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0 reference sheet by Mobcraft101 0 reference sheet by Mobcraft101
This is my first time attempting any kind of reference sheet. I may have put too much information, lmao.
If you want to draw 0, use this (and my other better-looking pictures of 0). I put her color pallet on the bottom. Dang, I only just now realized how dull her colors are. That's pathetic for someone like me, who knows a lot about schemes. Oh well, sometimes the simplest designs are the most memorable, am I right? :-P
So now, I will basically put all of her information here (because I haven't already done that plenty of times).

Name: 0

Gender: female

Purpose: to protect us

Personality: She is not rude, but she tends to be somewhat arrogant, intentionally putting herself in danger to show off. Like 1, she is very stubborn. Once she has made a decision, it is near impossible to change her mind. She also has a kind and sweet side, but she only shows it to those she is very close to. 

. A long cape, for looks and to cover up a long cut on her back
. A crop-top and short skirt
. Stockings that are tied on the bottom

. Spending time with others
. The satisfaction of winning a fight
. Being alone
. Losing a fight

. She is physically strong and more than capable of defending herself. (Although her strength is limited, she is not overly powerful).
. She is smart, and useful for many things

. She is unaware of her surroundings, and will not look behind her unless she hears someone/something from behind her, making her vulnerable to sneak attacks
. She is not a very good leader
. Her stubborn side often creates conflict with others

0 was the first Stitchpunk to be created by the Scientist during the war. She wandered off, but never came across any of the others. Her fighting abilities allowed her to survive, and she would have been fine with her life-if she wasn't so lonely. She longs for a friend, and searches for and wide for even just one other Stitchpunk.

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Gameraider100 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh~ Interesting. I'd like to draw her w/ 1 and my OC "M" (Matriarch) She likes ol' Pope Doll 1, doesn't she? XD
Mobcraft101 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Student General Artist
If you want to draw her, go right ahead. It makes me so happy that people actually like my OC, you have no idea...(Yes, she likes pope doll, lol.)
Thanks for commenting btw ^_^
(And after I FINALLY get done with the picture of 26 and 0 I'll work on E).
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October 25, 2017
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