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Hey trusty companions, I just made an art blog!

Please come by for a visit some time, I'll do a free sketch for my 1,000,000th visitor :P

you'll find it here:…

Also, let me know if you think anythings missing/could be changed, critiques always encouraged.

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So I made a new reel- here she blows.…
I'm very happy to say I that I am now taking commissions!

If you wish to commission me, I can be reached via email at, or if you are a member of DA, send me a message on my page. I prefer emails, and will disclose my phone number to clients for business purposes only.

By commissioning me, you agree to the below terms,

Please Note

I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.

I specialize in character, creature, and landscape design. If a client is interested in a particular style/design, please specify what kind and supply reference images with inquiries.

Clients should make inquiries as specific as possible.

Client Responsibility

Before I agree to a project, I require the following information of my client:

Email address: I must have a client's email before proceeding.

Age: If the client is under 18, he/she must supply contact information for parents or guardian. (I have the right to contact parents/guardian of an under-aged client to ensure that their child is able to pay for the commission.)

I will not share client contact information.

Copyright Information

Creatures/Characters in commissions are copyright (c) Brett MacDonald, unless the character already belongs to client and I have permission to reproduce it.

If the image will be used for commercial purposes, this must be discussed during the inquiry phase of the commission, and this may change the price of the piece.

You must have my consent before replicating a commission. (The purpose of the commission will be discussed during the inquiry process.)

Payment Methods

All prices are in Canadian dollars. If client currency is foreign, send the correct amount equal to the listed Canadian price.

All listed prices are base prices and are subject to change, depending on complexity.

I require 1/2 the total price be paid up front, and the second 1/2 after completion. (I will not go beyond the preliminary/concept stage of a commission until the 1/2-up-front fee is paid.)

I will not ship the original image (traditional) or hand over the full-sized image (digital) until I receive full payment.

I accept paypal only at this point in time


Inquiry Details

Inquiries Should (at least) Include:

If you are commissioning me to do a persona/character, please include the following with your request:
-Character's Name
-Color Palette (if color commission)
-Gender (if a distinguishing trait)
-Basic Description
-Back-story (if it affects the look of the piece)
-Reference Images (if any)
-Whether or not you want me to design a new outfit for them (and if so, what era/style, supply reference images if possible). Please note that complex costumes (as in intricate/extremely detailed) may push a "basic" character into an "extreme" character in terms of pricing.

If you are requesting a creature, please describe what animal(s) it is based off of, if any. Supply reference images.

If Commissioning a landscape or scene, please include the following with your request:
-indoor or outdoor
-number of characters in the scene
-type of landscape if outdoor (eg. cityscape, mountains, underwater...)
-description of the piece, as in depth as necessary.
-reference (if any)

Commission Pricing

I prefer to start images with a paper and pencil sketch, I then scan the image into photoshop where I clean up the lines to prepare the piece for inking/shading (if requested).
Digital images are created through use of Adobe Photoshop CS2.

-Character/Creature Sketch: $25

-Basic Character/Creature: $50
-Extreme Character/Creature: $150

-Basic Character/Creature: $125
-Extreme Character/Creature: $225
-Basic Character/Creature: $200
-Extreme Character/Creature: $300

-Multiple Basic Characters - Color/No Background: $225
-Multiple Basic Characters - Color & Background: $325
-Multiple Extreme Characters - Color/No Background: $350
-Multiple Extreme Characters - Color & Background: $450

Clients will receive all files for digital commissions after full payment is made.

The client is responsible for the cost of printing their commission.

Thanks, for reading, now give me something to draw! :P
Finally got my paypal account worked out and now I'm in buisness! I'll work dirt cheap on comish's to start off and get some professional work under my portfolio.

email me at to discuss prices. I hope this all works out :)
So if i was to start doing prints do ya think I'd get much buisness? I'd draw anything for you... ANYTHING!
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so how do I get more pageviews? I hate to complain but my page activity seems to be slowing down and the last 3 pictures I've uploaded have recieved no attention.  Basically what I'm asking is, how do I whore myself out on this site? Shame and dignity are not an issue!
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Goddamn I hate twilight...
If all the ancient races of warriors had a giant epic battle on the plains of Mongolia, which civilization would come out on top?
Some examples would be: vikings, samurai, ninja, spartans, Egyptians, mongols, pirates, Knights, gypsies, mayans, aztecs, Conquistadors, Persians, ect. Feel free to add any I missed.

The climate and terrain of the battle are not a factor, all factions can fight at full strength.

Faction is only valid if it is before the age of gunpowder ie: guns.

Feel free to point out advantages that a race may have too.
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Comments kick ass, leave comments for great win!
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I hope you all like cyborg demon robots because dominance war is fast approaching. I've been busting my ass in zbrush (possibly the coolest program ever made) and am just about done my final sculpt for my entry. Not like I have any hopes of winning but what the hell, I'll give it a go , plus I've never done any online comps or anything like this before.

Time to say goodbye to the back-of-the-class highschool slacker artist and take the next step to becoming.... A DOMINANCE WARRIOR!!!

Stay tuned for my pseudo-demon-mecha-hybrid death machine... don't worry, he's friendly.
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I have made my transition to my new account quite swimmingly. Wow that was a pain in the ass just to change a user name!