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Far more sensible Fallout Commonwealths

I hate the layout of the Commonwealths in the Fallout series. Hate them hate them hate them. Especially since Texas and Arkansas are awkwardly shoved into a commonwealth named specifically for Texas, and in particular, California is split between two commonwealths. Two. How does that even work? California has to work with two commonwealths? What the hell?

Anyways, so here's my own personal reworking of them. The stated intent was to group states that had common regional interests and problems (even though only like 3 of the 13 designed might actually have done that). So here we have a new set of 13 that actually do that:

- The Pacific Commonwealth (which also includes Hawaii and Alaska) consists of all states that border the Pacific Ocean.
- The Great Basin Commonwealth sits mostly around the Colorado River.
- The Rocky Mountain Commonwealth sits along the main crest of the Rocky Mountains.
- The Rio Grande Commonwealth sits along the river of the same name, as well as including the southern Great Plains.
- The Ogallala Commonwealth is mostly concentrated on the Great Plains, taking its name from the reservoir underneath its southern portion.
- The Mississippi Commonwealth is clustered around the river of the same name.
- The Great Lakes Commonwealth is composed of virtually all of the traditional Midwest and most of the "Rust Belt".
- The Appalachia Commonwealth takes its name from the Appalachian Mountains that dominate the eastern portion.
- The Dixie Commonwealth is self-explanatory, being made up of most of the Deep South.
- The Chesapeake Commonwealth is composed of states bordering the central Atlantic coastline.
- The Midatlantic Commonwealth consists of of the Mid-Atlantic states and the central portion of the "Northeast Corridor".
- The New England Commonwealth is also self-explanatory, and just about the only Commonwealth that made any sense on the original map.
- The Columbia Commonwealth is composed solely of the District of Columbia, for Federal purposes.

I hope you like this.
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Excellent take on the Fallout universe. The only thing I'd suggest is expanding the Columbia Commonwealth to include Maryland and Delaware.

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I figured it'd be appropriate to have the Columbia Commonwealth comprise just Washington DC in the same way that the District of Columbia is a separate federal district.

Fair enough. Just thought I'd give my two cents, is all.

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And input is always appreciated.

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There was another artist, whose name escapes me, that did a set of HD flags for the 13 canon Commonwealth. Now that I've seen this I really wanna see a new set of flags lol
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So if Canada is annexed into the U.S., does this mean that Alberta and British Columbia are part of the Rocky Mountain Commonwealth?
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I imagine that BC would become part of the Pacific Commonwealth, while Yukon, the NWT, and Nunavut become the "Arctic Commonwealth", Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan become the "Prairie Commonwealth", while the Maritimes become the "Maritime Commonwealth". This does have problems when it comes to Ontario and Quebec, though. Quebec obviously wouldn't be happy with anything other than being their own commonwealth, but it doesn't make sense to just have a single province/state in a commonwealth all on its own if it isn't Columbia, and then there's Ontario being as huge as it is within Canada and without the ability to fit neatly into any other Canadian commonwealth.
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Wow, that Appalachia one looks really neat. Nice map.
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This looks nicer!
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Agreed; far better borders!
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Fallout Lore says that the Commonwealths only made things a lot more problematic for the US government rather than make it stronger, fostering competition and divisiveness when they were supposed to make things easier. I'm somewhat certain that was because they made no real sense.
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Yup, that would make sense...
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What ever does Ogallala mean?
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It was taken from the name of the Oglala Sioux tribe.
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