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His First Encounter With a Naga...Upsidedown by MobMania45 His First Encounter With a Naga...Upsidedown by MobMania45
This is the first encounter of Chaya and Young Lucas (8 Years Old). Yes, I can't stop making snakes and lucas, and yes I will make a story for this. Not much else to say besides this is just plain adorable. 
The shy boy wandered through the forest as the sun rose up through the thick leaves, covering up the heat the morning will bring. Lucas was completely lost in a place where he had no idea how to find civilization. It might be miles, or even further away. He would have no chance of staying alive at this rate. Alone, dying of thirst, and hungry enough to eat fish raw. He felt his vision blur from another heat stroke, very common for him right now. He set down his bag, pulled out a water bottle, and drank the last of it. He chucked it as hard as he could do the left, and rested under the tree after walking the entire night. 
    Chaya, a very curious Naga, just woke up to the sound of something banging against the cave entrance. She yawned, put on her striped shirt, and went to investigate. There was an empty water bottle at the entrance, rolling in circles with the wind. She turned from left to right to see if it was any of those idiotic hunters again, but heard nothing but the rush of the waterfall. She lifted herself up a tree with her tail, and scanned the forest for any sounds of movemet. "Maybe I'll get a lucky catch, like a rabbit." Chaya said to herself. She moved around her giant blanket of coils around the tree's base, bound to catch anyone trying to walk towards a village or city. The nearest one, if she remembered correctly, was 20 miles away. Then she heard it, the faint sound of someone snoring. It sounded peaceful, but with a hint of distress and a loss of hope. It was a young voice, too. "Maybe he'd be tasty." Chaya thought. But then she reconsidered. She might as well who it was first of all, it might be one of those talking animals again. So she moved all of her giant, deceivingly soft coils, towards the exit to the waterfall. It was the only way out. Through the coils. 
    Lucas woke up in the middle of the day, it felt like it was close to noon. He stood up, rummaged through his bookbag, and found nothing now useful in it. He rubbed his eyes as he walked towards the way out of the flow of the water. He kept rubbing his eyes, not noticing the thick coils infront of him. As Lucas stepped on the coils, he was instantly brought upside down and wrapped snug in the coils. He could not move anything, nor did he want to. He was too tired. The coils were thick, but very soft. He could feel his face sinking into the massive sea of coils encasing his body. He smiled, but got a serious face back on before he was brought to his captor. When he saw a beautfiful Naga, and not a snake, he blushed. She was very cute. Chaya looked at the Lucas, unsure what to do with him. He looked like a child, maybe only 9 or 8. He seemed happy, though. Maybe he thought he was in love? Everyone does. Chaya knew, though, that unlike the others, this was just a child, but he did look stupid upsidedown. She smiled, playing along with Lucas. Lucas stood there, unsure what she would do, as the blood rushed to his head. He was gonna go unconscious soon from the pressure. Chaya knew this, but waited a bit longer for him to get drousy. She stroked his hair with her tail, it was very ragged and smooth. Chaya was only ten, and unlike those others crazy people, the boy actually seemed, okay to hang out with. She saw him start closing him eyes, and turned him over and placed him on the tree while putting three layers of coils around his body, making it like a memory foam matress wrapped up as a blanket. Lucas stood awake, red flaring on his forehead and some showing on his cheeks. Chaya kept playing along, got him some water and food, and put him out in the heat to increase the warmth and comfort of the coils, which will make him fall asleep faster. Lucas stood awake, and tried to move around. He could not. Chaya knew he loved her, so maybe she could do something about this rather than hypnosis. Chaya tightened the coils for the max comfort, slithered up to Lucas, and kissed him. Lucas' blush was out of the roof. And he fell asleep easily, sinking into the coils with lipstick on his lips. He fell asleep smiling. That's the first. Chaya brought him to her little cave and sat him down on the bed. Lucas groaned and went back to sleep. She deciided to keep him alive, only because she liked him, too. 
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