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Something stupid I made for grafic design class-shit.
We had to make a poster that had somekind of a stand in it. And I made this...

Really I'm not that anti-fur, but...

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actually, fur is clean and cured. no fur jackets are roadkill, idiot.
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skaist taylor fashion line kills foxes and rabbits and designs them into stupid clothes.
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Yes! I would wear roadkill!

Such soft and cozy fur. :)
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I say no to any people who just tell the half of the story!
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Most fur companies don't use roadkill. Instead they get it from fur farms who lock an animal up in a tiny cage and kill it like a year later. I don't support fur farms. I think they're cruel. Roadkill is actually a very eco-friendly and humane way to wear fur. You just have to get it before it gets too icky. This just proves how little you actually know about the fur industry.
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SO letting animals bleed to death on the side of the road is cool right
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I like that teeny weent comment.

BUUUT anyways....
i know that a lot of taidermists use roadkill. And maybe some fashion companies do too :shrug:
Better not to waste it.
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I do skin roadkill...
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I am fine with roadkill but not sport hunting and factory farms.
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totally agree! I hate fur and everytime my mum looks at fake fur coats in shops I'm like 'Mum DONT!! I know its fake but DONT!!' hehe :D i <3 animals!
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Even if it's fake it still makes the statement that fur is okay. :/
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WooT! I say yes to saying no!!
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The women you draw are getting more and more beautiful:D Face of this one is cool, especially the mouth, they look sexy xD And they way you drew her jacket's facture (if I can say so, I mean the clothing) is interesting.
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its actually pretty good. throw away the text and it makes one hell of a painting =)
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Yeah, the test really irritates me, but it had to be there. >.<
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hahaha, this is really good. i'm the same. i like bunny fur's. but i do agree in not farming them just for their fur. unless they can use the whole animal to fit our needs in life, i say go for it. kill the cute :iconbunny:'s... but that is my thoughts....
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I think that furs look cool, but it's horrible how they treat the animals. :<
I would wear a fake fur coat, even tho I know it sends a singal that I think fur is cool, but still.
I really think they should stop treating animals so cruelly.
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yes, i feel the same.
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Fun. It reminds me of those olden day posters I see every once in a while. ...LOL I don't know what I'm talking about. but it's cool
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I love the expression and how you did the eyebrows, and generally around the eyes, as well as the legs.
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