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2 hours or something.

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Love this little guy
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It's looks awesome!
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Wow.... ..... looks funny. 
Good job
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You made a really creepy fish REALLY ADORABLE! Wait it is an angler fish right? xD
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Trop CHOU !!!!!!!
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Quite the huggable Fish at that, I might add!
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Nice! I went to a fish restoraunt in my neightborhood. The fish was good and i like it. I like good food.
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that is so awesome. Awesome enough for me to offer you a job to draw a fish for me. just email if you want the job
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OMG, it's so cute!
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I bet he is saying 'he'llo govaner'
This is so good. The fish has facial expression?! The eyes just make you sort of melt. It makes me thinkof Disney. I could totally see this as a character with its own show. It's a 10.
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This is such a wonderful fish)) I really like the eyes and that little light on its head. Good choice of colors as well:-)
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Aww, it's so cute! ^u^
The eyes and just overall expression made me smile <33 Not to mention the sources of lighting turned out very well ~
That's a fishing fish...
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