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Spiffy Pictures (variant from Nature Cat (Ep. ??))

Maded this logo for Spiffy, again, this time, to show it on Nature Cat, the first show from Spiffy on the modern years since 'Jack's Big Music Show' (my childhood show! ;-)), the tail end of the end credits, rather than the usual accordion music, will be played when the logo hits. What is intact is the 'Spiffy!' voice and the 'Ding!'. Also, the logo zooming out, is different. It slams (animated like in the variant) rather than zooming out, a dot is in the 'I', and when the animal first says 'Spiffy!', is first lip cycle is coloured red rather than white.


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I Hope The Old Logo Turned To Brand New Logo

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I think this logo will appear after the scrolling credits in Nature Cat: The Movie (2017), which is what me and :iconkamloopsgabe: were working on