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Death Colossus

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contest entry :peace:
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REminds me of the D.O.G
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hi, can i use it to create a token for magic the gathering card game?
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How did you even did that thing !
Still, absolutely brilliant.
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thankyou, nice works you have too
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this is an amazing photo
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holy damn. nice evil worm monster there man.
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It looks sort of like Manifesto from Guild Wars 2
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Nice. Used a Rhemoraz as reference I think?
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i did not used any specific reference whatsoever.. unless typical fantasy wurms or some sort...
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Just a striking resemblance I guess.
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HAHAHA Yeah babay WHOOOO!!!!!!!![link]
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Diid you do this by hand or on a tablet?
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I didn't know Cthulu had a pet snake.
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this so awesome i love the purple effects is so cool
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The light effects are amazing!!!
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Winner baby :), im rooting for this, it blew me away!
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