My current ID. All information is below. ^^

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llama Markers:
100. They who give unto me my fiftieth llama shall receive a doll, work done by myself and thought by them. Perhaps not the most befitting reward, but the only of greatest value I can give.

WARNING! In order for these things to happen, YOU must contact ME! I will give a Llama back, but if you say nothing about the reward, I will do nothing in return. That's just how it is.

Current Residence: Home, which is where I live...
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: None... Eh. Not my favorite type of Art.
Favourite style of art: I like to use MS Paint. Not complicated. ^^
Operating System: I'm a doctor now? ^^
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Shell of choice: Your head...
Wallpaper of choice: Anything dark(Black) or funny
Skin of choice: Tanned
Favourite cartoon character: Cheese (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
Personal Quote: Fuck you, the horse you rode in on, and your little dog too!

Webcam Widget -…


Question 1.1: May I repost your dolls on my Website/Deviantart/Photobucket/etc.?
Answer: Absolutely not. You may LINK to it, but never take it and post it elsewhere unless I made it specifically for you.
~ Addendum: If I create something for you, we both may post it as we please. But only you and I.

Question 1.2: Will you make a doll for me?
Answer: Not likely.

Question 1.3: I have a suggestion-
Answer: No.

:new: Question 1.4: Can I purchase a Doll?
Answer: No.

If you have any Questions or Concerns about DIGITAL/PIXEL DOLLS please do not hesitate to ask.


Question 2.1: May I use your base?
Answer: So long as you Credit (See 5.3), yes.

Question 2.2: May I Frankendoll? (See 2.3)
Answer: If you think you need to, sure. I really do not care. Just remember to follow my rules. (See 2.1)

Question 2.3: What is Frankendolling?
Answer: Frankendolling is when you take a piece from one base and attach it to another base. Some Basemakers find this an insulting and perverse use of their work. I do not. Though, I highly doubt any of my bases will match, shading-wise, to anyone else's base(s).

Question 2.4: May I edit your Base so that I can use it?
Answer: Absolutely. Crediting applies(See 5.3)! If you are Editing to Post, See 2.5!

Question 2.5: May I edit your Base so that I can post it as a Base for others to use?
Answer: Yes. Crediting applies(See 5.3)! ALSO! One of your rules must be to credit MobMotherScitah as well!

Question 2.6: What happens when I or someone else does not Credit you?
Answer: Your deviation will be reported. I will not warn you anymore. My rules are simple and on the Base itself. You have no excuse valid enough to disregard my wishes. If you're old enough to use the Internet, then you are old enough to face such punishments. This is your ONE AND ONLY WARNING.

Question 2.7: What if I don't know how to make a link of your name?
Answer: See 5.1

Question 2.8: Do you take Base Requests?
Answer: Honestly, that all depends on what you want done.

:new: Question 2.9: Can I purchase a Base?
Answer: No.

If you have any Questions or Concerns about DIGITAL/PIXEL DOLL BASES please do not hesitate to ask.


Question 3.1: How does one apply a Skin in game?
Answer: You must have it saved on your computer, first of all. Second, you must have an Account on! Third, there is a tab that says Profile, click it. Look for the CHOOSE SKIN button and press that shit! A window will pop up allowing you to choose your previously made or downloaded Skin. Lastly, hit UPLOAD, which is conveniently right below the CHOOSE SKIN button! Wait a few moments before starting up your game. Simple and easy.

Question 3.2: Is there a specific File Type I should save my Skin as?
Answer: Yes. It must be a PNG(Which is what I use for all of my deviations!)

Question 3.3: May I use your Skin, or any others you have made, MobMotherScitah?
Answer: Of course! ^^

Question 3.4: Can you make me a Skin?
Answer: Eh-heh-heh-heeehhh... No.

Question 3.5: When I saved, my program said it wouldn't save Transparency. Is that going to affect my Skin?
Answer: It didn't mess with mine, so I'm pretty sure it won't mess with yours in game!

Question 3.6: What program did you use to make this Skin?
Answer: One of the newer formats of MSPaint... Can't wait to mess around with the older version of MSPaint and the Skin Template!

Question 3.7: May I post an edit of this?
Answer: I guess. Below is a form you MUST put in your Description...
-- I made this Minecraft Skin from MobMotherScitah's Template! [LINK] --
Then where [LINK] is, copy and paste the address to the specific Skin you used.
NOTE: If you can't be bothered or don't have the time to follow that simple rule, don't post. It's simple and easy.

:new: Question 3.7: Can I purchase a Skin?
Answer: No.

If you have any Questions or Concerns about MINECRAFT.NET SKINS please do not hesitate to ask.


Question 4.1: May I use one or more of your Patterns for a website background?
Answer: Yes.

Question 4.2: Should I Credit you?
Answer: Only if my Pattern was used on an image and not as a website background, yes.

Question 4.3: How can I credit you?
Answer: See 5.3

Question 4.4: Can I edit your Pattern?
Answer: No.

Question 4.5:
May I make a request for a Pattern?
Answer: No.

:new:Question 4.6: Can I purchase a Pattern?
Answer: No.

If you have any Questions or Concerns about PATTERNS please do not hesitate to ask.


Question 5.1: How do I make a link of your name?
Answer: It's a simple task. Type [:] then [dev] with no spaces, then the Username and then another [:]! Hit Preview to check that it works.

Question 5.2: Is Crediting important?
Answer: VERY MUCH SO! Not only is it respectful to the person you are supposed to Credit, it allows other people to see where you received the image/item/Base/Skin and allows them to use it too!

Question 5.3: How do I give Credit?
Answer: Each person who makes things you can use has their own set of rules and it is important to follow them. Generally, they only ask for you to either link to them, or mention them by name. I have a very thorough way of handling Credits. I link not only to the image/item/Base/Skin, I create a Link to their site/username(See 5.1). After I've posted, I will find a way to let them know that I've used their image/item/Base/Skin by posting a link in the Comments or an eMail. I have never linked to someone who did not enjoy seeing my work. It's always flattering when someone does use something you've created.

Question 5.4: Should I report someone to you or the Admins if I believe someone did not follow your rules?
Answer: I would prefer if you report it to me so that I can determine if it's actually my work? Though, you are more than welcome to ring the bell yourself. I appreciate your efforts. ^^
~:new:Addendum: The reporting interface has changed since I wrote this. It is no longer possible for a third party to report stolen property. The owner must issue a Take-Down Claim. So! Send me a link of the theft.

Question 5.5: If I ask a question, will you put it on this list?
Answer: Most likely.

If you have any Questions or Concerns about GENERAL INFORMATION please do not hesitate to ask.


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