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Good ol' octopus-head doing what he does best.

Here's a link to the new inproved version [link]
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Cthulhu, why choose the lesser evil? 
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Armageddon for me, please ;)
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Hello. I want to use this image in a free ebook for RPG.
Is it possible? How can I buy it?
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This is really beautiful. Really, just stunning.
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The lord of madness has come...
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After spending hours looking at Cutethulhu, I think I just felt my sanity shatter a little
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Ya, he'll do that...
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The Cutethulhu image is merely a lure into the bowels of insanity
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This just may be my favorite Cthulhu piece. He's never looked so Dark Lordy.
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I know that could be very annoying for you, but I think I like more this one. The new version is very good, but this one is more evocative. I think I could find it in a Church of a post-apocalypse World, to represent the end of the ancient world.
Still, I love both this paintings, and I think at them every time i read HPL.
PS: sorry for the horrible english.
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To get back to you a year later, You're not the first person to say they prefer this version, and I've got no problem with that :). I'm just happy you like either of them, let alone both! Thank you for your kind words.
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I am the 666th person to Fave this!!! :iconohnoesohplz:
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Yes, one of the best illustrations of Cthulhu! Just vague enough to leave something to the imagination, as it should be!
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Amazing picture! I was wondering if i can ask to use this picture on my marching band section shirts? I need your permission to print it onto the shirts...
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A GREAT picture! love the coloring and your silhouette of Cthulhu is wonderfully designed and creepy!
we need to join together on something since I'm sure their are a few folks here who aren't part of what I'm about to talk about T_T.

my fellow Cthulhu fan... Kaiju Combat (a game being made by the team that brought the world Godzilla:Destroy all Monsters Melee, Godzilla:Save The Earth, Rampage Total Destruction, and Godzilla unleashed) is a new giant monster fighting game the team is trying to get funded on kickstarter in October. We just need folks to sign up on the forums and give your input. This game is using a voting system to get various monsters into the game (Cthulhu is a major one being voted on right now and will be in game if we get enough votes for him on his poll according to the creators of the game) and we need forum members to vote and give feedback so we can make this game the best it can be!
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I agree this one is far more striking visually than the "improved version". Love this work! If this was available as a poster i'd totally buy/print it.
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Whoa. This is easily the best Cthulhu image on DA. Possibly the best I've ever seen. And far more powerful than the improved version...
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So awesome the pic :D
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I must admit, I love this version much more, over the "improved" one.
The colors here are pretty dramatic :)
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