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00 Quanta by longai
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Setsuna F.Seiei by Ryeain
Miss Sumeragi, Gundam 00 by Kwokheichan
Justice Gundam Sketch by D-emonat-A
RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam by D-emonat-A
RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam by D-emonat-A
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g00 by horoharo
Gundam 00 - White Day2010 by blackwing-dias
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doodle sagala diabuskeun by horoharo
Feldt Grace and Setsuna F Seiei ~ Gundam 00 by OwnedSwiftStars14
Devious Intentions by xXMedi-Viper-RoseXx

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We understood each other by xXMedi-Viper-RoseXx
the award by Youichiz2011
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June 9 2012 Wallpaper Update by ZetaRarity
Exia BG by briarbramble
Current desktop update (May-22-2012) by ZetaRarity
Tieria stamp by Floryblue12
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Reading by iKakaChan
Hello There by iKakaChan
Tieria Erde by iKakaChan
Innovator by metacitron
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Throne Drei Turbulenz by MrFuchikoma
GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh Collor by ISPMatsumotoTakanori
GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh lineART by ISPMatsumotoTakanori
GN-002 Gundam Dynames LineART by ISPMatsumotoTakanori
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GN-0000 00 Gundam by bagera3005
The Greece Flag by Fanimusmaximus2pnt0
The Australia Flag by Fanimusmaximus2pnt0
The American Flag by Fanimusmaximus2pnt0
hey, am I doing it right? by MrFuchikoma
Eyepatch~ by Youichiz2011
Gundam Style by Giosuke
crazy doodle crossover by Youichiz2011
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quaro by horoharo

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Gundam 00. Marina Ismail by Season-san Gundam 00. Marina Ismail :iconseason-san:Season-san 15 4 Gundam 00, Neil(Lockon)xFeldt by Mikaru-nyan Gundam 00, Neil(Lockon)xFeldt :iconmikaru-nyan:Mikaru-nyan 16 2 Chibi Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam 00 by Mikaru-nyan Chibi Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam 00 :iconmikaru-nyan:Mikaru-nyan 4 0 Nena/Drei by MrFuchikoma Nena/Drei :iconmrfuchikoma:MrFuchikoma 12 21 Gift: Setsuna F. Seiei by lashedcheek Gift: Setsuna F. Seiei :iconlashedcheek:lashedcheek 5 21 Nena Trinity by kenseiii Nena Trinity :iconkenseiii:kenseiii 59 14 Gundam 00 3 by RazgrizCR Gundam 00 3 :iconrazgrizcr:RazgrizCR 9 0 Gundam 00 2 by RazgrizCR Gundam 00 2 :iconrazgrizcr:RazgrizCR 16 2 gundam 00 chibi band by themiddlepeople gundam 00 chibi band :iconthemiddlepeople:themiddlepeople 0 3 I'll kill you by Die-Rose I'll kill you :icondie-rose:Die-Rose 3 6 Final Mission Start by kenseiii Final Mission Start :iconkenseiii:kenseiii 16 6 Setsuna F. Seiei by kenseiii Setsuna F. Seiei :iconkenseiii:kenseiii 9 3 Tieria Erde V by Die-Rose Tieria Erde V :icondie-rose:Die-Rose 8 0 haro want pie? by Lkon2 haro want pie? :iconlkon2:Lkon2 5 10 Dylandy Bday by Lkon2 Dylandy Bday :iconlkon2:Lkon2 8 17



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Random Images
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The poll results spoke for itself!

This season's challenge is Summer Get Away.

Draw your favorite characters doing summer things!

Some ideas inc ase you don't feel like coming up with anything:
-Pool party
-Cook out
-Ice cream
etc etc

Entries are due September 21st [the last day of summer]! You may enter as many pictures to this challenge as you'd like and you can post them anytime between now and the end of summer!

Please submit your work to the folder entitled "Summer Challenge 2012" found in the "Events" folder

We need to get back in the 00 spirit, or I know I need to..  I'll try to draw something for this challenge as well xD

Have fun everyone!

I was thinking about Live Streaming a Gundam 00 marathon every now and then? Maybe LS 5 or so episodes a day each week? Would anyone join for fun?
Just a thought.
Hey. I'm sorry I've not been attending to the group as much. Life has gotten pretty busy but I'm hoping that we're still running smoothly as far as entries go.

I've just updated the group's Super Status [2 months late]

How many of you are still active and still want to continue participating in group activities? I'm sorry for not running a secret santa or secret valentine event. Maybe we can have a summer event instead if there are enough people interested. Or it could be pretty cool to have a monthly challenge or something to get us back into the G00 spirit that seems to have dissipated since the movie ended Q 3 Q

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments for the group?
How is everyone?
More Journal Entries

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  • Firstly. I'd like to warn you that a majority of members in this group are BL fans. Meaning they love drawing boys doing many gay things. If you really dislike gay things, you may not want to Deviant Watch this group.
  • Please respect ALL members of the group.
  • Anyone may suggest a Fav to the group and it will be automatically accepted. Please only fav Gundam related deviations. There is no limit to how many can be fav'd.
  • Admins are not Innovators Robots, we can make mistakes. So please don't get angry with us and please watch what you say to us. We have feelings too.
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  • Once per week or so the admins will update Feature Folder with new art. Members are not allowed to submit to the feature folder, but if you think your artwork or another member's artwork is feature worthy, just note the group and we will review what you show us.


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Hope you guys see this!
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setsuna is a real inovator?! awsome :iconiloveyouplz:
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Trailblazer is now out in North America in DVD and BD, dubbed in English! Enjoy!
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@TomDracoRyu & midnitekid: I believe Pande has mentioned in the past that she would be demoting some mods because the group is not as active and that there is an abundance of admins. Therefore I believe that she is the one who has made the changes.
We are hoping that she can return this summer, but till then, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to message the other admins. Also, if you urgently need to contact Pande, let me know I can get in touch with her immediately.
Thanks for being understanding, we are trying out best to better organize the group.
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