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Dr Robotnik 2008

I havent done alot of sonic art this year so I hope this makes up for it.
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Wow, really cool!
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Now that's a solid Satam Robotnik sketch.
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Awesome work! I miss the old/American Dr. Robotnik
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Awsome work here looks reakky kickass
EchidnaJoe's avatar
Well he looks happy.
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CROTCH CLOTH! Makes me wonder if he's hiding something else getting bigger~

I seriously have no comment for this other than the smilie above...
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What if it's like the groin protector? I was in the army, and our IOTV/IBAs (body armor) had these "dick flaps" that were supposed to protect us down there. It couldn't stop a bullet of course, but maybe shrapnel.....I think I would still pass out, though.
Dr. Robotnik's suit could be tweaked to look like body armor, instead of just really cool. His pointed shoulder pauldrons? Well in some IBAs we had those on our arms, also. What if those went down to cover his arms for combat?
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