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Dawn of a new day for Anna by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Dawn of a new day for Anna :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 5 8
Down time for Mona by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Down time for Mona :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 7
FC fact files: Lamington the Rabbit
Full Name: Lamington Amelia Schauer.
Nicknames: Lami, Lammo, Lamelia.
Approximate age: 24 years old. (At the time of writing)
Approximate height: 185CM.
Date of birth: July 21st 1995.
Birthplace: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
Ethnicity: French-Australian.
Current residence: 32 Saturn lane, Las Segas, East Mobius island.
Physical description: Chocolate brown fur with cream and white patches all over her body with white rings around her eyes which are cream colored and a snow white puffy tail.
Hair is blonde and consists of 2 rounded bangs on the top front of her head and long flowing hair at the back of her head which stops below her shoulders.
Species: Rabbit.
Preferred attire: Bright purple T shirt with magenta & yellow spots, black overall shorts with gold buttons which are open at the sides extending down until just above the hips, she also wears them with one strap undone and hanging over the front/back of the overalls
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 4 2
An 'Accident' by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
An 'Accident' :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 4 3
FC fact files: Zoran the Labrador
Full Name: Zoran "Dart" Sikorsky.
Approximate age: 42 years. (at the time of disappearance)
Approximate height: 195cm. (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: January 21st 1918.
Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria.
Ethnicity: Bulgarian.
Residence: 47 Saturn driveway, Las Segas, East Mobius Isle.
Physical description: Chocolate brown fur with blue eyes, his tail has 10% of its length missing due to his experience in World war 2. He also has a distinctive grey/silver haired handlebar mustache similar to the one John Pierpont Morgan had.
His hair is grey and is styled after Frank Sinatra's look in the 1950s.
Species: Labrador Retriever.
Preferred attire: Dark green pinstriped three-piece suit with a matching fedora, jacket and white shirt. and a blue/gray tie with white stripes, also wears black loafer shoes and matching socks.
Occupations: Senior homicide detective with the Las Segas division of the Mobian Police force, previously a patrol
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 1 1
Lachlan (Tails090 style) by Mobian-Storyteller Lachlan (Tails090 style) :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 11 3
'Oh brother!'
November 15th, 2018, 8:40 AM, Duncan Prower's home.
 In the garage of his home, Duncan was rehearsing for a gig with his jazz band, Scotia, which consists of his twin brother, Tod, his younger sister, Tinsel, and his two workmates, Sylvester and Nigel.
  "Right from the start, lads and lass," Duncan instructed.
    This time he wasn't part of the performance yet, but in fact conducting it. "1. 2. 3. Start!"  As the band played, Duncan began to hear mistakes being made.
    "Right, stop," He ordered and walked over to Tod. "That was shit drumming, brother!"
     Tod was having none of this. "Och aye? Maybe it was yer shitty conducting that caused me tae perform badly!"
     "Whit did ye just say tae me?" Duncan answered, taken aback.
     "I said it 'twas yer shitty conducting that caused me tae perform badly!" repeated his twin.
     "I did nae!" protested
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 3 1
Garden of Anna
January 1st, 2019.
Prower family mansion, central Mobius island.
4:52 PM.
    On a summer afternoon, Anna and Jake were returning while holding hands from a day in the city having finished their day at the local milkshake bar.
    "In a way, I wish our vacation in Europe had gone this smooth," Anna chuckled.
    "Even though we nearly got killed many times, I still enjoyed it," Jake replied, scratching the back of his head, as Anna laughed at his reply.
    "Oh! I almost forgot. I have something special I would like to show you Jake," Anna said, suddenly remembering something.
    "Lead the way then," Jake nodded in reply.
    The two then went around to the backyard of the house to a small wooded area.
    "This is the place," called the violet fox, as she ventured into the small forest.
    Slightly puzzled, Jake followed her into the forest, an
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
Mistakes were made. by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Mistakes were made. :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 6 3
Cross dressing Cheeto by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Cross dressing Cheeto :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 7 1
Magic Mishap by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Magic Mishap :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 7 6
Not a morning person by Mobian-Storyteller Not a morning person :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 8 4 Sapphire with the goods by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Sapphire with the goods :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 5 2
Score 1 for Jared by Mobian-Storyteller
Mature content
Score 1 for Jared :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 6 9
Mature content
FC fact files: Dimtri the Spotted Skunk :iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1
FC fact files: Nantucket the Experiment
Name: Nantucket, Previously named "Warui Jaredo" and "Subject 9"
Physical age: 21 years old.
Actual age: 2 years old.
Approximate height: 173.4cm. (at the time of writing)
Date of creation: October 17th 2014.
Place of creation and residence: Rudolf's bunker, Central Mobius island.
Physical description: Blue body fur, pale white chest fur, grey tipped tail, dark blue eyes, jet black matted head fur, cream muzzle. Right forearm and left eye has been replaced with a robotic enhancement and his tongue is wider and longer and often hangs out of his mouth.
Also has his experiment number 9 tattooed on the right ear flap and Rudolf's emblem on his left shoulder.
Species: Bio-fused Fox.
Attire: Red scarf wrapped around his neck that extends to just over his belly button, red brief style shorts and yellow socks.
Also wears black fingerless gloves.
Personality: While he used to have the intelligence of a certain crate smashing Bandicoot, ever since h
:iconmobian-storyteller:Mobian-Storyteller 2 1


Mobian-Storyteller has started a donation pool!
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I wish to save up for commissions for myself and other people, even if its only a small amount it'll help ^^

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Why hello there! The name's Jaxon.

I first joined this site because of the Thomas the Tank Engine fanbase but now that I've left that horrible fandom I'm a writer in the Sonic Fanbase with many beloved FCs of my own.

I'm friendly to those who treat me with respect, Though i like meeting new people :)

If you want to add me on skype my name is jaredthecontroversialfox ^^

I was born with high functioning autism and (possibly) ADHD so be aware.

My best friends whom I love dearly and forever :aww:
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As the title says I have two characters for sale since I'm in need of points as I either can't find a use for them or the stories they were in got scrapped.

First off we have Kerry  FC Fact files: Kerri the Red FoxMOBIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS DATABASE SUBJECT #157
Full Name: Kerri Hazen
Approximate age: 27 years. (Future timeline)
Approximate height: 189.9CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: August 22th 2000.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States.
Nationality: American.
Current residence: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Physical description: Orange/red/brown fur with grey muzzle, chest fur and tail tip, also has blue eyes and neatly combed sweeping bangs with long hair at the back.
Species: Red fox.
Preferred attire: Standard flight crew uniform with skirt and Mobian Airlines logo on right breast pocket.
Occupations: First Officer with Mobian Airlines.
Hobbies: Flirting with Jared(Although he doesn't like it)  Antagonising other peers, maintaining her appearance, going out late.
Parents: Unknown.
Sexual orientation: Strictly Heterosexual (straight)
Personality: Flirty, self centred, envious and extremely motivated.
  Kerri the red fox by Mobian-Storyteller You may do with her as you wish just credit the original artists for the picture and myself for the bio.

Starting price is 20 points or you can make me a higher offer.

And second is Jonah  FC fact files: Jonah the Mouse SpiderMOBIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS DATABASE SUBJECT #425
Full name: Jonah Bradleyi.
Approximate age: 13 years (at the time of writing)
Approximate height: 139.8CM (at the time of writing)
Date of birth: 4th November, 2003.
Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
Nationality: Australian-Mobian
Current residence: Prower Family mansion.
Physical description: Red body fur with blue Afro-like hair and head and abdomen fur is black, two large fangs and 2 blue beady eyes, Black puffy chest fur.
Jonah is a bipedal Spider, meaning he uses his front two legs as arms and his rear back legs as walking legs, the other 4 are used for self defense.
Species: Eastern Mouse Spider.
Preferred attire: Dark red vest with Spider symbol on the chest area, Black long pants, red socks and grey sneakers.
Occupations: Mobius Elementary school student.
Hobbies: Reading, Pranking teachers and students, Break dancing, graffti.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual(straight)
Parents: Clive Bradleyi, Mother's name is unknown as s
 He has no reference picture at all but you can change his bio to suit your needs as long as I'm credited for writing the original bio.

I have no starting price for him but as he is my own creation I'd be going at about 100 points or more.

Both can be changed however you wish once you have them but like I said just credit the necessary people.


This is seriously one of the best things I could ever wake up to.
Don't worry I'm still very much active here, just been quietly working on stuff and should have some things to post soonish.
Less than a week until I turn 22 and yet it feels so far away sometimes.
Christmas was great and as of now its 21 days until my 22nd birthday!


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