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We love finger painting !
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I have the latest Jot Touch and made a review of it. Check it out if interested in seeing a demo of how it works.…
I try to submit my works one more time(last time it expired) , i hope you'll  accept them:))
Or if there are something reason, please give me some feedback.
Thanks so much!
hi sorry for the late response. 
Please submit your artwork from the Submit art section.
Thank you.
Not sure if im allowed to ask questions here ..but, does anyone know any good art apps that work on Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini? I always use Sketchbook Express but i would like to broaden my horizon and see what else i can find ^^ and preferably also an app where i can change canvas size.. (because Sketchbook adjusts the canvas size to the phone screen size which sometimes is troublesome)
hi , Try Artflow, Infinite Painter. Both good android apps. However I seriously recommend an iOS device for art. They are far superior to their Android counterparts.
I was curious why my recent iPad piece was declined as I have never had a piece declined previously. This is the piece down on the iPad in Procreate app