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Request - Pax Americana

Requested by Dinotrakker.
The American Revolution was the rebellion of nothing more than 13 small and sparsely settled colonies an ocean away from Europe when it took place. Anyone would be forgiven for having no faith in the idea that it would grow to become the behemoth that it has.

Years of war and conflict and expansion. Central America is nothing but puppet states at this point, economically colonized by the dominant power of the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine could only be loosely enforced when it was created, now it's enforced at literal gunpoint. President Roosevelt quite happily kicked the crap out of France when they tried to intervene in Haiti, sending almost all of France's navy to the bottom of the Caribbean, now an American wading pool. Even decades after the Fenian Revolts led to Canada rising up and leaving the British Empire, the United Kingdom is still smarting. Now the Royal Navy guards the few possessions of the Empire left in the Caribbean, still one of the only naval forces capable of challenging the Union Navy.

Not to imply that the rise was linear and/or smooth. War against Mexico was tough enough. The ongoing resistance was even tougher. Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Sonora, Chihuahua, Cahuilla, and Nuevo Leon met the qualifications for statehood years ago. There's too much military investment to just pull out now, and the formerly Mexican citizens and Natives are proving almost impossible to de-bone. Far to the north, meanwhile, Borealia has approximately as many inhabitants across its vast territory as a single block in New York City, and even a gold rush can't keep it or Alaska from qualifying as states any time soon, much less Greenland. At least in the case of the latter two, those were peaceful, purchased from Russia and Denmark respectively at times when both found themselves financially despondent.

The case of many of its Caribbean possessions are relics of a now long-gone era when the United States still considered it legal to own other humans. Purchased or conquered (or both) with the intent of expanding slavery, slavery couldn't expand forever, and soon the Union found itself in a grapple to the death with the Confederation of American States. Their failure to organize a cohesive government and military strategy, overreliance on slave labor that soon rose in rebellion against them, and agrarian economy proved their downfall. Within six years, the Union had firm control over itself again, and Liberia was formally raised to statehood to give the newly-freed Afro-Americans a new homeland (though in some ways, states like Georgia and Louisiana have also become these). In its aftermath, the Union pulled itself closer together, firmly establishing the supremacy of the Federal Government and stating once and for all that all men are created equal, later all men and women.

Now it is an Empire in all but government. They elect leaders, they have no monarchy, they are still formally the "United States of America", but many both at home and abroad call it what it is: the American Empire. From the Arctic Sea to the Sonoran Desert, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Southeast Asia to Greenland, the Americans stand astride the world like a mighty colossus. As much as Europe utterly hates it, the United States is impossible to ignore anymore. They are firmly and truly a Great Power, capital G, capital P, if not the greatest in the world. Strong infrastructure, a booming population, a colossal economy, and perhaps the mightiest military on the planet, rivaling any European power. And the Americans know it. The age of "Splendid Isolation" is over. And now, with the likelihood of a pan-continental European war closer than ever, both of the growing factions are actively courting American favor, knowing that the eagle's fist will ultimately be the deciding factor in who will win...
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How many stars on our flag by the way?

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In this particular thing, 52, while of course being open for further additions. The Philippines alone could make at least three states.

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This is actually a possibility of what could have happen the population would also be massive early due to the need to settle the land so more immigrants who would join the USA. also Canada would still be a name used in products and food like Canadian bacon etc and their might even be a state called Canada. Love using this in fanfiction.

I'd Rather To Be A State of the Democratic United States Than To Be a Province of Communist China

This Is My Reaction When I See Philippines in The Map

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A little odd the Philippines be a state my Dad said it actually would probably remain a territory like it did in real life with the option to join the USA as a state. It usually of course comes down to the people voting to join or if the were annexed.

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Awesome, even if it does mean no Canada.
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Oh wow, I love this map!
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Now this i like. A couple observations:

The use if more Native American names for states is a nice touch, shame they weren't used more in real life.

Also, so was Canada invaded after the left the British Empire, or was joining the US part of the revolts?

Finally, Michigan doesn't get either Toledo OR the Upper Peninsula? angry mitten noises

Very good map, nice job. Thanks for taking my suggestion.

If I remember my history correctly. There was a small portion of people in that Canadian revolts that wanted to join the States. So America stoking that flame of that idea wouldn't be that hard to do.

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It wold make sense plus if the USA leaders make proper descions and planing then they could get Canada it could have happen it would had been if it did. Because then the idiot people in the government today would have a harder time trying to weaken the USA as the economy would be roaring in even the Blue states and the population would be bigger today even harder for the wicked bad people to control the masses. We still ha e problems but due to strong economy early before the 2000s of be impossible to bring the USA down and their be more money in the Us economy and in the and's of people. It wouldnt be perfect no nation is but it be better. And the example of what true civilization can be. Crime and corruption would ever go away truly but Amercia would endure even stronger then ever.

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