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A Squishy Welcoming by MobMania45 A Squishy Welcoming by MobMania45
I will put a story on here later at the bottom. For now, lets see here... I hate the blue pen i used. It messed up with the black lines and looks like some places arn't seperated and is messed up. I'll probably draw this again, and if I do I will remember not to use the blue pen Nod. Though, it does look like nothing is wrong with it in the photo. I am very satisfied with this otherwise. It took a while to color in the stuff, but now it's done. The snake is my snake OC, but I don't have a name for him. By the time i do the story I'll have one. The boy with glasses snuggly hypnotised in squishy, soft coils is my fav OC (he belongs to me), Lucas Wright. He seemed to met him while escaping another predator. Hopefully, with this snake being related to Kaa, but not as evil, he'll be sleeping peacefully with nothing happening to him. Dang I wanna be him. I think it's an issue, but I have to remember I'm also that guy doing senseless games alot. Everyone has things they like though, I should be shutting up. Going to Universal for me birthday on the 5th, so that should take care of it. Ok this is gonna be a lousy story... Way too early.  
The light shines down through through the open spots of the forest. As he is becoming a traveler, Lucas is pretty much worried about everything around him. Some worse than others. He sat on the forest floor, looking up to the sky. Lucas yawned and ate some of his sandwhich when the sound of another animal could be heard through the bushes. Lucas stood up and hid behind the tree, peeking through a bush next to it. Out came a bloodthirsty wolf, sniffing the bag for leftover food. It slowly turned dark as the sun started setting below the horizon. The wolf never left. Lucas quietly bakced up, when the twigs on his feet broke, bursting him into a run before he was spotted. By now it was pitch black, and he had no idea where he was going. Evantually he stumbled on the root of his tree and was knocked out. No big suprise there. When he slowly opened his eyes, he was wrapped in glowing coils as this new snake seemed to be, healing him? He didn't know, but his headache was gone. When the snake saw him waking up, he slithered to greet him. "Hey there, you feeling alright?" The snake asked. Lucas nodded, he was still drousy after not having any actual sleep for 24 hours now. The snake stopped glowing and felt the boy's tiredness. "Ya have a name? I don't have a name, but I'll let it be Monty, after that group of people over east." Monty said. "That's a cool name, mine's Lucas." Lucas said. His voice started to trail off as he grew more tired. With the sun coming out again, he felt himself sink into the warm, squishy coils. "I can tell this isn't your first time being in this type of situation. Ever heard of Kaa?" Monty asked. "Yeah, is he one of your relatives?" Lucas said. "Well I think he's either like a cousin or something stupid, but I got pulled into his junk. Don't like it. Especially how his mindset is pretty much eat anything with flesh and bones." Monty said. Lucas nodded and shook his head to stay awake. Monty looked at him, and tightened the coils. The snake colored his eyes into a white and blue pattern, like his skin, and started hypnotising Lucas. Lucas was instantly under his control and he eyelids started drooping as he smiled in the squishy coils. Monty took Lucas' glasses of and put them on a branch above him. Then he coiled the rest of Lucas' body and left his face half-visible in a sea of massive, soft coils he sunk into till the boy was no longer visible. "I'll get you when your little glass rectangle thing rings." Monty said. He smiled and watched the boy fall asleep snug in his coils, and then he lowered him on a sturdy branch and plopped on the boy's chest, eating some fruit he found in Lucas' pocket. Lucas slept the entire day and night, and woke up the next morning swinging back and forth, and took the snake with him in his backpack. Monty silently promised to keep him safe and warm, and Lucas was eating a waffle. Way to go, ya nerd. 
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